Written by Sara

11 Aug 2012

Thank you again for all your lovely comments! I must admit when I started retelling this experience I was a little nervous on how people would react. I’m also a little concerned about how some may react to the end of this one but please bear in mind I was young, confused and a little drunk!

Heike and I continued spending ‘time’ with one another for the rest of my visit. She introduced me to a world of lesbianism which I fully embraced. Before my trip to Kronberg I hadn’t even considered ever being with a woman in that way before. But ever since Heike had seduced me one evening when I was feeling homesick I never looked back.

As we continued sleeping with one another I began asking questions about her sexuality. Was she gay or just bi sexual? It surprised me a little when she explained that she had always been gay. Heike had never had sex with a guy and had no intention of doing so. She went on to confess that she had known she was a lesbian ever since she was a girl. Heike confessed that she had had many girlfriends but considered me to be her first true love. I was a little shocked when she said this. I asked naively whether she considered me as her girlfriend. I remember her laughing and saying “Ja. Ich liebe dich Sara.” My tummy felt all funny and I started to tingle with excitement. I said that I loved her too and we started kissing on the bed. As I rolled around on her bed and played with my new girlfriend I recall feeling a little upset because I knew that this wasn’t going to last. I was due to fly home in a week and knew that I wouldn’t see my love again until the following summer. I sensed Heike knew this too and perhaps that’s why we spent ‘a lot of time’ together, we were trying to make the most of it. This was in a time where the world wasn’t connected by mobile phones or the internet. If this had happened now then perhaps we would been able to overcome this huge barrier.

It was approaching my final weekend in Germany before I had to fly back home to England. Heike had been on the phone all morning and eventually told me that her friend Petra was having a party at her house that coming Saturday night. I was excited because I hadn’t met any of Heike’s friends as she was quite isolated in Kronberg. The majority of them all lived 30 miles away in Frankfurt. Heike let me borrow one of her dresses, we spent pretty much the entire afternoon doing each other’s hair and make-up before being driven to Frankfurt by her mother.

Heike looked stunning. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress that was very short and showed off her beautiful curves. I tried my best not to look at her because she was turning me on so much. It was torture in the car ride over, I desperately wanted to touch her. Meanwhile I could see Heike giving me the eye as I sat next to her in the backseat. She had given me a purple dress to wear which again was very short! I had to keep pulling it down as it rode up on me, showing off my bum…perhaps that’s why she insisted I wore it?

Heike had taken me to one side before we left her house to explain that she and Petra had once been a sort of item. Petra was a year older than us and Heike had apparently lost her virginity to her a couple of years ago. However the relationship hadn’t worked out as Petra was more into guys but enjoyed being with other girls. I was now nervous about meeting her.

We pulled up to Petra’s house and could already hear the bass from the music pulsating out of the house. We both waved goodbye to Heike’s mother and made our way to the front door. I was really nervous and Heike must have sent this and grabbed my hand. She knocked on the door and after a few seconds was greeted by a very tall woman.

“Hallo Heike! Wie geht es Ihnen?” The tall woman rushed forward and hugged Heike, she then kissed her on the cheek and they started talking excitedly. Heike then smiled and pointed at me, I heard my name and then all of a sudden I felt this tall woman grab hold of me and give me a kiss on my cheek. “Hallo Sara! Ich bin Petra. So schön Euch zu Treffen. Du siehst großartig aus!”

“Hello Petra. Nice to meet you too” I said nervously. She then ushered us both into the house.

I would describe Petra as very tall. She had short brown hair, brown eyes and lovely cheek bones. To be fair she was beautiful. She was slim but had a large bosom. I remember that she had a lovely little bottom that stuck out from her tight green dress. She looked very sexy if I’m completely honest.

I was introduced to the rest of the people that were there. There was a mixture of men and women but I spent most of the night with Heike, Petra and her then boyfriend Gregor.

We drank, shared a few jokes, danced and had a really good night. I noticed that I was getting a bit of attention from some of the German boys but Gregor was so lovely. He kept them away all evening and we ended up having a really nice chat. I did notice however that he kept slipping a few glances at my cleavage when we were talking. Completely innocent enough and I would be lieing if I said wasn’t enjoying all the attention I was getting from everyone.

Everyone started leaving the house in the early hours except a few who would be sleeping in the living room. Heike had arranged beforehand that we were going to stay over as it was too late/far to get a taxi back to Kronberg.

