Written by Anon

5 Mar 2013

As I climbed out of the shower I studied myself in the full length mirror opposite. It was slightly misted but that just enhanced what I was looking at. I’m 35 with shoulder length brown hair, about 5’5’’, firm breasts with very sensitive dark pink nipples, sexy legs, a shapely firm ass, and a smooth shaven pussy – I couldn’t resist running my hand between my legs and giving my clit a few sensual rubs. God I love playing with myself especially when I am feeling so horny. I was looking forward to going for a drink with Anna later tonight. My boyfriend was away with work so I didn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t spending the evening with him.

I dressed in my black push up bra, which only served to enhance my 36DD breasts, my tiny black thong and then just a casual top and jeans. I loved wearing sexy underwear but the rest of my outfit was functional and comfortable. I had just finished applying my make-up and perfume when there was a knock at the door. I answered the door.

‘Hi Lynsey – You look great and you smell amazing.’

‘Hi Anna – You don’t look too bad yourself. Come in a sec.’

Anna was the same age as me with slightly lighter brown hair. She was shorter but in proportion. I knew she had large breasts but she generally kept them hidden under a jumper. This evening she wore a close fitted blouse and a tight pair of jeans that made her ass looked really peachy. I loved the way she looked. I had often lain in bed playing with myself and imagining what Anna and I could get up to with each other. This however seemed a distant fantasy as she gave no hint of anything like that. Oh well!!

The evening went really well. We had a great time. I love her company and I think she likes mine too. I feel really at ease with her and also a little horny. We visited several pubs in the area and consumed at least a bottle and a half of wine each whilst ‘putting the world to rights’ - it’s fair to say that we were both a little tipsy when we ordered the taxi and 12 o’clock to take us home. We got dropped at my house and I asked Anna if she would like to come in for a ‘night cap.’ She agreed and we went in giggling like a couple of school girls.

We settled down on the sofa next to each other with our drinks. I turned slightly to her as she did to me. It may have been the drink but as she spoke to me I was feeling all tingly inside and my nipples were erect and I was just thinking about what I could do to her naked.

‘You haven’t heard a word I’ve said have you’?!!

‘Err. Sorry. I was miles away.’

‘Penny for your thoughts.’

‘I’m not sure I can tell you. It was rather naughty.’

‘Go on’!!

With the drink induced ‘dutch courage’ I then proceeded to tell Anna what I had been thinking and how I often thought of her in a slightly different way than just a friend. As I finished I suddenly panicked. I had said too much. She looked angry and I thought that’s it – She ‘used’ to be your friend!!

Just as I was thinking this Anna leaned over and closed the gap between us. She kissed me full on the lips and snaked her tongue deep in to my mouth. I was astonished but so pleased and happy. I shivered and shook like a youngster who has just had their first kiss. This was amazing!!

I could feel my nipples getting hard and poking against my bra and top and there was a distinct wet feeling between my legs. I kissed Anna back and began rubbing my hands over her blouse and then reaching down to feel her ass in her jeans. She felt fabulous.

We continued kissing as we slowly stripped each other.

‘Are you sure about this’? (hoping she would be!!)


Eventually we were down to our underwear. I was sitting there in my black set and Anna in a very sexy lacy red set. We undid our bras and freed our breasts – My nipples were as hard as iron and erect – her nipples were amazing. They stood out from her dark areolas just begging to be sucked and kissed. So I obliged. As I did she moaned loudly and pulled on my head.

I kissed my way down her body, over her sexy flat stomach and on down to the lacy knickers between her thighs. I pulled them down her thighs and off her legs. I gazed between her legs in absolute awe. She was clean shaven on her lips with the tiniest strip of hair on her pubic mound. God she looked sexy! She was soaking and I could clearly see her sopping pussy leaking down her thighs. I kissed her and lapped at her pussy – she shook involuntarily. I really ‘went to town’ on her as if it was my last ever supper. She tasted unbelievable. This was making me so horny that I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum.

Just as I was thinking that she gripped my head so tightly between her thighs that I couldn’t move. I heard a scream in the background and realised that she was coming so hard that she had covered my ears with her thighs. What a turn on.

When she had finished shaking she pulled me up and kissed me full on the lips. Her juice was all over my nose and mouth and she revelled in kissing and licking it off.

She reached down between my legs and slipped her hand inside my knickers. One, two, then three fingers slipped inside my sodden pussy. Oh my god – I was going to come. Within a matter of seconds I was pushing down as hard as I could on her fingers urging them inside me as far as they would go.

‘Nnnnnnng. That was amazing. Let’s go upstairs and get more comfortable’.

We practically ran up the stairs and jumped on the bed. I stripped of my knickers and now we were both naked together.

We cuddled together and kissed until I felt like my mouth was getting numb. I still couldn’t believe I was naked on my bed with Anna.

Almost subconsciously we turned around until my face was level with her pussy and she was doing the same to me. I felt her warm breath between my thighs and then her mouth clamped over my clit like a limpet and began nibbling and biting me. This was heavenly. I reciprocated and lapped at her pussy and her ass. Her puckered bum looked so lush and I tried to push my tongue in to her as far as possible – It tasted divine.

I then concentrated on her pussy and clit whilst driving two fingers up her bum – this had the effect of her grinding her thighs in to my face until she came again with a huge spurt of her pussy juice in to my mouth. Wow – sensational.

She kept to the task of nibbling my clit until it throbbed and I tensed my thighs as I came harder than I had ever done before.

We were exhausted. There was so much more that I wanted to do but it would have to wait. We climbed under the covers and drifted off in each other’s arms until the morning...............