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Kirsty helps Sarah explore

"Kirsty helps Sarah discover some fun new experiences"

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Author's Notes

"Still testing out new genre's. I reuse the same character names, as it helps me remember who is who - they are not necessarily meant to be the same people from 1 story to the next! Enjoy :-)"

Even before she opened her eyes again she could feel that Sarah wasn’t there, and when she did finally open her eyes and her vision cleared it was confirmed.


But, she heard the unmistakable sound of water. She knew it wasn’t raining outside because she could see through the bedroom window, and so it must be the shower!


Either Sarah is in there or she had a very self-conscious intruder!


Suddenly feeling elated that Sarah was still in the flat Kirsty gathered her senses and stood up, She was still naked and her long dark hair was tickling her naked lower back. As she turned towards the door, her knee grazed the neatly folded up duvet on the edge on her bed. The cover had been removed and her bathrobe was also missing, She was confused for a second but ignored it and left the bedroom.


To get to the bathroom you have to walk past the kitchen. That was when she heard the washing machine was on and, sure enough, she saw the missing cover and a few other bits churning away in the water! How cute is that? She is washing her own cum off my duvet, ever heard of a man doing that?


Have you fuck!! He's more likely to wipe his cum dripping cock on it, then roll over and fart before he spends the rest of the night snoring in your ear.



She tiptoed up to the door and gently opened it, then poked her head around the door. It was very steamy in there and she could see just make out the outline of Sarah as she showered. She suddenly felt a rush of excitement about her still being here, this really is for real!


“HOLY FUCK Kirsty! You scared the shit out of me!” Sarah screeched.


“I’m sorry Sarah,” she giggled at her. Sarah was standing there, armed with a bottle of shampoo in one hand and a scrunchy in the other.


“It’s okay,” she laughed.


“Sorry, I was just… eager,” smiled Kirsty. “When I woke up and you weren’t there I thought you might’ve…”


“Gone?” Sarah looked down at me. “Nah, this afternoon was too much fun!”


“Okay,” Kirsty smiled and looked up at her gorgeous body, and getting more than a little bit turned on watching the water run all over her petite frame. Her skin looked so soft, and she had the most amazing tits “Think there’s room for two in there?”


“I think so,” Sarah smiled and held her hand out to me, and I took it and stepped in.


She positioned the shower between them and Kirsty pulled the door closed; it was like being in a secret world where only the two of them existed. As soon as Kirsty had closed the door, Sarah put her arms around Kirsty’s neck and pulled her under the shower kissing her hard.


Sarah pulled her closer so their bodies meshed together with Kirsty’s right leg between Sarah’s thighs. Kirsty could feel her thigh rubbing Sarah’s pussy as they kissed, so she added a little pressure for her and raised her knee between Sarah’s legs, keeping hold of her for balance. Kirsty could tell Sarah was enjoying this from the hard panting she could feel on my lips. It was an amazing moment of heat, touch and seclusion. They kissed and hugged, their bodies slid over each other and Kirsty felt Sarah’s hands in her long hair while they danced in an erotic tangle.  “She wants to get off right now” thought Kirsty,  but Sarah stopped herself and relaxed against her.


Sarah looked up at her “I’m sorry I fell asleep, I couldn’t help it. I felt terrible when I woke up for being so selfish, what you did to me blew my mind, I've never felt that good with Steve and I really wanted to get you off too…”


“Hey, it’s okay. We have plenty of time for you to…pay me back.” Kirsty winked as she said it and her hands brushed over Sarah’s wet bum.


They got out of the shower and wrapped towels around themselves. “I want to show you you something” Kirsty told Sarah.




“It’s a secret, and it’s in the bedroom,” she winked and put her hand right up under Sarah’s towel, stroking her thigh. “Want to come and see?”


“Yeah… I’d love to, you’re such a bad girl,” she smiled.


“Oh Miss Sarah,” she grinned. “You’re damn right! Now, come and play with me.”


Kirsty withdrew the hand from under Sarah’s towel and almost ran into the bedroom; she was so excited to give her the surprise gift. Sarah was right behind her and just as they got into the room she was on her! Kirsty fell back onto the bed and Sarah jumped on top and pinned her down.


She looked up at her, with that sexy curly blonde hair hanging down, and pulled her down on top of herself, covering Sarah’s lips with her own. Their tongues thrashed together in a moment of pure lust. Kirsty pushed her off to the side and stood up, reaching under the bed for her ‘special box.’


“Now,” Kirsty told her. “Look under my pillow.” Sarah grinned and did as she was told; when she moved it aside she saw a blindfold.


“Put it on and lay back,” Kirsty said smiling.


“Why on earth do you have a blindfold?” she laughed.


“For when I have a headache in the day and need to lay down and… anyway, do as you're told missy!” She said, waving a finger at her.


