Written by Salli _Jay

25 Dec 2018

In a nutshell i have been married , then bisexual and now i am lesbian , when i was married me and my ex used to dabble with dogging , i loved to be used , more cocks the merrier .

Then we had a group we used to contact for professional likeminded dogging adults .

If there was a mixed group i used to love sharing a cock with a girl , even a hot kiss or 2 , sometimes a fumble , then that progressed to fingering and bothway oral .

I was being changed , my marriage didnt last but my dogging fun continued, i would contact my girly group and meet up in the back of Janets van , kitted out with a mattress, i love a girly 3 way , likeminded women who know what they want to get off , Janet loved spanking and frantic fingering , Carly loved rimming and breast nipple play the harder the better and i loved a mixture of both , vocal slutty dirty talk always gets me off .

One of my favourite memories was going to a local cruising toilet , i went in for a pee , i heard others using the toilet i came out to wash my hands and then a middle aged lady came out of the stalls we smiled and i thought “fuck it” our conversation was open and a bit fruity , i was hoping for a fish the lady said she she was with her boyfriend in their car i said drop him comecback we could have some fun , she said nothing just smiled and left.

I went back to my car , i sent a message out to my girl group to see if anyone was up for some fun .

Waiting for reply out of the corner of my eye my lady friend returned , i was gagging for her i got out of my car and she joined joined me, i asked her to follow me into the woods behind the toilets , i knew there was hidden bird watching hide in the clearing.

Weve got in and kissed within minutes , i played with he boobs and and then my wandering hand went up her skirt and found her wet panties , i wanted to taste her , she wiggled out of her panties which she put in her handbag , then my mouth found her pussy and i did what i do best , fingering with one hand and my mouth and tounge went to town on her pussy , the mixture of fingering and licking gave her her 1st orgasm, she pushed my mouth on her pussy as she was coming down from her cum , but i wanted some oral i lovered my jeans no panties i always go comando .leaning back on the hide wall , she knelt down and with vocal instructions and moving her head she licked me like a champion, the more vocal i got the more dirty she was , i came hard .

We kissed arranged our clothes and then walked back .

We swopped numbers for a meet up , this time will be in a hotel .

We cant wait maybe i will ask one of my girls to join in .