Written by Lorraine

22 Jan 2008

I posted an account of my long standing loving and sexual relationship with my lover Sharon on 18th of this month and would like to thank you all for the kind and generous comments you posted. As well as being very flattered by the comments I was really thrilled that some people do genuinely understand the thoughts feelings and emotions involved in such a love affair.

I wish this could always be the case and that people in this day and age could accept if not understand the little quirks and complexities that form us as individuals. Several weeks into the relationship with Sharon one of my sisters had noticed a change in my mood and commented that I looked to be in love.

As a reconciliation with Paul was increasingly remote she assumed I`d found another man and wanted to know the story. When we were alone I gathered my courage and told her my lover was a woman. She gave me the worst look ever aimed in my direction and such a verbal onslaught that I was left without a character.

I immediately realised my folly and covered my tracks. I wept as I offered the excuse, Sharon slaughtered me too, she thinks I`m insane to be seeing another woman. My sister agreed and said, listen to Sharon, she`s right and only trying to protect you from yourself, sort your life out.

I was really lucky as my sister did accept that Sharon was most definitely off the suspects list as my lover and she speculated endlessly for months as to who it was before letting it go. Apart from to Paul I have never tried to explain my feelings to another person from that day to this. I almost ruined it for us both and will never take such a chance again.

Paul and I were now several months into our separation and were now negotiating the sale of our home. Due to having Sharon`s support I was strong in the negotiations and made him jump through hoops for it. He was due to visit me at home one Wednesday morning on his way to work to give me a lawyers letter. He started at 10am that day and was due to arrive about 8.30am.

Sharon had pleaded with me to stop being difficult with him and if a reconciliation was on the cards to take it. We agreed that as soon as Paul left we (Sharon and me) were going to spend the day in bed and talk over any doubts I had. I was modestly dressed and not in the least sexually provocative, I wanted to sort the financial details and get him out pronto.

He arrived on time as always and despite my pre-planning I began to melt as soon as I saw him for the first time in months. I let him in and we went to the living room and nervously began negotiating the details of the sale. He did not sense weakness and I was aware he was struggling worse than me. He shook me to the core when out of the blue he asked, have you been with someone else?

I sat open mouthed not knowing what to say. He really undermined me with his next question when he asked, do you not want to know if I`ve been with someone too? I gathered my thoughts and said, too? I see you`re making assumptions again? Boldly I offered, it`s not your business what I do and I`ve no interest in your going`s on? I was though, I was crushed by the thought of him being with someone else and just couldn\'t`t face it?

The meeting took about 45 minutes and we walked to the front door. As he was about to leave he said, we don`t need to be enemies do we? He opened his arms and offered a hug and I just melted and fell into his embrace. As soon as those big arms were around me I wanted to kiss him and not let him go. One kiss was all it took and we were undressing quicker than the Queen would if she had woke up one morning wearing a shell suit.

I was torn to pieces and couldn\'t`t get Sharon out of my head but kept replaying her words in my mind, jump at a reconciliation if it`s on offer? Paul and me were hugging and kissing in the hall and he had his hands inside my panties pulling me to him by the bum. I had my hands up my back releasing my bra catch and threw it to the floor before stooping to remove my soaking panties. As I bent down Paul`s stiff 7 inches that I had missed so much was before my face.

I dropped to my knees in the hall and held his warm cock in my hand gently wanking it and said, this is a one off, nothing`s resolved, right? He replied, right, you have the final say? Paul is a mountain of a man and although I was now recovering physically from the split, (I was back to about 68DD-F, and was also now feeling my bum fill out a little too,) I felt dwarfed by him and so protected and secure.

My mind was in turmoil now as I kneel-ed before him and the guilt was sweeping over me as I recalled my chaotic behavior after the split. I was thinking about my night with 2 fat Irish oafs and my love affair with Sharon and felt sure that he would never accept me back if he found out? Paul lifted me by the arms, he stood me up straight as he held my bum in one hand and stroked my face with the other and said, I don`t care if you`ve been with someone, I love you and I want you back?

We stood there naked in the hall kissing and hugging each other as the tears trickled down my cheeks and I nervously asked, do you really mean that, what if there has been more than one person? Paul held me tight and said, I`m sure it was only sex and not love, I do mean what I say? I jokingly offered, what if I`ve been with another woman? Paul`s reply empowered me, he said, I`m turned on enough without thinking of you going down on a pussy?