We went upstairs to Petra’ bedroom. She and Gregor would be sleeping in her bed and Heike and I had been given this massive blow up mattress to sleep on. Petra laughed and said something along the lines of ‘I’m sure you won’t mind sharing a bed with Heike, especially after all the things you’ve been doing!’ I was a little shocked she knew about that but then again it was no secret Heike and I were going out.

I then was completely surprised to see all three getting completely naked in front of one another. Heike looked over at me and laughed and told me to get undressed. I was quite drunk from all the German alcohol they had been pouring down my throat but managed to stand up. I remember Heike helping me take my dress off whilst Petra and Gregor were on the bed watching. I felt a little uneasy as it was pretty obvious Petra and Gregor were looking at me. I saw Petra whisper something to Gregor who laughed. Heike then turned round and said “Nein! Diesmal nicht. Sie ist etwas Besonderes.” (No, not this time. She is special). I asked her what they had said and what she meant. She just turned around and said don’t worry and started kissing me.

We were by now both pretty drunk and I was aware that we were being watched but I didn’t care. How many more times were we going to have the opportunity to do this? Heike smelt amazing as we began to kiss and fondle one another. Her fingers felt electric as they passed all over my body. She kept saying she loved me as she gently squeezed my breasts. I reached down and started fingering her, she was already soaking so I seductively licked my finger, tasting her juices. She let out a moan as I returned to her flower. I started to finger her quite quickly, watching her reaction, desperately trying to find the sweet spot.

I loved watching Heike when I played with her. Her eyes would widen as the pleasure slowly washed over her. She would almost go to another place as she began to orgasm, her eyes would roll back, she would begin to sweat and pant. It was like she was possessed.

I began licking and sucking on Heike’s supple breasts whilst I continued to rub her pussy. She was moaning quite loudly now and was begging me to keep going. I looked up for a moment to see what Petra and Gregor were doing. They were both watching us in complete silence. I noticed that Petra was slowly rubbing her boyfriend’s leg whilst he slowly rubbed his penis. At first I felt a little uncomfortable but quickly turned my attention back to my German lover. To tell you the truth, having both of them watch us was a real turn on.

Heike repositioned herself, she was now rubbing her pussy up and down my leg. It felt really sexy as her juices were being smeared all over my naked thigh. She seemed to be almost trying to fuck my leg. She was really rubbing hard, up and down, up and down. Her eyes just stared at me as she tried her best to take in as much pleasure as possible. I lay back on the inflatable mattress and watched in awe as her body moved back and forth. I reached up and grabbed her large breasts, giving them a playful squeeze. Heike let out a lively squeal as I gently pinched her nipples. I then leant forward and took them in my mouth, gently biting and sucking on them.

Meanwhile I could see in the corner of my eye that Gregor was jerking off. I smiled to myself, pleased that we were turning him on. I was actually getting off on the fact that we were being watched, particularly as one of those people was Heike’s ex-girlfriend.

By now Heike was moaning quite loudly. She continued to thrust hard on my leg, and I had started to help her on her way by rubbing her clit with my thumb. She ran her hands threw her long blond hair as she was slowly reaching the end. Her face was red, she looked hot and was beginning to sweat. She was once again muttering something under her breath as the orgasm hit her.

“Scheiß!” she swore very loudly as she began to ride the wave of what seemed like a huge orgasm. I was slightly concerned for a moment because she was physically shaking. She kept swearing, her eyes rolled back in her head, she grabbed my hand and begged me to continue rubbing her. I did so obediently and watched in amazement as she rocked back and forth on my leg. Cleary she was enjoying it. I couldn’t believe I had made her feel this way. Personally, I felt good. Pleased I had made my lover so happy.

I looked up to the bed, just in time to see Gregor’s cum fly up into the air. All four of us laughed at the site, it was so comical. Gregor looked like all of his Christmases had come at once. He sauntered off to the bedroom to clean himself up. Heike had collapsed into my arms and was facing downwards, still bucking from the orgasm. She looked exhausted and was almost falling asleep on top of me. I held her closely and whispered that I loved her. She let out a moan and almost instinctively started grinding against me. She was pretty out of it!

I looked up to find Petra watching us. She had a strange devious look in her eye which made me feel a little uneasy. I then noticed that she was masturbating. I hadn’t at that point paid much attention to Petra. I knew she was there but was too focussed on Heike. She blew me a kiss and then licked her other finger and inserted it into her pussy. Admittedly I was turned on, and watched in amazement as Petra performed what can only be described as a sex show for me.

