Written by secret lesbian

27 Nov 2008

We met in a bar, I had been trying for a while to find a lesbian club and finally found a place where I thought I could go and explore my lesbian fantasies. I turned up on my own , I was wearing suspenders with no knickers under a short skirt and knew that my lovely long legs were accentuated by my leather boots. I walked in and ordered a drink at the bar. Almost immediately a woman approached me, she had long dark hair, she was buxom with large breasts and a very sexy hungry look about her. We got chatting about the usual trivial stuff, all the while I was fantasising about what I would like to do with her. Her milky white bare legs were crossed and her skirt rode up to about halfway up her thighs. As she was telling me about where she lived I leaned over and whispered to her to uncross her legs and to open them for me. She did as i asked and i could see that she was wearing no knickers too and I could see her pussy which was shaven , as is mine, I longed right there at the bar to push our pussies together, to rub my clit against hers and make us both come. Even though the bar was busy i moved closer to her on my stool and kissed her , as we kissed i ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and began to run my fingers up and down her pussy, she moaned as we kissed and she also put her hand up my skirt and began to rub my clit, softly at first then harder. i said to her that I wanted to get closer to her and we got up from our stools and like a pair of naughty schoolgirls we rushed into the loos. With much giggling we shut ourselves in the toilet cubicle and fell on each other passionately kissing. I undid her top and pulled her bra away from her breasts, I leaned down and began to tease her nipples with my tongue, she moaned and arched her back towards me. At the same time I put my hand on her pussy which was now silky and wet to touch, I could easily slip a finger up her cunt and began to fuck her with my fingers while I licked at her breasts. Then I took my finger out of her pussy and put it into her mouth, she greedily sucked her juices off my finger. Then we both lifted up our skirts and began to rub our wet pussies together, while still standing up, slowly at first then more frantically as we both approached orgasm. We pushed against each other and our naked breasts rubbed together. We came together, trying not to make too much noise which was difficult. After we had come she got down on her knees and licked my soaking wet pussy, making me arch towards her while i played with my nipples, I came again ...we meet every week at that bar now...and cannot ever seem to get enough of each other..want to join in the fun??