Written by Barry K

24 Nov 2010

i met my gf about a year ago in a local pub , she is very short only 5ft and is small all over but perfectly formed with very small 32b tits oh and she is only 23 a bonus as im 44 , anyway one nite aweek she likes to get out with the girls for a beer and a chat and normaly waits for one of her mates to knock and they walk to the pub together , this nite her friend jane turned up she is a middle aged girl about 6ft tall and proberbly 6ft wide yes she is a big girl, they left for the pub about 6ish and i awaited sarahs return about 9 cos she always comes home horny. at about 930 she wasnt home i rang her mobile only to hear it ringing in the kitchen , so i decided to take the short walk to our local to see if all was ok , when i got there there was no sighn of her or jane, so i started to walk to the next pub only up the road, aS i turned the corner i aproache a large clump of bushes near the park its a famours place in our area for a quick shag with your bird , as i walked past i heard a moan comming from the bushes then i heard a womans voice say hold her top up i want to suck on her tits, this i had to see i thought so i slowly made my way into the thick bushes then i saw them and i could not believe my eyes there was sarah leaning up against a woman sarah had her top pulled up and her little tits on show her leggins and thong was around her ankles , jane was in front of her with her hand between sarahs legs , i could tell that sarah was enjoying this very much the woman behind sarah that i didnt know but was in her 50s was groping my girls small tits from behind, then she bent sarah forward jane grabbed sarahs small dangling tits as the other woman pushed a finger up sarahs fanny oh my god sarah squealed please dont stop im going to cum jane said shhhhhhhh and with that sarah let out a loud familier moan and come all over the womans hand, with this i decided it was time to leave so i krept back out and legged it home, about 10 mins later sarah came in her cheeks was all red and flushed she appolagised for being late said she had been talking to mates , later that week after a really good fuck i asked sarah if we could ever include another woman into our bed her reply was no way im not into girls they do nothing for me !!!!!!!!!!!