Written by Anna

15 Aug 2012

I recently joined swinging heaven after a messy break up with my boyfriend. I had grown tiresome of our ‘relationship’ if you could call it that and started finding myself returning to the feelings I had supressed ever since I was a little girl.

Those feelings were of me being attracted to other women. I have always been fascinated with lesbianism and have often masturbated to the thought of being intimate with another girl.

My name is Anna, I’m 22 years old, average height, quite slim and have short blond hair. I have smallish breasts, probably a B cup if I’m being optimistic! My hips are perhaps slightly bigger than they should be considering how slim I am and I have a large round bottom, which personally bugs me but have been told it’s my greatest asset!

I split up with Richard and found myself starting to explore my feelings towards other women. It wasn’t massive at first, I would lay awake at night masturbating to the thought of having sex with a couple of friends I was attracted to. I then found myself watching lesbian porn as I found it was the only thing that could get me off. I would spend hours on end in front of my laptop, slowly touching myself as I watched two beautiful women make love to one another! Just thinking about it now gets me excited lol.

After a few weeks of doing this I eventually stumbled onto this site. At first I found myself spending time in the story section as I found reading them was quite thrilling! However after much toing and froing I decided to take the plunge and sign up!

I was worried at first that I wouldn’t get any replies! How embarrassing that would have been. But literally within a few minutes of signing up and uploading my first picture I was literally inundated with messages! It was quite a shock but a strong confident boost, a boost that was desperately needed after my recent troubles.

I got chatting to a few different women, I explained what I was looking for and they were all really nice. We even had cam sessions which was truly one of the most erotic experiences I have had. Watching another woman play with herself whilst we chatted was such a turn on. I even tingle whenever I think of it now.

There was however one person in particular who stood out. Her name was Pauline, she lived about 30 miles away from me and was gorgeous. Pauline was in her mid 40’s, she was single and had been an out lesbian all her life. She once told me how she had seduced her friends daughter, but that’s another story. She was so beautiful and confident, she had a way with words that still get me excited even to this day.

Pauline was very tall, she had the most beautiful legs that seemed to go on forever. She was toned, average build, had the most wonderful pair of breasts, much bigger than my little ones. I would guess at least a D cup and that’s being conservative. However despite her age there wasn’t a hint of saggage. They still looked firm and supple, despite her being 44! Pauline had the most beautiful eyes, you could literally get lost staring into them they were that mysterious. She too had blond hair, however hers was much longer than mine and when loose would be partway down her back. Pauline really was beautiful and it surprised me that she was single.

She friend requested me one night and sent me a lovely message. She complimented me on my pictures and wanted to chat. I accepted and before long it was like we were old friends! She had this amazing way of making me feel so at ease. Eventually things started to get a little dirty! Lol. Being the confident, experienced woman that she was she asked whether we could exchange pictures. I was a little nervous at first as all of the pictures I had posted so far were pretty tame. But my mind was quickly swayed when she sent a picture of her gorgeous pussy!

After a week or so of flirting with one another we decided to meet near her house on the weekend. We decided to meet at a local Starbucks and would then decide whether I would feel comfortable going back to hers.

I was the first to arrive, I had spent the entire morning getting ready! I had had a…shave the night before (just in case), had taken a very long shower and had put on my favourite little outfit. I sat nervously in a booth staring at me phone. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I was meeting a complete stranger that I had met off the internet! This was crazy. Could I end up fulfilling my fantasy!? All these thoughts raced through my head as I tried my best not to touch myself. I was slowly becoming aroused! What was wrong with me?

“Hi Anna.” I heard a female behind me. I spun around and that is when I first locked eyes with her. It was Pauline and my god didn’t she look beautiful. She was wearing long leather boots with some skinny blue jeans tucked in them. She wore a lovely low cut top that showed off her large soft breasts. I found myself almost instantly staring at them! “Well come on sweetheart, give me a hug!” She said excitedly. I stood up and we shared our very first hug. I still remember the smell of her perfume, it smelt gorgeous and in truth made me a little wet.

Pauline then went to the counter to get us two coffees. I just stared at her bottom as she walked away…rather slowly I might add. Her tight jeans clung to it, help emphasising just how feminine her figure was. She returned and decided to sit next to me in the booth! I was pressed tightly against the wall whilst she turned to me and asked how I was, had it taken long to get here etc.

I still really nervous, after all we had only met before behind the safety of a computer screen. But as we talked I started feeling more comfortable around her and quickly our chat turned into one of our sexy exchanges we have on SH.

I could feel myself getting aroused as Pauline told me about her life, when she had first lost her virginity and what her favourite sexual experience was. I found myself sub consciously rubbing myself which Pauline quickly picked up on! She leant forward, showing off her large breasts, she then put her hand on my leg and started rubbing it seductively. I just couldn’t stop staring at those breasts! They were beautiful, I just wanted to touch them, to kiss them.

“Do you want to go back to mine sweetheart?” She asked in a knowing tone.

“I’m not sure.” I replied nervously. This was a huge step! Not only would I be going back to a strangers house, but we were going to have sex. This would be my first ever gay experience! I desperately wanted to say yes, but still felt constricted by the thought that this was wrong. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. Pauline must have sensed this, she grabbed my hand and softly squeezed it. She then winked and said.

“Come one, we’ll go at your pace. We won’t do anything you don’t want to, I promise.” She then looked around to make sure no one was looking and kissed me on the cheek. I shook with excitement and felt butterflies in my tummy.

“Ok.” I replied.

We walked for about 5 minutes and eventually came to her house. It was a small mid terraced one, just about big enough for two people. She opened the door and took me through to her living room. She left the room briefly and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. We spent the next hour drinking the bottle and talking about what I wanted from this experience.

