Written by Mandy

1 Sep 2009

Kim is the younger sister of one of my friends and until a few days ago I hadn't seen her for four years. She has always been a pretty girl - at least she was when I last saw her when she was just over 14. Suddenly she phoned me and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of nights as she had an interview in my area. I happily agreed and everything was soon arranged.

A few days later Kim arrived at about 6pm, not long after I had returned from work. I opened the door but instead of a pretty 14 year old I saw an extremely sexual and shapely brunette of 19. Her eyes sparkled, her moist lips and her hair, which was beautiful but with a hint of wildness, added to her sexuality.

'Hi Mandy!' she said and entered with superb confidence. 'It's lovely to see you,' she added and lent forward and gave me a prolonged kiss on the lips. As she did so an excited tremor ran through me and I sensed a similar response in Kim.

'That was nice,' I said trying to hide the excitement I was feeling.

'Good,' she said and we kissed again.

'Let's have a drink,' I suggested. 'Gin and tonic?'

'Perfect!' she declared.

Two gins later we were both totally relaxed and talking freely. Kim got out pictures of her boyfriend. Soon we were talking easily about sex and she showed me some more pictures of her lover including some good ones of her being licked and of her sucking him. This made me very wet and Kim noticed I was wriggling. She gave me such a sweet but provocative smile.

'Shall we have a bath?' I asked.

She eagerly agreed and within a few minutes we were in the warm water soaping each other and giggling. Then I sat on the edge of the bath and blatantly opened my legs. Without a moment's hesitation she lent forward and began to lick my clitty. Occasionally Kim would look up at me with her sparkling eyes and smile in delight. We soon left the bath, spread towels on my bed and enjoyed each others sweet fresh bodies. She had only a little pubic hair so I plunged in to her with my tongue enjoying both her wetness and the sweet, fresh taste of this delightful young lady. Thrillingly she gave a prolonged moan and a shudder of pleasure suddenly went through her. I pulled away from her and enjoyed watching her as she orgasmed. A few minutes later I had a similar shudder as she licked me to orgasm.

'Mmmmm, that was wonderful,' she whispered.

'Gorgeous!' I agreed. The electricity between us had been thrilling and I was looking forward to a lot more fun with pretty little Kim!

We decided to go out to a restaurant and we both dressed slightly provocatively. I have to confess that I did this hoping to entice Kim later. I wore a silk dress that was quite low cut and decided to go bra-less but with a velvet jacket. When we had settled at the restaurant and given our orders I removed the jacket and leant forward to whisper to Kim, deliberately revealing my breasts to her.

'You look nice,' she whispered, giving a sensuous smile.

'So do you! Gorgeous nipples,' I added. She was wearing a thin blouse with a lacy bra that was very revealing and her beautiful rich pink nipples could easily be seen. She giggled sweetly and I must admit that I was getting wetter by the moment.

As the meal progressed our talk became more and more intimate and we both admitted that we liked most sexual combinations but being with another girl could be something special at times. Of course we were soon hot for each other and desperate for more sex.

'Let's go home,' I said, 'and fuck each other!'

'Please ... I can't wait!' she whispered, giving a provocative lick of her lips.

We took a taxi. I guess the driver must have had a good eyeful if he looked in his mirror as we were sitting close, kissing and fingering each other! As soon as we were home we fell on each other and were soon both naked. The room had a gorgeous mingling of our sexual scents and our erotic perfumes. We lay on the bed kissing and fondling. Kim was sopping and so was I. Suddenly she pulled away, swung round, and a superb licking session began. Being licked by her was sublime as she certainly knew where to lick. Her sweet cunny was inches from my face. I fingered her then buried my head between her legs licking feverishly, devouring her delicious sexual juices as I licked.

Kim began to moan. 'Fuck me, me fuck me darling!' I opened the drawer by the bed and produced my favourite toy - a lovely bendy double dildo. Kim was wet and juicy from my tonguing so I slowly slipped on end in to her as she moaned with pleasure. I twisted and slightly withdrew this delightful toy before plunging it in again as she whimpered in delight, her juices dribbling even more as I played with her. Then, hooking my legs over hers I gleefully pleasured myself with the other end enjoying the firmness within me. We pushed and pulled against each other in a sexual frenzy, enjoying the pleasures together. Soon orgasms spread through us and we moaned and almost throbbed together in sexual delight. The bedroom simply smelt of hot feminine sex and this did nothing to calm us down. We slowly withdrew the bendy dildo that had given so much delight and gently kissed each other.

Gradually we calmed down in each other's arms, kissing each other and gently fondling until we fell asleep. Both of us were very happy and very satisfied.