Written by crystal7

23 Jan 2011

i had always fantasied about having sex with a women,but never thought for one moment that it would happen.on the evening in question i hadnt even had a sexual encounter with another man,i had only watched or been watched by others.

this night i had pulled on my silk black stockings and attched them to my suspender belt,then slipped my feet into my shinny black high stilettos,finally finishing with a sheer lace dress,which was also in black.i felt great,and ready to go.hubbie was hard as a rock and ready to play.

we jumped into the car and drove to a friends.he had a new girlfriend who was petite and dressed as a cheeky school girl and high shoes,and hugh tits,amazeing a thought.we hada few drinks then she stared to play with her fella and i got really wet and horny,so ofcourse started to play with myself.my fanny was dripping wet.i got hubbies dick out and sure enough it was dripping as well.i was on all fours sucking his cock when all of a sudden i felt something warm and wet on my fanny and boy did it feal gooood.i let go of his cock to see wat was happening and it was the school girl nakked licking my wet fanny .i didnt want to stop.i rolled over onto my bck she then pushed her tongue in and out of my fanny,whilst i screamed in heaven,and begged for more.i remember thinking i must be dreaming.she them crawlwed up and sucked my big tits and fucked me with her fingers while i had orgasem after orgasim,it was fantastic.she rolled me over and licked me every where including my arse i didnt want it to end.i then found myself doing it to her it seemed to come natural and felt as if there was no one else there.we lasted hours and eventually curled up and fell asleep on the floor.when i woke my hubbie was wrapped around me,and i asked if it was a dream and he said ohhh no and wats more ive got pics to prove it.after showing me all the photos he and his friend had been taking he fucked my brains out.since that night i have had a couple of bi nights and enjoyed very much,so has hubbie lol xx