I explained that being with another woman was a fantasy I had forever but felt pressured from my parents to get a boyfriend etc. She listened intently and then made her move…

She started rubbing my leg slowly. I stared at her hand as it slowly worked its way up towards my pussy. I started to shake…this was it. She grabbed my face with her free hand and pulled me towards her. We shared our very first kiss. It felt wonderful as we gently kissed one another. I opened my mouth further as I became more confident, allowing her tongue into mine. She tasted lovely, her lisp felt so soft, her hot breath was just so sexy. It makes me go all funny now just thinking about. As we did this her hand was still rubbing my leg. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle as it got closer. She was almost teasing me, she would get so far and then go back. It was agony, I needed her to touch me, like I had touched myself the other night.

Her free hand was moving across my chest. She felt my small breasts through my top and gave them a gently squeeze. I moaned with excitement. By now all of my fears and worries had vanished. I was having my first gay experience and was loving it!

Pauline reached out and grabbed my hand. She then placed it on one of her large breasts. She wanted me to touch her. I felt this pulse of excitement rip through my body as I felt Pauline through her top. They felt so heavy, but soft and warm. It was so sexy. Pauline then stood up and whispered “Come on”. And led me upstairs and into her bedroom.

She started to undress me slowly. Almost like you would a child! I just stood their obediently and let my new lover strip me bear. I was so turned on at that moment I would have done anything she asked. She removed my top and then my jeans. I was now stood just in my underwear. She smiled and said how beautiful I was. I blushed, not used to such compliments. She started kissing me again, but slowly worked her way down my neck and towards my bra. She kissed my chest and started undoing my bra strap, she then tossed it to the floor and started sucking on my nipples. Christ it felt so good! I felt weak at the knees as she lovingly gave both breasts equal attention.

She then pushed me quite hard so that I fell backwards onto the bed. I let out a little yelp as I tumbled onto the soft mattress. Pauline straddled me, almost in a dominating fashion. She was definitely in charge, I had to obey her. She continued licking and sucking on my small girlish breasts. I lay back and tried to take it all in. I remember letting out a few satisfied groans as Pauline seductively caressed my slim body.

I could feel her hand moving downstairs…she was now entering my knickers! I tensed up for a moment as her fingers briefly explored the outer regions of my pussy. Quickly however her fingers entered me. I let out a deep moan as I felt her violate me. This was so erotic. Pauline smiled and said something along the lines of “She’s please to see me.”

For the next few minutes there was almost complete silence as I let my new mature lover finger my 22 year old pussy. All you could hear were my exasperated breaths and the sound of my pussy being finger fucked. Pauline would stop however every few minutes to smell and lick her wet fingers. She seemed to enjoy tasting my honey. I watched in amazement as she slowly, almost seductively licked her fingers. At one point she even made me taste myself! I had never done that before but have since done lots of times! I tasted pretty nice lol.

Pauline moved away to the opposite side of the room. She grabbed her phone and asked whether she could film fingering me. I agreed, I was so turned on at that moment. She held the phone close to my vagina as she gently explored me. He fingers felt amazing as she slowly fucked me whilst rubbing my little clit. I felt myself almost having an orgasm I was so turned on! She then passed the phone to me and asked me to record her whilst she stripped for me. I watched in awe as Pauline performed the sexiest strip tease for me. He breasts looked even more beautiful without that constricting bra holding them in place!

She then put the phone to one side and ripped my knickers off! I let out a playful scream as she did so. She then straddled me, pinning my legs tightly together with her strong thighs. We were both now completely naked!

I reached up and grabbed her breasts and pulled her down to me. I then began sucking on her nipples. Pauline lay down allowing me greater access. She just watched as I continued to suck on her teat.

“That’s it honey, suck on Mummy’s tits.” She whispered in my ear. I began to tingle again and could literally feel myself getting wetter by the moment. Pauline now had her eyes closed as she enjoyed me kissing her large breasts. I playfully bit down on her nipple. She shot up and let out a cry. “That was very naughty little girl.” She said.

I laughed and quickly embraced her once more. We shared another passionate kiss. Pauline bit my lower lip quite hard which hurt but felt quite sexy. I then felt her fingers return to my aching pussy.

“Can I go down on you sweetie.” She asked. I nodded enthusiastically. Pauline’s face was now inches away from my soaking wet cunt. She took several deep breaths, almost savouring my scent, before burying her head hard onto my vagina. I will always remember this moment as it felt so good to have her mouth clamped tightly around my pussy. She sucked hard at first and then started licking me. I let out several large groans as per tongue explored every inch of my young fanny.

Whilst Pauline was doing this her thumb was placed firmly on my clit and oh my it felt good! I began moving around in ecstasy as I felt myself having a fantastic orgasm! It arrived so quickly but lasted what seemed forever. I felt myself getting so hot and sweaty as the intense pleasure washed over my slender body. Meanwhile Pauline was still tightly sucking on my clit. She seemed to be enjoying my honey quite a lot. It almost felt as if her head was trying to come inside me! Lol. That was the force I was feeling!

Her free hand had travelled up to my chest and she started to squeeze my nipples and then giving them a hard slap. I let out a painful groan, but I loved it. I was in heaven. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed he harder onto my sensitive fanny. I was so horned up I didn’t care whether she could breath. This felt incredible.

Pauline broke away and took in a deep breath. “You taste so fucking good.” She shouted and then quickly returned to the head of the bed. We kissed quite aggressively as I grinded my pussy against her leg. Pauline pulled me closer to her, tightly grasping my bottom. She gave it a little spank and the started fingering my pussy once more. I let out a loud moan.

I couldn’t wait to taste her!