Written by Vanessa bi newbie x

15 Feb 2010


Not alot of females tel stories on here iI hope mine`s ok.

I`m Vanessa ,27 5ft 5 tall ,34dd and up until last month straight and just liked guys.

I share a house with Steph, i`ve known her since we were at college together ,she is blonde 5ft 3 ish with shoulder length hair and small pert boobs, we share her mum and dads house 2nd house.

My boyfriend Dave is lovely and we`ve been together for 6 years ,he has a nice cock and unlike most blokes is considerate, Steph actually introduced us at college, he is always joking around about a three some , recently gave into his asking and shaved my pussy , as up until recently i was conservative and in Steph`s words "vanilla"

We nipped home on lunchtime for a quicky as Dave was going away for the weekend on a stag do , did`nt even make it upstairs and ended up on the sofa with me riding him ,whilst he sucked on my boob and roled and pinched the other nipple which always makes me wet.

After i got back from work i had a shower and chilled out on the same sofa in my dressing gown ,i don`t tend to wear a bra , Steph came in grinning i asked her why she was smilling , she just replied "saw something lunchtime" and went into the kitchen .

We talked about our day and se came back with "did`nt realise you and Dave were that dirty !" "shit" i hissed ,did you see us ? " hmm she replied "i was in the kitchen for most of it", "lovely tits Vanessa" , "lets have look !" , she then put her hand inside my dressing gown and just like Dave did earlier , rubbed my boob and rolled the nipple , hmm they grown hun ??? i closed my eyes and as i did Steph put her fingers right down the front of my white lacy shorts, she found my clit and gave it a rub ,he fingers getting wet in the process.

She then pushed the gown off my shoulders and took my right nipple in her mouth ,i slid out so was just sat in my shorts , we then kissed for the first time, the feeling was like nothing i had ever experienced with Dave.............

I did know Steph was Bi , last summer she made a big deal of the water bill, we shared a shower one morning all she did was pay me compliments............to be continued