29 Dec 2017

My wife, collared, wet, and completely under the thrall, lay in her lover’s bed, her arms and legs wrapped around her lesbian lover. Their eyes locked in passion, the two women ground their shaven and juicy pussies together. Time had no meaning for Louise as she her already sensitive clit sliding against Jo’s.

“Kiss me please.” Louise begged, and with smile Jo responded. The taste of her own pussy on Jo’s lips not only was completely erotic for Louise, it made her feel alive, but wanting more. She needed more.

“ I want your pussy in my mouth” my wife begged between passionate kisses. Jo laughed and said, “Tell me the truth, do you want me, or need me?”

Louise examined her feelings and realised, “I need you, God I need you”. Jo responded by lifting herself and began sliding her wet snatch along Louise’s body. Louise slid her her legs together, allowing Jo to straddle her as her lover’s pussy inched closer to her waiting mouth.

Unable to wait any longer, Louise with a small cry slid down to devour Jo’s waiting open pussy. As her tongue snaked out Louise looked up at Jo and found her smiling her her phone camera in hand. Completely mesmerised and boundaries vanquished, my wife looked into the camera as she commenced cunnilingus on her lover.

“You love being filmed, don’t you.” Jo whispered and Louise, her mouth full of pussy could only nod her agreement. And she realised that the camera did add a delicious naughtiness, and for the 2nd time that night, allowed her inner slut free.

“Tell me how much you love eating pussy.” Jo commanded, and my wife, looking straight into the camera, removed her tongue from her lover’s snatch and moaned, “I love eating your pussy, you taste beautiful”.

“Are you ready to be my lesbian slave?” teased Jo, and my wife almost cried in agreement, her tongue deep inside her girlfriend’s cunt.

Jo’s eyes narrowed as she began riding Louise’s face. “God you are such a great pussy eater.” Louise moaned in delight as Jo lifted her body, swivelling to face in the opposite direction. Louise automatically opened her legs and felt Jo’s tongue yet again sliding along her slit. It was Louise’s first 69 experience with another girl, and she loved it. She later told me she and Jo mirrored each other, their tongues searching, teasing, their bodies quivering in delight. Louise felt the familiar shaking from Jo and knew that once again her mouth was about to receive another drenching of Jo’s juices.

Jo’s breathing changed and she moaned, “I’m about to cum.” Louise felt her own orgasm build in response. “Cum with me darling.” whispered Jo and my wife could only agree as Jo’s fingers and tongue darted into her wide open cunt, and Jo’s snatch ground into her waiting mouth.

“I’m cumming.” squealed Jo and Louise tasted that wonderful taste of fluid into her mouth. As her face became soaked Louise felt her own body reacting and her orgasm racked her body, wave after wave of wonderful lesbian bliss.

The girls collapsed on each other, soft kisses ensued and Louise curled her tongue around Jo’s still shaking thighs, revelling in tasting her cum and replete in the knowledge that had made her lover climax again that night. Jo then slid her body around, taking my wife in her arms, kissing her neck and then mouth, their bodies intertwined and wet pussies sliding erotically together. The two beautiful women lay face to face, eyes connected and lips softly brushing.

Before too long Louise found her eyes becoming heavy, and feeling safe and secure in her lover’s arms drifted into blissful sleep.

The sounds of birds chirping woke her hours later, and Louise felt the bed empty but warm next to her. As she rolled onto her back she found Jo sliding her body along hers, kissing her gently. “Good morning kitten.” purred Jo as she hungrily kissed my wife, her tongue teasing. “Mhmm” was all she could reply as she returned the kiss, her memories from the previous night already sending electricity through her body.

Ourselves then watched as her lover then traced her tongue down her body and now automatically opened her legs to her lover’s mouth.

As Jo’s mouth found her clit, Louise opened her legs wide, her breath already increasing in tempo and her pussy, seeming of it’s own volition searching for Jo’s mouth. Jo then slid back along towards Louise’s mouth, kissing hungrily. As Louise tasted her own pussy on Jo’s mouth she felt a pressure on her pussy. Jo smiled and Louise reaching down touched what obviously was leather leading to a strap on dildo. Louise hesitated momentarily, then realised that she wanted, no needed, her lover inside her. Opening her legs even further Louise looked deep into Jo’s eyes as she poised the dildo at my wife’s pussy entrance, Louise, her hands holding Jo’s smooth butt cheeks guided the large cock inside her. Her pussy becoming full, Louise groaned, looked into Jo’s eyes and wrapped her legs around Jo’s body, opening her pussy wide, and rocking her body, as her lover began slowly pumping, fucking her deeply in response.

Louise pulled Jo’s face into hers, kissing her hungrily as the intensity of sensations increased. Jo then pulled back slightly, then cupped one of her breasts, guiding the nipple into Louise’s mouth. Louise accepted hungrily, her tongue teasing, swirling before Louise sucked eagerly on the offered tit.

Jo moaned in response then pulled back, and Louise almost cried in disappointment as the dildi slid from her pussy. But Jo quickly grabbed a pillow and began to slide it under Louise’s butt. Louise lifted her body and Jo then pushed my wife’s legs bag, allowing easier access to a wet and waiting pussy.

With Louise’s legs now drawn to her chest Jo slid the dildo back into my wife’s pussy, filling and stretching, deeper than ever. Louise, now completely in a vulnerable moaned in delight at being dominated in such a fashion. Jo began pumping, fucking her with increasing tempo, the moans turning into loud groans from Louise.

Jo then reached over, and pulled on the collar still around Louise’s neck. “Tell me when you’re cumming baby.” demanded Jo and Louise could only nod in agreement, “Soon.” was all she could gasp, her pussy being fucked so deeply.

Jo then reached down and forcefully squeezed Louise’s nipples, pinching and pulling. Louise squealed in pain and secret bliss, and felt a new sensation in belly, a pressure she had not felt before, building in her pussy. Her groans became cries of ecstasy, she had never been fucked so deeply. Her pussy suddenly gushed with fluid and my wife screamed. “I’m cumming.” Jo thrust deeply inside her and then suddenly without warning pulled the strap on out my wife, and slapped her sharply on her pussy lips.

Jo then slid her fingers deep into Louise’s shaking pussy, curling her fingers, expertly coaxing my wife’s G spot, stroking, rubbing.

The sudden withdrawal and new sensations were exquisite, and with a guttural cry Louise arched her back, and completely lost control of her body. For the first time in her life Louise felt her pussy squirt, as her orgasm covered Jo’s tits and body.

Louise in total wonderment looked at her lover who lovingly began wiping Louise’s juices all over her body, paying particular attention to her erect nipples before putting her fingers into her mouth, salaciously licking her fingers while maintaining eye contact. “So beautiful.” Jo whispered.

It was without a doubt the most erotic scene Louise had ever seen. Her body still shaking from the most intense orgasm of her life she could only lay and wait for Jo to side her slippery body along to her, until their mouths melded into sensual kissing.

“What just happened?” my mystified wife asked.

Jo kissed her hungrily again, and said, “A very good start. “