Written by Raphaella

7 Sep 2018

In continuation of my previous chapter. In the semi-darkeness I could see that Helen was masturbating whispering that she wanted some action on my part. I got onto the bed and straddled her my pussy over her lips. I wanted her to bad that

I did not think twice about what our preliminaries could be. In the classical mode I should have sucked her tits first, kissed her neck, given her a long french kiss but it seemd that I had no time and something more urgent was expected down there - as, apart from my husband, my more recnetF/F relationship was about two months old by now.

Now Helen had reached out for my boobs, malaxing them whilst my aching pussy kept rubbing forward and backward over her mouth. I plunged my head forward between her legs and started to suck her pussy. It was not hairy, fully shaven I should say. As I started to caress her bottom, she lifted her legs backwards and scissored my head making a prisoner of it with the obligation to taste her pussy deeper and pretty soon lick her bottom.

Suddenly I felt some coldness at the touch of her fingers lubing my bottom. What was it then ? I then felt a plastic toy going into my anus starting to pump it in and out. I gave me so m.much excitement that I resolved to hit back and pulling her bottom to me I dipped my tongue in her anus and started to play with it same way.

It was the beginning of our night. We both wanted more in total liberty.