Written by Carlie Janne

16 Oct 2017

I am in my early mid 30s , bi-sexual

Over the years my sexual appetite has changed , before i wondered if i was just a boring missionary girl , then i had my first girl on relationship which opened my mind , she introduced me to oral , rimming , anal sex , spanking and mild bondage, over the last few months i found i got turned on sniffing my girlfriends used / soiled panties , i would take a bath and with the laundry basket there i would sniff and finger rub my clit to orgasim .

I hid my fetish from her until one night we were both pissed , we came home and we were gagging for it , we undressed each other and as she was licking me out i picked her panties up from the floor , bringing the gusset to my nose and with each deep sniff and the licking my clit i had a explosive orgasm , She caught me , she said it was a turn on for her to know i was sniffing her panties .

I also confessed to wanking on my own from the laundry sniff basket .

Is this normal or are there any other girls out there who like to sniff soiled panties ?