Written by Eileen

27 Jun 2012

My name is Eileen, im recently divorced and moved to a new house at the bottom of a cul de sac in a nice area. It was a hot day I had been into town shopping, i just had little dress on and no knickers and a little lacey bra that showed off my boobs to their full potential and made me feel quite horni.

I got home put my shopping away and poured myself a glass of wine and went into the garden and sat their just dreaming and occasionally touching myself feeling very naughty. I then heard a couple of woman in the next garden and as i had not met my neighbours introduced myself and met Tracey and Donna both about 40 nothing special to look at but both fairly big breasted. It turned out that Donna was the owner of the hose and Tracey was visiting, Donna invited me around to join them.

I joined them in the garden both were drinking vodka and it was flowing quite well so I joined them I had already had a couple glasses of wine so felt quite happy. Both girls were easy to get on with and invited me on a girls night out that weekend which I accepted (but thats another story). After an hour or so Tracey had to get a taxi home so i was left with Donna, a short dark haired girl,plain in looks but big breasted not fat so quite curvy and I felt some kind of attraction to her that I couldnt explain.

After Tracey left Donna came and sat next to me and I couldnt help but gaze at her tits in fact I was quite turned on, inside I was saying to myself what you doing but ignored my inner thoughts. Donna said im glad your coming on the girls night out it should be a laugh. Then Donna said quite innocently I dont know how broadminded you are but some of my friends are bi and get a bit touchy after a drink but if your not interested they wont be offended. My heart raced a little and I said I think I will be able to cope. Donna looked relieved and stroked my arm and said good. I said so does that include you she smiled and said of course.

I sat their really happy and excited at the thought of getting naked with another woman, I had snogged female friends and wanted more but to no avail. I asked Donna if I could use her loo i wanted a pee and wanted her which i wasnt sure I wanted the most. Donna asked if she had offended me I stroked her hair and said oh god no not at all. I went to the loo and had a little play I was so wet, I took my bra off because my nipples were so aroused.

I walked back into the garden with my bra in my hand and just said the heat gets me so horni I had to take it off, Donna smiled and said it has the same affect on me. She said shall we go inside and took my hand and we walked into the kitchen. I was hoping she would make a pass at me. I stood against the fridge in the kitchen and Donna just stood smiling at me, I said what, she just looked at me and circled her lips with her tongue quite seductively, I did the same back.

I felt really brave through drink and unbuttoned my dress and dropped it to the floor and teased my nipples with my fingers, Donna practically pounced on me and kissed me so passionately with our tongues entwined it felt amazing. She kissed my ears my neck and slowly sucked my nipples which were so erect and excited. I pulled Donnas top off and her little shorts it felt so nice feeling her warm naked body against mine our p ussies grinding against each others.

Donna layed me on the floor and got into the 69 and licked and sucked each others pussies until both of us had a massive orgasm.Then Donna surprised me and said I so need a pee but dont want to move I am so excited being with you. I said mmm I have always fantasised about being peed on by a woman, Donna said honestly, I said yes, she squatted over my face and peed for england then lowered her pussy onto my face and i licked every drip away it felt to exhilarating.

We spent that evening together and made love again and again, I have found myself a new lover and a friend. Cant wait for the girls night out.