Written by Natalie

21 Apr 2016

Hi my names Natalie and this is a very true story that happened fairly recently it excited me so much that I felt I needed to share it with you. I’m 41 recently divorced, size 12, 34B, 5ft7 with short red hair and told reasonably attractive.

Every so often we have girl’s nights out from work and this was no other night out just girls behaving badly from work and having a good laugh. We were in quite a crowded bar and a group of girls were in celebrating a civil ceremony same sex wedding they weren’t your stereo typical lesbian types they were all quite attractive and in their mid-thirties. I watched them taking selfies on mobiles and offered to take some pics for them they started to pose some bit naughty teasing with tongues etc. which I actually quite liked then they insisted I joined them for some pics as the token straight girl one of the girls wanted a girly pic with me with our tongues provocatively against each other which spooked me a little.

The girl I had the pic taken with introduced herself as Nikki she was 37, short blonde hair fairly tall about 5ft10, size 10, slim with slightly bigger tits than myself and very attractive. I’m not a lesbian or bi but did find her attractive, Nikki insisted on buying me a drink which I had no problem accepting. She was quite tactile and thanked me for taking the pics. I told her I was divorced and single but not gay she said she had been into girls almost all her life and asked if she made me feel uncomfortable I said no she smiled and asked if I fancied going out for a drink with her sometime as friends no strings I said I don’t know Nikki, said that’s ok I will give you my number and if you do just text me, So I just folded her number up and never really had any intention of ringing her.

I went to re-join my friends but had Nikki in the back of my mind my friend jokingly said I thought you were getting off with the lezzas I just laughed and said that I thought Nikki was quite hot my friend just gave me one of those ‘really’ looks. I caught Nikki looking over at me a couple of times and just smiled before we moved on I said goodbye to Nikki and she leaned forward and gave me a little kiss which caught me by surprise but I responded it was a very short full on kiss thankfully nobody saw us, she said text me, I said ok and left.

I must admit it left me a bit confused and turned on but I daren’t tell my friends so we just continued the rest of the night as usual but inside I was lusting for Nikki. When I got home I was feeling quite aroused and had a vibrator session thinking about Nikki and had a pretty amazing orgasm. I lay in bed thinking about her and got the number out of my bag and sent her a text not expecting her to reply until later in the morning, I just said lovely meeting you Nikki xxx Nat and to my amazement I got a reply almost straight away with the pic taken earlier saying I was just thinking about you xx I just said great minds think alike. She said so are we going to meet I said I’m not sure but really wanted to then I said yes then Nikki sent me a steamy text and a pic I had to have another session with my friend the vibrator I was excited all night.

The next day I had a long phone chat with her and arranged to meet her mid-afternoon I showered shaved my legs and other places and put my sexiest matching bra and knickers on and short floral dress, hold ups and boots and headed for town. I was trembling inside and soaking wet below and wanted to touch myself on the bus journey I had never felt like this before but needed to stay calm and not seem too easy. We met in the same bar as the night before and as soon as I saw her I thought wow she looked amazing I just smiled like a love struck teenager she hugged me and gave me a little kiss. We grabbed a bottle of wine and blended into a secluded corner out of the main view. I wasn’t sure how to behave and wasn’t sure why I was there but knew I found Nikki ultra-exciting and attractive.

After a couple of drinks I became more comfortable we held hands and chatted she was stroking my hair and nibbling my neck which was driving me crazy but I was still scared in case somebody saw us. We moved on to another pub that quite a few of her friends were in it was quite uncomfortable because I knew they were all talking about me but they were being nice and she did introduce me to everybody. One of the girls, Rachel, who was a beautiful black girl, was blatantly flirting with me and who I found incredibly nice and felt incredible chemistry with gave me her number and said ring or text me any time. Nikki then joined us and smiled and said to Rachel jokingly you hitting on my girlfriend, Rachel smiled and said ‘I wish’ and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said enjoy your evening.

I felt pretty relaxed in Nikki’s company and obviously the wine helped I pulled Nikki towards me and kissed her and whispered in her ear that I Wanted her. She smiled and said you ok with my place; we got a taxi to hers which was a ten minute journey the whole time I was thinking what is going to happen but so excited and felt very wet. On arrival at Nikki’s flat which was very modern we just kissed for what seemed forever her hands gently exploring my body and reciprocated in every way by me. We then retired to her large bed where she slowly undressed me and I her, kissing and exploring with our hands. Nikki laid me on the bed it felt so perfect our bodies entwined the magical feeling of her pussy grinding against mine it was enough to let out groans of pleasure.

She started to kiss and nibble my neck and tease my nipples with her tongue and gently biting them and slowly stroke my clit and then gently speed up the action which made me have the loudest orgasm I had ever had I couldn’t believe it was possible another side of my sexuality had opened and I liked it. Nikki started to kiss and suck her way down my body I was in heaven she started to finger and lick my wet pussy I was begging her for more and calling her name out I had for the first time ever a multiple orgasm which shook my whole body. We lay kissing and grinding our wet pussies which bought Nikki off to a very loud orgasm. I then under Nikki’s guidance explored Nikki’s body with my tongue this woman was amazing, loud and sexy.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while then Nikki said I’ve got something for you and opened the draw and took out a strap on cock and started to tease my pussy she then put it on and started to fuck me just like a guy but much more pleasurable. I was on all fours with Nikki biting my shoulders and riding me I was screaming as I came again we then changed places and I fucked Nikki god this was so exciting. We showered together and had the most amazing climax from Nicki’s fingers and tongue we then slept I had no idea that female fun was so exhausting.

Nikki had work the next day and I had no idea if that was one off or something special and didn’t want to feel silly and ask but she sent me a text asking me the same question needless to say I have seen her several times since and the sex has just gone to a new level although I am curious about what it would be like with the beautiful Rachel.