She leant back on the bed and started to masturbate in front of me. She rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered herself with the other. Every few minutes she would then lick her fingers in a seductive manner. As if she was teasing me…

I know this was bad but I was starting to get turned on by her. As I watched her continue to pleasure herself I could feel myself getting wet between the legs. I had Heike on top of me in a pretty bad state but I desperately needed to satisfy my aching pussy.

Petra then sat up so that she was on the end of the bed. She smiled at me and mouthed something. She then gave me a wink before slowly rubbing her pussy. I smiled back and managed to move Heike over enough so that I could touch myself. For the next few minutes we just stared at one another whilst we silently masturbated. I was so turned on, this felt so naughty. It was a little inappropriate with Heike almost passed out but I loved every minute. Petra was now licking her own breasts and rubbing her saliva all over them. They looked fantastic and I felt a bit guilty when I started fantasising over touching her. But it was so sexy at the same time!

Petra then stood up and walked over to wear Heike and I was lying. She stood above us, one leg either side and crouched down. Her fanny was literally inches away from Heike’s back! She then began to finger herself once more, literally inches away from my face. I could smell her, she smelt amazing. I just had to taste her! Why was she doing this? She knew Heike and I were together. Why was I allowing this to happen! I couldn’t help myself; I leant forward and kissed her pussy for the briefest of moments. Petra let out a satisfied moan but then all of a sudden Heike moved.

I felt guilty the second I had done that. I had let lust get the better of me. I instinctively pulled Heike closer to me, almost using her as a shield from Petra. If she wasn’t there god knows what might have happened…

Petra however was pretty persistent. I looked to the door to see where Gregor was but it sounded like he had gone downstairs. Meanwhile Petra was on her knees and had crawled round to where I was lying. Heike was facing the other way, face down pretty much asleep. Petra then lay down next to me and just stared at me. I looked down and could see she was playing with herself, she then quickly leant forward and we kissed!

This was so wrong but I didn’t put up much of a fight. I opened my mouth and started to kiss her back. This was mad! How on earth had I let this happened I will never know. We just lay there for a while kissing one another. She then grabbed my hand and got me to touch her…down there. It felt so wrong but equally just as exciting.

After a few minutes Petra stood up and started speaking to Heike. She was so calm about it, she literally picked her up and put her down on the mattress. She then grabbed a duvet and placed it over the top of her and said “go to sleep.”

I was now stood by the mattress a little unsure what to do. Petra then turned to me and said “Heike sieht müde aus. Folgen Sie mir.” She wanted me to follow her…I don’t know why, but I did. I was so drunk but also horny. I felt guilty, but Petra had this strange power over me. She literally grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hallway.

She led me into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. We were both completely naked and she wasted no time pinning me against the wall and started to finger my aching pussy. We started kissing quite aggressively, it was just lust no real love. Her hands moved all over my body, she groped my breasts then my bum. She licked my face and then bit my lip whilst she continued to pleasure my pussy. Petra then knelt down on the cold tiled floor and started to ‘eat me’. I grabbed hold of the towel rail as the pleasure started to wash over me. I tried my best to keep quiet as I didn’t want anyone to hear. I felt awful for doing this but I couldn’t stop her. I just allowed Petra to eat my flower. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her harder into me, I just loved the feeling. I began to sweat and gasp for air as I Petra gently bit my clit. Then all of a sudden as quickly as it arrived I was having the most intense orgasm. I let out a loud yelp and quickly covered my mouth. Desperately trying to remain silent. Petra looked up at me, her mouth still locked tightly on my pussy. She was really doing her best to please me. It was amazing!

She stood up and kissed me once again. I could taste my honey on her lips. We just stood there for a few minutes enjoying another snog. I then began to rub her, I needed to taste her now. She lay down on the floor, I dropped to my knees and quickly began to perform oral sex on her. She wasn’t that concerned with keeping the noise down. I had to tell her to be quiet or I would stop. She then grabbed my head and forced it hard onto her pussy. She smelt different to Heike, she tasted different too. I was enjoying it but secretly I was thinking about Heike. I shouldn’t been doing this. I carried on until Petra let out a quick squeal. We both then stood up, she said thank you and kissed me again. We then went back into the bedroom and went to sleep in our respective beds.

Heike awoke as I climbed onto the bed. She smiled and said she loved me and then wrapped her arms around me. I felt awful as I laid there. I looked up towards Petra’s bed to see her kissing Gregor.

What had I done…