Written by Lyn

10 Jan 2011


name is sue iam 19 years of age my first time started on Wednesday after Christmas ,i decided to spend my Christmas money on new clothes.so I went to my local store I took two tshirts and summer skirt,I asked the way to changing rooms I went in took my coat off and hung it up took my jumper off and my bra to try my tshirts on I noticed my nipples standing upright I just touched one in my fingers and it went rock hard it was then I noticed my curtain slightly ajar and averry small gap so could see into changing room opposite ,I thought to my self I've just been playing with my nipples am I being watched .

,I moved over to my right to see if any one was in outher changing room and their was the story a young lady about late30s compleaty naked stroking her breasts and touching her naked pussy with her fingers I froze I am 19 years old had touch sex with two male students and now faced by young lady naked stareing at me I thought to my self she is over their and iam over here so I carried on taking my jeans off to try my new skirt on i pulled my jeans off taking my knickers with them sat on chair to slide them down my legs and off I stood up and tried my new skirt on I glanced across where the young lady was also sat on chair but one hand was rubbing her naked pussy with gently strokes using her fingers sliding one in her pussy and out.this was to much for me was I a lez or just excited I lifted my skirt and started to please my self my pussy is shaved as well I sat down and inserted two fingers into my pussy in and out she was lick in her lips and watching me as I climaxed there and then looked across and she had gone was it a dream just then a card was dropped into changing room it read my name is Ann I am 42years old and my goodness I feel so hot and Randy I need to come again I'm going to the toilets on 3 rd floor meet me if you want you are beautiful Ann .well now what do I dog home or party no choice I'm feeling hot got dressed left tshirts with assistant and made my way to3rd floor went in to ladies and their she was she took my hand and led me to cubicle we went inside and closed and locked door I told Ann this is my first time same sex she replied it won't be your last she put her arms around me and started to kiss me tounges inside mouth she took my top off and bra and started to lick and twist my nipples she undressed herself top bra and skirt no panties on she told me to stand on toilet seat I did as I was told she took off my jeans and pants together so nice and young needs to be eaten she sat on seat and pulled my pussy down into her mouth she filled my pussy with her tounge sucking licking I was near to coming when she said let it go dear to late I climaxed long and loud she got off the seat and started to get dressed she kissed my lips and said goodbye and went wow istarted to get dressed when I released she had taken my panties I put jeans back on when in my pocket was a card from Ann that was a good start if you want your panties come and see my girlfriend and I in action you can watch or join us I know you will come to see us that's another story if you want to know what I decided to do