“Whatever you say,” she giggled again and laid back in the same position she had been in earlier when Kirsty had eaten her delicious pussy! “You’re the boss”


When she had put the blindfold on, Kirsty got to work. She quickly undressed and opened her special box that contained all the sex toys.


She had vibrators, dildos, lubricant and a strap on dildo too….. “Hmmm” thought Kirsty, “Maybe later!”


She kissed tickled Sarah’s feet and calves with her hair, and started kissing slowly up her legs. Sarah was already writhing on the bed, scrunching the sheets up with her hands. “You’ve already made me cum a bazillion times today Kirsty, it MUST be your turn now…”


“Shhhh, I’ll get mine soon enough - your pussy is dripping, and I can practically taste your tits from here. Just enjoy….”


She continued kissing her way up Sarah’s legs and past her hips. Licking and kissing her abdomen, and up the sides of her rib cage until she got to those big firm tits. She started licking and gently biting one nipple, covering it with her mouth, sucking and pushing her tongue against the firm flesh.


Her other hand was between Sarah’s thighs, her fingers probing and rubbing the juicy lips. She was circling Sarah’s opening, and rubbing up over her clit. Stroking, flicking, pulling and rubbing the hardness.


Sarah was moaning louder, and pushing herself up with her heels and shoulders, forcing her pussy against Kirsty’s hand. Kirsty took Sarah’s left hand, and placed it between her own thighs before continuing to play with her clit.


Sarah took the hint and started running her own finger up and down Kirsty’s shaved slit. It was SO juicy, her fingers were gliding effortlessly up and down. Over her clit, down to her vagina opening. She used her middle and ring fingers to tease Kirsty’s pussy open and inserted them just the tiniest amount and then started teasing her opening. Sliding them in and out by fractions of an Inch - firing up ALL the nerve endings that surround the opening of the pussy.


At the same time, she extended her thumb to start rubbing Kirsty’s clit. Kirsty had been horny for hours, playing and sucking and finger fucking Sarah had driven her wild. She loved the build up. The edging and the anticipation.


Now she had a BEAUTIFUL boob in her mouth and was slipping her fingers in and out of a tight wet pussy, playing with Sarah’s clit while Sarah was doing an excellent job of bringing her to the edge of an amazing orgasm herself.


She moved her fingers a little faster, feeling Sarah humping her pelvis up harder and further. She bit the nipple in her mouth - gently, but not THAT gently. Her fingers we now rubbing big hard, fast circles around Sarah’s clit. Sarah screamed out ‘ UH FUCK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS’ and started wildly thrashing her hips around. Her fingers had stopped playing with Kirsty, while she crashed through spasm after spasm of orgasm.


As the intensity subsided after 30 or 40 seconds, she pushed the blindfold up from her eyes ‘Id id it AGAIN, didn’t I? I’m so sorry’.


‘Well, now you get to repay the favour!” And Kirsty pulled Sarah down towards her own tits. Sarah took one nipple in her mouth, and surrounded the rest of the glorious breast with her hand. Kneading and rubbing it while her tongue and lips played all over the nipple itself.


Her other hand got back to work with Kirsty’s pussy. Flicking her clit gently back and forwards, 2 fingers slipping all around the very slippery opening opening. Kirsty could feel the orgrasm coming again. She wasn’t going to hold back this time. She grabbed Sarah’s beautiful arsecheek in one hand and started moaning and panting. ‘Uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh fuck yeeeeeeeah. Uhhhhhh right there, right there. Ohhhhhhhhhhh’


Sarah moved down quickly and wrapped her lips around Kirsty’s clit. She sucked hard and used her tongue all over it, firmly flicking it and circling it while sucking even more blood into the already swollen organ. At the same time she was speeding up her fingers playing with Kirsty’s opening which was almost pouring with juices now.


Sarah could feel all Kirsty’s muscles quivering and shaking. Her stomach, legs and pussy were all contracting and expanding.


Kirsty closed her eyes, forced every muscle in her body to totally relax and just allowed the orgasm to consume her. She moaned long and loud. It started deep in her core and rose right up through the top of her head. ‘ooooooOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ Her whole body tensed up in one massive muscle spasm. She had stars firing behind her eyes and the sound of a million waves crashing on a million beaches in her mind.


She was scared that the feeling would totally overwhelm her. And then, just as she worried she couldn’t take anymore, the feeling started retreating. Her fingers and toes were tingling, her whole skin super sensitive.


She started to spasm and jolt as Sarah’s tongue flicked over her clit and she had to push her off. ‘St. st. stop. Please stop’.


‘Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck me. That was INTENSE’.



Sarah looked up at her.’ Worth the wait?’ ‘Yeah, it was pretty good’ replied Kirsty.

Written by dirtybertie1201

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