Written by Samantha

12 Mar 2013

This is an odd story because I definately didnt expect it to happen. Im 41 never ever had feelings for a woman and always absolutely ruled it out im size 12, 34ff and 5ft6 and kept myself pretty fit. I know woman look at my tits and I dont mind that. My boyfriend is divorced and told me his ex was the bitch from hell and she made his life a misery.

One night were out in town and woman started talking to my boyfriend and it turned out to be his ex she was size 10,about 5ft8 and about 34 with short dark hair. My first impression was that she was quite attractive, Paul introduced her to me, I could feel her eyes checking me out but I was ok with it. Her name was Karen, I jokingly asked my bf if this was the bitch from hell he laughed and said yes.Karen started talking to me and I actually found I liked her as a person, she was out with a friend but her friend had deserted her so I quite innocently said why dont you join us for a drink my boyfriend absolutely cringed at the thought.

We move on to another bar where the music was good and me and Karen were getting on like an house on fire and both a bit tipsy. Karen asked me to dance, so we had a few dances my boyfriend totally disapproving which made us laugh. Karen said lets tease him so we started doing a sexy girl dance hands all over each other, I must admit it felt good and we really went for it and finished with a little kiss to really finish it off but I never read anything into it to me it was just a bit of innocent fun. I had a great night and we swapped mobile numbers, I had no intention of ringing or texting Karen even though I thought she was a really nice person.

When I got home my boyfriend was incredibly horny and we had amazing sex, apparently watching his ex and me had really turned him on. My boyfriend works away a lot and normally I just work and go to the gym and go home. I got a text off Karen saying what a great night she had and would I like to meet up for lunch on the Saturday, I said yes and told her that he was really turned on that night after we teased him, Karen said maybe we should tease more often I just laughed and said maybe.

Saturday came I just dressed how I normally would for a girls lunch, tights, black dress and boots. I arrived a little early and found a nice table in the corner and bought a bottle of white to keep us going. Karen arrived late which annoyed me a bit but she looked really good. Karen explained she had been called into work, I said thats fine, we had a glass of wine and our tongues loosened up and we started the mutual compliments.

Karen went to the loo and then started talking to a woman at the bar it was obvious they were talking about me but I didnt care. Karen apologised and said the other woman was in the womans football team that she was in and had asked who her gorgeous friend was, I just blushed.Karen sat smiling, I asked what she was smiling at, she said sorry I cant help admiring your boobs I said thanks and very cheekily stuck my tits out and adjusted my dress. I went to the loo and when I walked back I stuck my breasts out and slowly walked to the table feeling quite proud a woman was admiring me.

We had some food, talked a lot and drank a lot, Karen started to tell me about the ladies football and that it was fun and that most of the girls were bi or lesbian. I sked Karen where she fitted into the team she said she wasnt sure but definately liked the female attention. I felt a bit awkward at first I wasnt sure what to say next but Karen said dont worry im not going to pounce on you, I just laughed nervously but was sort of interested and attracted to her but definately wasnt going to tell her.

After a couple of bottles of wine Karen said im feeling a bit tipsy do you think we should make a move and she suggested we go back to hers for more wine, I agreed straight away. We got a taxi back to Karen's she lived in a small modern flat just out of town. We both sat on her sofa in the lounge and drank more wine, Karen was sat really close to me and was quite attentive which felt nice and uncomfortable at the same time.

Karen said are you still a bit freaked about my revelation about the ladies football team, I blushed and said no im cool with that. She said good I dont want to scare you I really like you, I looked at her and returned the compliment. She put some music on and said do you want to dance my inhibitions were down so I said yes. We had a slow dance it felt so right but so wrong, Karen kissed me and I responded, I felt so excited but then made an excuse to go to the loo my head all over the place.

I decided sod it im going to go for it, so I went back downstairs, Karen tried to apologise, i just my finger over her mouth and kissed her for what seemed a lifetime then I stood up and dropped my tits out of my dress and then dropped my dress to the floor. Karen took me in her arms and started to fondle my breasts and suck my nipples I had bites all over my tits I didnt care I was in heaven.

Karen guided me to her bed and started to slowly kiss me incredibly sensually nibbling my ear lobes and biting my neck, then slowly teasing my nipples with her tongue and biting them god I was soooo wet. She was biting my nipples and teasing my pussy slowly fingering the soft moist entrance to my pussy I was groaning with pleasure. She started to kiss nibble and suck her way down my body and started to slowly and erotically tease my pussy with her tongue after about two minutes I had the most amazing orgasm then shortly after I had the orgasm to beat all orgasms.

I then started an amazing erotic kiss with Karen tasting my own juices and couldnt wait to taste karens juices, I felt Karens pussy which was incredibly wet. I slowly kissed worked my way down Karen's body, she had much smaller breasts but very large nipples which I loved sucking and twisting with my tongue, this felt so right. I started to probe her pussy with my tongue mmmm heaven Karen orgasmd nearly straight away screaming very loudly as she came.We then got into the 69 with karen on top licking and sucking each other to another orgasm, we then lay in each others arms kissing and tenderly touching each other.

Im not sure where this is going but im definately bisexual and quite happy to tell my female friends and Karen is my lover when my boyfriend is away.