Written by Francesca_2009

2 Jun 2015

My name is Francesca, an italian woman of 59yo. I am married and we, as a couple, swing sometimes ! However as my husband is travelling for business purposes I would, if possible, accompany him mostly when he goes to the UK. While he is on business, I go shopping on Oxford Street relax and take some fresh air!! He does not mind it and I suspect he would do the same at certain times depending on his mood and schedule!

So last month we travelled to Luton first and went down then to London Victoria and forwarded then to a hotel off Hyde Park.

Meanwhile from Italy I had insered a couple of posts on a site hoping that a female would look it up and give me some good news and make my joy during this coming week ! Before leaving for London I had checked my post: two replies only. One from a 26yo british girl who was after mature women and an other one from a black girl of 30 who was bi-curious and wanted to try it.

I replied back from the hotel to the british girl and gave her an appointment around Piccadilly to have a face-to-face drink and see what would happen. Incidentally my husband was leaving soon to visit some customers and I told him not to come back here as our bedroom might be soon occupied !!

So after pampering myself I texted that girl again and soon we were sharing a glass together. She was really cute, long hair, high heels, tight skirt and bra revealing a pair of big boobs, a nice fragrance in the air.. all these elements that make you feel someone else.

As to me I was also quite attractive, so I thought for Jane, that was her name, kept looking at my boobs and pressed my legs with hers under tha table. We spent sometime talking about bits and pieces that had practically no real interest until she whispered " do you want to come to my place and have some fun ?". I nodded,feeling rather wetter than usual down there. Moreover it was already 8pm.So we headed for the underground station and then reached her flat in a building.

I will carry on if this is of interest to you.