Written by Carrie

26 Jan 2008

I have always been straight and had boyfriends and loved cock, but when I was introduced to my first porn movie (as in watching one) I wondered why I was more turned on by the sight of a glisteningly wet pussy than the cock that was pounding it. I reasoned that perhaps it was just mild curiosity on my part of what a pussy looked like up close since I had never seen one in close proximity with all laid bare.

I have a very sexy boyfriend who keeps me satisfied, but recently I've started to 'notice' pussy down at my local sauna (ladies only section). When I first joined I was embarassed at disrobing in front of other women, but I just got used to it, when I saw no one else seemed to mind. After all, no-one as checking out anyone else, right? All was fine and casual until one day a very attractive blond woman (in her mid 50's I guess) was smoothering herself in body lotion. She was completely naked, and had her back to me. She bent right over to reach her feet, and in doing so gave me a full view of her cunt. I'm sure she did it on purpose, but I pretended I hadn't seen. The image however stayed in my mind, and that night I masterbated at the thought of sliding my fingers into that moist, open, inviting slit. In fact, my clit's starting to throb right now at the thought of it.

Anway, I went to the sauna more often in the hope of seeing her again, but she rarely went there. Instead I started noticing different types of pussy from all the other women. Some were hairy and overgrown, making me want to explore them to find out what was underneath. Others were shaven which made me want to lick them and taste them. Old ones, young ones, black, white, all sorts, I want to try them all.

I've noticed some ladies check me out when they think I'm not looking. I have 36 GG boobs, and are often admired by both sexes. I've started sensously rubbing in my body lotion after my sauna,taking my time, enjoying knowing that other women are enjoying my body. I fantasise they want to lick my cunt, and hope they too go home and wank off in the hope that one day they may taste it.

I am building up to an actual event that took place in the actual sauna itself and will do so in my next posting, which will be soon. I am going for a wank now.