Written by snowman

12 Jan 2014

We had been visiting Suzy for quite a few years, the result of me using a reunited site to find old school friends of my wife June. At the time Suzy lived with her partner Anne, and we all got on very well.

Things soured between Suzy and Anne over a a year or so, and Suzy took it very hard, we visited more often and made great efforts to help her over the upset.

My wife June and Suzy are of a similar age, the major difference is June is not lesbian and couldnt be further away from such a disposition. June has kept her size 10 figure, and I have always encouraged her to dress in a feminine way, it pleases me when other chaps notice her.

Something that I had not accounted for is that she may well be attractive to someone of her own sex !

This brings me to the last 6 months, we usually stay over at Suzy's, we can have a drink and not worry about driving. This time June had worn her stretch black jeans, ankle boots and red top, and little makeup, she looked quite hot, the boots accentuated her hips and made her bum even more pronounced. We had a great curry at Suzy's and the wine flowed, eventually I went to watch a tv show and left the girls chatting in the kitchen.

Maybe 40 minutes had passed and I needed a refill, the kitchen in Suzy's bungalow is some distance away from the lounge, through two doors, the kitchen door was ajar, as I approached it seemed quite inside the kitchen,for some reason I didnt walk straight in, but stopped.

At the far end of the kitchen which is L shaped, were June and Suzy. June was leaning back against the working surface, her hands either side of her on the worktop. What shocked me was that Suzy had her right hand down the front of June's jeans, her hand seemed to be well into Junes crotch. Nothing else was happening, there was no kissing for instance.

I retreated to the lounge, banged the door and then went back to the kitchen to find them both sitting at the table.

That was about for months ago. Nothing was said by me or June.

Three days ago we went again. This time I gave it some thought, naturally I was curious, a little excited as I have to admit the previous experience was slightly erotic, and had affected our relationship one bit.

So I suggested we go shopping prior to staying over at Suzy's this gave me the excuse to get June to wear a nice little, perhaps a shade to short skirt, burgundy fitted top, matching heeled boots, and underneath her six strap suspender belt, with black bra and knickers, a really nice pair of cream stockings with a deep welt finished off the outfit. Normally she would never have worn this to got to Suzy's.

Arriving at Suzy's my experiment was clearly a success. Suzy made comment about Junes's oufit, there was quite bit of touching. All seemingly innocent. We had a cracking night, good food, more wine than usual. This time I said that I would turn in and see all in the morning !

I had a shower, read a while, then probably an hour later; I made my way through the conservatory, which the kitchen backs onto, stopping at the side of the kitchen window; I had a perfect view into the table end of the kitchen. What I witnessed was probably every blokes dream. June was at the sink, washing up some glasses, Suzy was slightly to her side behind June, June's skirt was up around her waist, Suzy had pulled June's knickers down as far as her thighs, just around her stocking tops, and she was clearly fingering her; June gripped the sink edge with both hands leaning forward slightly, this had the effect of making her bum stick out, framed by her suspender straps, she looked incredibly sexy and completely vulnerable.

Suzy kept her fingers busy for a while. June was clearly aroused as she moved in time with Suzy's probing fingers. Definitely in control Suzy turned June around, lifting her top over her bra, and scooped each breast delicately out of their cups; June's very errect nipples were squeezed and teased before Suzy took them in her mouth.

You can imagine the effect on me. I couldnt have been any harder.

Satisfied that she had dealt with June's breasts. Suzy knelt in front of June, she took hold of the tightly stretched knickers and pulled then off over Junes's boots. Legs now slightly apart, braced against the worktop, Junes bush framed by taught suspenders. Suzy buried her face in Junes's mound. I have never heard June make the noises she did that night, nor has she ever seemed to have such a massive orgasm with me.

I admit I was masterbating like mad, who wouldnt. I came in floods, soaking my underpants.

I left Suzy smothering June in kisses over every part of June's body or so it seemed.

So June is still not lesbian ?? At breakfast nothing was said,and hasnt been since. June said she enjoyed the night, but we should leave it a while before we re visit. What do I make of that.

We are decorating tomorrow, how normal is that.