Written by Sara

8 Aug 2012

Thank you for all your kind comments. I really enjoyed reliving my first time with Heike as it was truly one of the most sexual experiences I have ever had.

If you require the backstory please read part 1: http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-96361.html

As requested, this is what we did next.

I remember waking next morning with Heike’s arms wrapped around me. We were facing one another, our legs were interlocking and she was still fast asleep. I instantly started reliving what we had done last night. I recalled the moment I had squirted for the first time, the moment she had given me the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. What did this now mean? Was I now gay? I had certainly enjoyed what Heike and I had done and deep down I yearned for it to happen again.

I slowly rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and gazed at my new German lover, lying inches away from me. She looked beautiful. Her long blond hair was partly covering her forehead; I gently swept it away to reveal her gorgeous face. She looked as if she smiling as she slept. What was she dreaming?

I quietly moved the duvet back, revealing our naked bodies. I stared in amazement at her stunning figure. Her large breasts looked so inviting, I desperately wanted to touch her, the way she had done so to me last night. I then gazed down towards her vagina. I nearly gasped at the site of it. It looked like a lovely flower, completely shaven, not a hair in sight. It was resting on my leg, she was almost straddling it. I instantly felt a little turned on but resisted the temptation to touch it. For the next quarter of an hour or so I just lay there completely still, admiring Heike. I will never forget the way she smelt, at times even to this day, nearly 20 years on I can still smell her.

Heike eventually woke to find me looking at her. “Guten Morgen.” She whispered.

“Good morning.” I said in return. She smiled, leant forward and kissed me. I opened my mouth, allowing her tongue into mine. At the time I recall thinking how nice it felt to kiss another girl. It was different from kissing a guy. She felt so much smoother and her lips were so soft. It really was such a pleasant experience. As we kissed we were slowly rubbing against one another. I felt her rubbing her flower against my leg so I started to move me leg in motion with her. Heike was letting out a soft moan but all of a sudden pulled herself away from me. “Nein wir können nicht jetzt.” I looked at her disappointed and asked why we had to stop. She pointed to the clock hanging on the wall. We needed to feed the horses; otherwise her father would be unhappy.

From that moment on I started looking at Heike in a completely different light. Before the events of the previous night I hadn’t even thought about being with another girl. It was something that had never even crossed my mind. I liked boys…well at least I thought I did. But ever since Heike came onto me last night I couldn’t get her out of her mind. I desperately wanted to talk to someone about what had happened. I needed to know whether I should be feeling this way. I must have spent the rest of the day staring at her, fantasising about all the things I now wanted to do to her, what I wanted her to do to me. Heike on the other hand was just so cool about it. It was as if she did this sort of thing all the time…I then remembered what she had said to me last night, when she was fingering me. “I’m gay, I want you to be my girlfriend.”

I felt myself tingle as I relived the moment in my head. Either way, I needed to talk to her about it, but finding the time alone with her was difficult. We spent the next few hours doing the farm chores with her father and mother. I did get the occasional glance, and smile from her. I swear she didn’t need to bend down as many times as she did. Heike you little tease. Looking back now in hindsight, she knew exactly what she was doing.

We finally finished all the work by lunchtime and Heike asked whether I wanted to go for a walk with her. “Of course!” I said enthusiastically.

For anyone who hasn’t visited Germany I recommend that you do because it is such a beautiful country. Kronberg in particular has a beautiful countryside that must be seen to be believed. When this was happening 20 years ago there weren’t as many houses as there are now, and instead were vast fields that the farmers used to grow their crops. Heike took me by hand and led me through the countryside for what seemed like hours. We said nothing the entire way, but she kept rubbing my hand in a seductive way. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to see where we were going.

She brought me to a hole in a fence and ushered me through, when I looked up it was a cornfield. Heike giggled and ran into it shouting “Folgen Sie mir Sara!” (follow me). I shouted after her to wait but she had already gone. I chased after her and finally caught her when we reached what must have been the centre of this large field. The corn was so big that I was struggling to see which way he had entered from. I remember it being a really hot sunny afternoon. By now it was the hottest part of the day. Heike came close and grabbed both of my hands. She once again made the first move and started kissing me. All of those wonderful feelings from last night were quickly returning. I felt a little weak at the knees, this was so exciting and sexy. Not only was I kissing another girl, but it was Heike! My pen pal! We were now completely hidden from the outside world and I couldn’t picture a more perfect place to be.

We both dropped to the floor and carried on kissing. Heike was now straddling me as she tried to pin my arms down to the floor. We were now definitely hidden by the crops and she started telling me how beautiful I was. I was blushing as she kept complimenting me; she really was the sweet talker. She sat up and quickly removed her top and then her bra. Her large breasts looked amazing in the midday sun. I reached up and grabbed them with both hands and started massaging them. She let out a moan and started saying dirty things to me. Some of which I understood but other things I didn’t have a clue! There was something about her accent that just made the entire situation even more erotic.

