17 Apr 2019

In In Inn my previous description I was supposed to have a meet next with someone named Helen. Actually she never contacted me again and never replied my e-mail sollicitations.I guess she was no longer interested unfortunately.

Now to proceed with my research, I received a few replies but was not really attracted at that time.Rather I got a mail from a gentleman aged 65 asking bluntly if I would be interested in a threesome with his wife and him. I was taken aback and replied straight away that I was seeking a female encounter instead. He apologized but asked if I could change my mind perhaps taking a look first at a couple of pictures. He said they were landlords near Notting Hill Gate and could perhaps take me to their home on the seaside. Indeed the pictures were very nice, both looking smart. He was a consultant on Canary Wharf and she was a nurse. At this stage I would say I was becoming rather excited still wondering if I would be able to cope with a mature couple and what do he and she would expect from a younger girl like me!

We had a further exchange of mails and also a direct phone call with his wife to investigate this scenario and see where it could possibly lead me to !

They gave me their address and said they would expect me on the Saturday night at least for a drink.

On the saturday afternoon I started to have a bath, relaxed, have a cup of tea and thought about how I could handle that evening since I had no experience at all as far as a couple was concerned. I got back to a couple of 3some porn films on my laptop just to put myself mentally in line with what I could expect. After all they were an older couple and I was younger and on my own !

I called them back and talked to the lady, Sharon, stammering a little bit and we started a long conversation soon turning up to be very graphic. She said " I want you to feel comfortable ".

Upon hooking up I felt reassured that I will enjoy myself and discover new things and will not disappoint them !I felt ready for it !

I reached their home near Notting Hill Gate and rang the bell. There she was, so cute to my astonishment. My heart was beating like mad but she welcomed me in a friendly way and asked me to come in in a friendly way. She led me to the lounge and asked if I wanted a drink adding that her husband has left in urgency to Canary Wharf to clear a matter and will certainly get back rather late in the evening. I said after all I fetl so embarrassed that it is better that the two of us remain alone. She said there is no worry as they are both friendly and gentle, nothing would be pushy and of course she would be happy to be with me alone being rather dominant.

Now we were sipping our drinks on the sofa and moved closer to me making me feel rather hot I would say..

to be continued: