17 Nov 2017

Her stomach fluttering with anticipation, Louise followed Jo through the front door into a very tastefully decorated apartment complex foyer.

Jo led Louise to the elevator and the moment the doors opened Louise was dragged inside with Jo’s tongue desperately seeking hers. Louise’s pussy was still soaked from the taxi ride home and Jo had no difficulty sliding her fingers inside Louise as the lift rose.

Completely under Jo’s spell, Louise wrapped her arms around her her lover, kissing her deeply, passionately, literally being lifted to new heights.

The lift came to a halt and Jo confidently led my wife to her unit.

Inside the apartment was tastefully decorated with a stunning elevated view of the city from the open air balcony. Louise admired the view at the railing and Jo slid behind her, taking her in her arms. Louise leaned back, revelling in the softness of the embrace.

Jo then began unzipping the back of Louise’s dress and slid it from her shoulders. Louise turned and faced Jo, kissing her deeply and allowed Jo to also unclasp her bra, and with her panties left in the taxi, stood before her lover completely nude, and utterly gorgeous.

Louise unbuttoned Jo’s blouse and bra and pulled her to her, loving the feel of Jo’s breasts against hers. Her fingers then easily slid Jo’s panties and both women gasped as they felt the heat of their pussies touching for the first time, their desire clearly evident by how moist they had become.

Jo then spun Louise around and cupped her breasts, her fingers teasing her erect nipples, already hard in the fresh air. Louise surrendered her neck to Jo’s soft kisses as one of Jo’s hands began tracing down her stomach.

Louise could only moan in delight as Jo’s fingers traced along her pussy and clit, still swollen from her earlier orgasm.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck someone out here.” Jo whispered to my wife.

“Yes please” agreed Louise, totally under Jo’s sway. Jo’s tongue then began sliding down Louise’s spine as her fingers teased the opening to my wife’s waiting pussy.

Louise leaned forward slightly, knowing anyone looking up would see her aroused tits and slowly twerked her bottom towards Jo’s tongue.

Needing no encouragement Jo’s tongue swirled over Louise arse, and the tip of her tongue began teasing, probing as Louise felt her lovers fingers slide easily and deeply inside her.

As Jo’s tongue teased, Louise’s excitement rose in anticipation that for the 2nd time another girl’s tongue was about to enter her waiting snatch. She felt powerful, goddess like and completely sexual.

She arched her back and moved further towards Jo opening her legs wide to allow her lover’s tongue complete access. And Jo obliged, her tongue expertly exploring my wife’s cunt as her fingers teased and caressed Louise’s throbbing clit.

Jo’s tongue played Louise perfectly, seeming to understand exactly where to be at every stroke. Louise found her moans increasing, lost in the bliss of being expertly eaten. Louise could hear Jo also groaning, and whispering how much she loved the taste of Louise’s pussy, how beautiful she was.

Her legs shaking, Louise relished the knowledge that she was about to cum in her lover’s mouth. Jo, alerted by the change in Louise’s breathing, increased her tempo, her thumb then sliding in and brushing Louise’s g spot.

“Cum on my face babe” Jo ordered in a husky voice and Louise responded within seconds, a cry ripped from her as she felt her second orgasm of the night gush into Jo’s waiting mouth.

Jo used her fingers to pry Louise’s pussy lips apart, allowing her tongue deep inside her soaking snatch, catching every drop of fluid.

When Louise was finally able to gain control of her legs she turned and Jo stood to bring their soft lips together. And Louise had to agree that as she tasted herself on Jo’s kiss that her pussy juice was divine.

Jo then led Louise back inside and into the bedroom, laying her down and sliding on top of her, rocking gently as Louise relished the feel of their freshly shaven pussies grinding.

Gazing deep into her lover’s eyes my wife opened her thighs and wrapped her legs around Jo, her hands on Jo’s butt, urging their cunts together.

“You’re so beautiful” was all my wife could repeat as she gazed into her femme lover’s eyes.

Jo smiled and reached to a bedside table and brought out a length of black leather with a clasp. With a thrill Louise realised that Jo was holding a collar. Louise had always fantasised about wearing one for another girl and when Jo offered it to her, Louise immediately said, “God, yes please” and raised her head, allowing her first ever collar to be placed around her neck.

Jo sat back, admiring my wife, naked, wet, and now collared in her bed. “Now you belong to me”. My wife, her seduction complete, could only agree.