Written by Mrsgoggins

15 Oct 2010

After a few dalliances with some lovely ladies, I considered myself beyond curious but in need of more experience. Finding a "friend" who might become a more regular participant was becoming frustrating to say the least. Genuinely bi-sexual women are apparently as elusive as hen's teeth and rocking horse shit. Little did I know that what I was looking for was right under my nose.

When I first met her, Tori was in a relationship with an avid swinger, and I knew she was bi. They split up soon after we became friends, and although eventually she found a new partner, he wasn't into sharing. Her suspended bisexuality frustrated me - I found her very attractive - but I valued her friendship more so didn't rock the boat. As time went on, things between her and Tom deteriorated and they went their separate ways. I tried to be a supportive and offered an ear, a shoulder and chocolate biscuits in various combinations, and one day things kind of changed.

She confided that their problems mostly stemmed from her feeling frustrated by her enforced vanilla lifestyle. She also missed the shared touch of soft female skin. We were in my kitchen drinking coffee and discussing her problematic lovelife one day. As I brushed her hair away from her face, we moved closer and somehow ended up kissing. My heart was leaping in my chest and I became aware that I was holding my breath. She too looked surprised by our new intimacy, but we were both smiling. I felt my face suffuse with heat and apologised. "I've wanted to do that for so long" she said and I let my held breath go with such a feeling of relief. Unfortunately, we were not alone in the house, and so that was as far as things went, but the air of sexual tension was palpable.

Eventually she went back to her own home and it began to feel like I'd dreamt it, until within 30 minutes I received a text asking if she could come round again tomorrow lunchtime when we could find some time alone. Naturally I replied "Yes please!" and I planned my preparations. That evening I removed every single unwanted hair and smoothed in moisturiser so that I would be silky for my friend.

The next morning, I felt like a teenager again, with my heart jolting abruptly every time I thought of the things I might be about to do with someone I had thought was out of my reach. I hoped she wouldn't be racked with guilt and decide we could no longer be friends having crossed an invisible line. When she arrived, I offered her coffee and for a while we pretended that all was the same as usual. Our kids went off to another room to watch a dvd or something, and we sat in the kitchen. Eventually she whispered, "Shall we go outside?". I couldn't trust myself to speak so I just smiled and nodded. I took the key to the summer house and we sneaked silently out.

As soon as the door was locked behind us, we became locked in an embrace. I cannot describe how different it felt to be passionately kissing someone whose skin was a soft as my own. Although we were doing exactly the same thing as I'd do with a man, it felt so much softer. My tongue explored her oral cavity, massaging her teeth and wrestling with her tongue. She seemed to feel the same way I did so I felt brave enough to reach up to find her breast. As I ran my hand over her clothes I could feel her hard nipple beckoning to me through the fabric of her lace bra and her top. I couldn't resist giving it a gentle pinch, and to my delight she gasped and threw back her head. I rubbed her hardness with my thumb, bringing my other hand up to the same level and caressing the alternative nub. I kissed her exposed neck and she brought her face down to mine so that our lips could meet again.

Suddenly she grasped the hem of my shirt and pulled it up. We had to move apart so that it could pass over my head, but swiftly resumed our closeness and our fevered kissing. I pressed my larger tits against hers and felt our barely covered nipples graze. I simply had to get my skin in contact with hers. I pulled back from her and helped her take off her top and bra. In return, she released my own catch and my breasts tumbled free. The sensation of our rock hard teats jostling against each other made me groan with desire and I could feel my pussy juices beginning to flow. Tori was the first to lower her head and take my nipple into her mouth. As she withdrew, she gently blew across the saliva-coated surface and my peak became even more puckered. She giggled as I gasped with the sensation, so not to be outdone, I greedily clamped my own mouth over one of her areolae. Her nipple, although smaller than my own, felt and tasted wonderful, and I sucked on it greedily, like a babe in arms. In the interests of symmetry, I gave the other one the same treatment, and at that moment I knew what I'd long suspected - I was a breast-woman! They were just gorgeous. Truly fascinating. The way they could change from pale, smooth and almost flat to a dark, wrinkled pebble-like hardness in less than a second intrigued me. I could have spent hours playing with just those, but I was aware that we didn't have that much time, so I asked if she wanted to sit down.

Because I had a skirt on, she was able to slide her hand up my thigh as we sat next to each other, and we resumed our oral duel. I was holding my breath again, as Tori's hand approached my panties, and she slipped her taloned finger under the elastic. She murmured some comment about how wet I was and ran her fingertip along my crevice under the fabric. I moved my thighs further apart to give her better access and she penetrated my soaking pussy with a triumphant sigh. I shuddered and raggedly released my breath as she withdrew her mouth from mine and moved down to kneel on the floor between my feet. I lifted my bottom so she could remove my thong and she pushed my knees apart. We could both smell how aroused I was and she whispered approvingly at both my shaven smoothness and the glint from my clit hood piercing. Tori wasted no time acquainting herself with the source of the scent and greedily buried her face between my legs. I spread my knees as far apart as I physically could and she practically devoured my cunt like she was starving. My back arched at the exquisite attack and I felt her slender fingers probing my hole as she massaged my clit with her tongue.

Eventually I drew her back up so that our faces were level and I drank deeply of my musk as I kissed her again. I so love the smell of myself on another person's face! I gestured to her to stand up and I struggled to undo her jeans. My hands were shaking so much, she had to help me, but as soon as she was free of the clothing that covered her beautiful and equally smooth mons, I pressed my nose into her cleft and probed her nether lips with my tongue. She tasted so sweet, her juices surprisingly different to what I had previously tasted of myself. I pulled her closer and lapped at her outpourings, God she was wet! I was aware that time was marching and we'd soon have to recompose ourselves but her pussy was like a drug. I wanted to suck her dry but as I slipped my index finger into her she started to gyrate her hips and then her vagina walls began to clench as her climax washed over her. She had told me before how easily she reached orgasm, but I still felt pleased that an "amateur" like myself had managed to give her that much pleasure.

I was aware that she was probably feeling a little weak at the knees and pulled her down astride my lap. I gently stroked her pulsating vulva and suckled her breasts for a while but had to reluctantly say that we should get dressed again. "We really must do this properly" she said. I agreed and suggested that next time it should be an evening when time was less of an issue. Then we retrieved our respective garments, dressed, and went back to the kitchen for more coffee as if nothing had happened. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face all afternoon - like the cat that got the cream.