Written by beaupeep

7 Jul 2009

My husband and I sometimes go on separate holidays as we both work in the public sector and find it difficult to get matching holidays. So I often go with a girlfriend. Now I am no spring chicken myself so ‘girlfriend’ usually translates as more mature lady/pensioner friend. This does not mean we don’t have a lot of fun, laughing, drinking and dancing till we drop. Not usually fornicating because we’re a bit past the being attractive to the holidaying male of the species.

It was on one such jolly in Spain when we gratefully but very happily staggered back to our hotel room that this occurred. We were both thoroughly sunburnt. My mate dived into the en-suite whilst I climbed into bed. In my birthday suit as it was too hot for anything else. She left the bathroom wearing only half the clothes she went in with and gradually dropped the rest of them off whilst giggling and removing her make up. I watched, slightly pissed but fascinated as she gradually slipped down to her underwear. Now my friend in common with many ladies of a certain age still likes to wear stockings, hold up’s but stockings none the less. Girl or not I love them. Combine that image with cream lacy underwear and her gorgeous, soft 38f breasts (women know this stuff about their friends) and even I was thinking ‘I’d like me some of that!’

Now maybe she was more drunk than she realised or she’d clocked me looking but as she got up she staggered and fell over the bed. This being a small hotel room the beds although 2 singles are basically joined and she sort of sprawled over them both in fits of laughter. So like a good mate I’m trying to shove her over onto her own side, she can’t move and we’re both in hysterics. So it seemed like a good idea at the time to climb over her and pull her across…it was halfway through this move I had other ideas.

Straddling another woman was a relatively new experience for me. But I really rather liked it, it felt powerful, dominant and very horny. I looked down into her eyes and saw something I can only describe as ‘I dare you!’ Now, I was a little unsure at this point because despite being a little the worse for alcohol, we had been friends for a long time and I didn’t want to spoil this. Luckily for me this thought quickly passed as I said to her, ‘How’s your sunburn? Do you want something soothing rubbed in?’ In a moment she had reached over to the bedside cabinet and handed me some oil which I drizzled over her sunburnt stomach.

She giggled as it trickled and tickled across her. Realising I had put too much on I tried to stop running it but I was too late; there was oil everywhere. ‘I had better spread this out a bit’ I said. So I began to softly massage into her soft, fleshy belly. Gradually as I got bolder I slipped my fingers under the edge of her bra and not wishing to ruin it I suggested I take it off her. Surprisingly she agreed and her two voluptuous breasts slid out from under the lacy fabric. Her dark nipples rose like twin peeks. I was like a child in a playground, with so much to explore.

I spread the oil further over her velvety skin and cupped both breasts in my hands and massaged and tweaked the nipples in the way that only another woman can. As she arched her back and raised her body toward me I took the chance and grasped her nipples gently and sucked them deep into my mouth. She was wet and slippery with the oil as I squeezed her against me. The soft feel of another woman’s skin against mine was delightful. So I licked nibbled and caressed with the thought that I would gradually work my way down. As I reached her lacy pants, I slipped my hand inside and gently stroked her soft, moist mound.

Now another woman has an advantage over most of you guys, we can hit the spot first time every time. And we know exactly what each gasp, each pause and each squirm means. Stop, don’t stop, harder, slower, quicker, gentler are all in this unspoken vocabulary. And she was encouraging me to really go to town. The pure abandonment of alcohol and sunshine holidays was really kicking in as her breath started to quicken and the beads of glistened on her forehead.

I was really starting to enjoy bringing her to the brink of orgasm and just holding her there. In a few minutes she was begging me to finish what I’d started. So I slipped her knickers down a few more inches and nuzzled and nibbled the lily white flesh between her stocking tops and her fleshy pink mound. I could smell her musky perfume and see the light glistening off her moist velvety interior. I had to dive in. In a moment she was gasping for breath as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Her body quivered, she shuddered and gasped ‘no more.’ But I continued to lick and probe with my tongue till she shook from top to toe. Eventually she could take no more and I had to stop before she collapsed from exhaustion.

We continued to enjoy our holiday after that till we had to come home and return to normality. Normal mature ladies, living sensible lives.