By now she had leant forward giving me better access to her breasts. I was licking and sucking on one whilst massaging the other. Heike was licking and kissing my neck and then she moved upwards towards my ear lobe. I let out a playful squeal as she bit it and started licking it. I just loved it when she did that, it makes my flower tingle whenever I think of it to this day! Whenever I’m with another woman these days I make sure that she is aware of my little ear fetish.

We were both sweating as we continued to pleasure one another. I then felt a familiar hand making its way down towards my pussy. She undid my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. Heike then asked whether it was ok to ‘kiss me down there’. I blushed and nodded. She smiled excitedly, kissed me on the lips and slowly made her way towards my aching pussy. I started to shake in anticipation. This was actually the first time anyone had ever gone down on me. My boyfriends in the past had wanted to but I always said no as I thought it was icky. But with Heike it was different. I needed her lips on my…lips.

I watched with interest as Heike smelt my underwear. She looked almost in a trance like state as she gently rubbed by knickers before pulling them down. She smiled when she saw my pussy. Back then it wasn’t the ‘norm’ to shave so I did have a bit of a bush. I kept it trimmed though and Heike didn’t seem to mind because she was soon down on it!

I remember letting out an excited cry as her lips first touched it. This was so new to me and it felt incredible. She had inserted two fingers into me whilst she sucked hard on my clit. She was just staring up at me whilst she did this. Our eyes locked on to one another as she performed oral sex on me for the first time. It wasn’t long before I was getting hot and sweaty again. Out in the field I could be as loud as I wanted and wasted no time in telling her how amazing it felt. Heike briefly broke away from my clit to tell me in German how sexy I was and how she wanted to fuck me! On hearing those words I started cumming hard onto her fingers. I was a little concerned I was going to squirt again as I had done so the previous night. However this time it was more ‘normal’ and I managed to lie back and embrace another wonderful orgasm. Heike meanwhile still had her fingers inside me and was now rubbing my clit with her thumb whilst watching my reaction.

I slowly regained my breath and motioned for her to come closer to me. We once again shared a kiss and I started telling her how much I loved her and thanked her for this experience. She asked whether I would like to kiss her down there too. I was a little unsure but agreed.

I nervously positioned myself by her pussy. I gently touched her shorts and began to rub them. I looked up for approval from Heike and she nodded and whispered “Braves Mädchen“.

I tugged at her shorts and removed them. I was shocked actually becasue she wasn’t wearing any underwear! It took me by surprise. I looked at her flower in amazement, as i said earlier it was completlety shaven. I had never seen one this close up before. I must have been looking at it for sometime because Heike had to grab my hand and place it on her lips. I apologised and slowly started to explore my lovers pussy.

I couldn’t get over how mosit she was. It was a hot day but this wasn’t down to the heat. She was really turned on. I started playing with her pussy, rubbing her lips, finding her clit and then slowly finger fucking her. As I was doing this Heike was giving her approval. Saying dirty things in her lovely German accent. “ Ich liebe dich Sara. Fick meine Fotze!“

I noticed that after a few mintues she started changing a little. She was no longer this sweet loving yong girl but now a lot more agressive. Her demenear seem to change the longer we went at it. She started calling me some offensive names as I continued to finger her. She then shouted “ Iss mich! Iss mich!“ (eat me) and then she literally grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard onto her pussy. I was a little shocked but soon found myself ‘eating‘ her beautiful vagina. She tasted amazing too, i’m not going to lie. Her scent was intoxicating and i took several deep breaths as i went to work on her soaking wet pussy. I loved tasting her honey and my tongue seemed to do the work becasue she stopped being so aggressive and returned to her sweet kind self. I noticed her legs had widened and her bum was starting to bob up and down, she was having an orgasm! I couldn’t believe i had made her have one! I got so turned on in that moment that i reached out and grabbed her breasts. She grabbed my hands and gripped them tightly. She kept saying “Danke, danke“ as she gained her breath back.

We both lay there for an hour or so after that. Sunbathing in the safety of the cornfield. I spent pretty much the entire afternoon staring at her in awe. She would occasionally look over at me and give me a wink. Over the course of that summer i generally started to develop deep feelings for her. This wasn’t lust. This was something special. She use to call me her ‘English Muffin‘ which makes me laugh even to this day. Our time together was very special and i will never forget it.

I hope you enjoyed that. I hope it wasn’t too boring! Lol I just love reliving my time with her.

Sara xxx