Written by Raffaele

11 Apr 2011

My name is Raffaele. I am an elegant, Italian lady of 59yo. My husband and I are a rather liberated couple to the extent that we can have individual encounters without giving each other details. It is like personal secret gardens. As he was away for a one-week journey in Scotland I decided to surf the web for a meet. I did not want to meet a single male, nor a couple but only a nice female. Certainly my bi-side was protruding at times. Now was the time. I spent moments checking different sites and finally decided to insert a posting.

Upon checking the mail-box on the following day I did not have anything except inquiries from single males attempting to connect with me.Two days later I had received 3 replies. the first one was from a married lady asking if I would be interested to meet her and her husband. I declined the invitation promptly. The second was from Jane, a 48yo lady who was bi-curious and willing to discover the feelings of a woman's touch secretly. I agreed to give her an appointment at a cafe in the City shopping mall on the coming Saturday afternoon, after checking the genuiness of her reply on the phone. during the conversation she sounded to be very excited and impatient to get involved. I told her that if everything was fine, tha tis if we were suited to each other, probably we would have no alternative than booking a hotel. she had said that she could be free overnight and booking a hotel for a night rather than for an afternoon could be simpler, not raising any suspicion on the part of the desk-operator ! Meanwhile the second reply I got was from a very young girl, Emma, 23yo, claiming she was bi and wanted to have an older lady in bed. I replied that I was very ssory for I was quite older and could not accept the invitation. One hour later I had a couple of suggestive pictures in my mail-box with a message to convince me that I should accept to meet her. Nice bottom and breast that would certainly require a tongue in and around. More soon.