The events and verbal exchanges only lasted minutes before my 39 year old 6 foot plus hunk lifted me bodily into the living room and laid me on the settee. I was gushing love juice and craving his cock as I opened my legs wide and stroked my shaved pussy. Paul held his cock in his hand as he positioned himself between my legs and I grabbed it and guided it straight into my pussy with no need for foreplay.

My little pussy was throbbing and twitching as soon as he entered me as I was really excited at the thought of what he had just said to me. I was gasping for breath and asked Paul, would you like to see me going down on a woman`s pussy, would you like to see a woman go down on my pussy, would you like to see her finger my pussy and lick my pussy lips at the same time? Paul gasped back,oh yes, oh yes, I`d love you to do that, I`d love to watch you do it too?

I could not hold back now and next asked Paul, would you like to see me take a big cock too honey, does the thought of a big cock in my pussy excite you? Paul replied, oh yes baby, I`d love to see you take a big cock, I`d love to see your pussy all covered in spunk? We both came buckets as he rammed his cock inside with my big tit`s slapping and wobbling from side to side.

I gripped his bum and wrapped my legs around him as he gave me what felt like 6 months of savings and we collapsed back on the settee. We`d never taken the boundaries so far before and after what I`d just said I needed reassurance so asked him if those thoughts did really excite him?

Thankfully he replied that he was just like most men and had wanked to the thought of me taking another mans cock? What about a woman though I asked? Thankfully he said, I`ve never really thought about it before but loved the way you told it and don`t feel threatened by it?

I asked Paul to dress quickly and go to work and not phone me until Saturday as I needed to think. He was dressed and gone in minutes as I put on a skimpy nightie and began gathering my clothes from the floor. I was a mess now and feeling terrible wondering if I`d done the right thing or gone too far? I was cringing wondering what I was going to say to Sharon now too?

What a mess I thought and it`s all my own doing? I was standing in the hall trying to text Sharon but didn`t know what to say or how to word it? I kept thinking how I didn`t want to hurt her and didn`t want to lose her and was comforting myself with her words that I should jump at the chance of a reconciliation?

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and my stomach churned! Everything flashed back into perspective as I remembered that Sharon was watching for Paul leaving and we were going to make love when he did? I felt awful and swallowed hard! I bit my lip and decided to face it! I opened the door and Sharon asked, well, how did my honey bunny get on?

I burst into tears as I looked into her watery big eyes and pulled her in from the doorstep and closed the door! Oh darling she said, did he say no? My speech was pressured and I tried through the tears to tell her I`d just made love to Paul but wasn`t coming across very well? Sharon said, how could he turn you down dressed like that darling? I cried louder and said, we have just had sex and I`m so sorry I`ve let you down?

Sharon looked at me and said, are you telling me you don`t want us to be friends anymore? No, I said, I love you, I don`t want to let you down but I may take him back?

Sharon said, you gave me a fright lady, I thought the friendship was over too? She stated laughing and hugged me and said, if you want to leave our wee meetings behind us I`ll never mention them again?

I thought for a moment and said, I want to kiss you right now but I feel I`ve cheated on you and have let you down? Sharon put me totally at ease and said, Lorraine every day I leave you I go home to John, do you think I would ever grudge you having been with your man? My argument had been stood on it`s head and Sharon yet again had made me feel wonderful.

We pulled each other close as I realised the contrast of feeling those massive arms hold me and dominate me and me holding this tiny little woman in my arms? She felt so soft and gentle and so fragile in my arms? Oh dear I thought? I realised I was in need of a shower as we kissed and squeezed each others breasts? Sharon entwined one hand in my hair and was kissing the face off me as her free hand explored my breasts and then my bum.

I became aware that she was not moving to touch my pussy and I had pulled her tight to stop her doing so? I slipped my hands round behind her and inside her joggers and squeezed her beautiful round bum. It felt great and I wanted to run my tongue over it? I lifted her jogging top over her head as she raised her arms. Her beautiful firm 36D-DD breasts looked swollen and her stunning nipples stood out and were begging to be sucked?

Sharon slipped her hands round and squeezed my bum and rubbed her crotch up against me as I protested, I need a shower darling, can you give me 10 minutes? Sharon teased back, oh darling have you been naughty, I might have to spank you? Am I not allowed to touch my darlings pussy today? Only if you want to was my gagging reply, but once I`ve showered? Sharon teased again, I might not want my darling to shower?

The thought of Sharon making love to me in this state really stirred every emotion in my body. My pussy was swollen and full of Paul\'s spunk and although the thought raced me to a sexual high I also had a mad jealous feeling at the thought of Sharon tasting her teenage lovers spunk? Lets go to the room and see how it goes was all I could say?

My day was ever more bizarre as I thought, I`ve just made love to my 39 year old estranged male lover and now I`m making love to my 39 year old female lover who were once teenage lovers themselves?

Sharon lay on the bed naked and beckoned me over, I kept on the little nightie as we lay and kissed for twenty or so minutes and let my hands explore her every curve. Sharon explored all but my pussy as I lay mostly on my front to prevent her from doing so. I placed my head between Sharon`s legs and kissed her well tended black pubic hairs as she gently opened her pussy lips with her fingers to allow me to lick her swollen lips and rigid clitoris.

Sharon as ever entwined her fingers in my hair and pushed my face deeper and gripped head with her powerful thighs. I gently licked her clitoris and slipped 2 fingers in her pussy as immediately she had a jerking orgasm. As she climaxed she said, are you going to let me taste your pussy darling? Gosh, what a thought? All the thoughts of jealousy and confusion were swept away as I craved her tongue on my tender swollen pussy!

I stood up and look my nightie off and felt really vulnerable in the same way you did in your youth when you had been seduced? Sharon said, is my little darling sure about this? I caught my reflection in the mirror as I stood and my face was bright red and I looked totally sexed up! Still seeing my reflection I said, yes, I`m sure! I really wasn`t though?

Sharon kissed and fondled me for ages and still hadn`t touched my pussy which was now aching for her. She lay by my side but as I raised my knees and opened my legs she ran a finger over my pussy and raised it to my mouth. I tasted Paul`s spunk and my juices on her finger and then kissed her to let her taste it too.

Sharon kissed and licked all the way down my body gently attending to every tiny goose bump. She placed a pillow beneath my bum and raised my pussy in the air slightly and stroked my inner thighs with her tiny fingers as I opened up and pushed forward for her to kiss my pussy.

Just before she kissed my pussy she looked up from between my legs and stuck her tongue out slightly and smiled to me. This beautiful woman is going to send me to heaven I thought? When I felt her fingers delve deep inside my pussy and felt her tiny warm tongue lick my clitoris I grinded out a massive orgasm, just as I tensed up to look down at her she lifted her head to look back.

The sight I saw I`ll never forget, Sharon`s mouth nose and face were covered in Paul`s spunk and she was sucking her fingers! I grabbed her and told her to lay on her back and open her legs. I kneeled with one leg either side of Sharon`s head and my bent legs under her arms with my bum over her breasts. I placed my pussy over her face and fingered myself furiously as she lapped away at the mixed love juices oozing out and trickling from my pussy to her mouth and face. Occasionally I`d force my pussy on her face in a riding motion and pull her head as tight against me as I could without hurting her.

We licked and sucked every little piece of naked flesh for ages and never quite felt the need to come up for air. We finished with Sharon`s head up the bed and mine at the bottom and for the first time ever we opened our legs and interlocked with each holding the others legs and feet. Our pussy`s were rubbing together as we rode each other and pulled and wriggled as our fanny`s rubbed and squelched out numerous orgasms.

We later agreed that the sight of our faces and pussy`s soaked in Paul`s spunk had been almost too much to bare. During the mutual pussy grinding I got really dirty and kept asking Sharon, do you like his spunk, would you like to have his cock? Sharon to her credit kept answering back, yes I love his spunk, but I cant, I`m married!

We both blushed a little later on, it was our first ever time of being dirty, it was also a fantastic sexual high for us and were soon kissing and cuddling and reassuring each other that anything goes in the bed room. Six years down the line our relationship is better than ever in both the physical and the emotional sense and we`ve endured many trials of life and to our credit withstood them all.

Thank you so much for reading and I do hope you enjoy it? On the greater scale of things it probably rates as fairly tame, it is my life though and a huge part of it that I`m very happy and proud of. This day was also a major turning point in more than just my life and I treasure and cherish it as such.

P.S. still not convinced I`m bi though? One swallow wont make a summer? She`s the only one for me and I really don`t look elsewhere if she is ever away. I do know what you mean though?