Written by Jacques/Jill

14 Nov 2007

A man has never fucked me. I have had some very hot and steamy lesbian relationships, though. The dorm at college has been a very fertile ground for me and has provided me with fresh cunts whenever I needed some female companionship. Otherwise I am pretty satisfied with being alone. Until…

I am not the butch type, au contraire I am very feminine, and attracted to very feminine women. Once I did try the masculine type. She was of course a biker, and came fully equipped with a hairy bush, dildo and unshaved armpits. I enjoyed the experience while it lasted, mostly because she was so aroused by my body.

You would be surprised how many men and women turn around in the street to look at me, especially when I walk around in a suggestive dress molding my breasts and hips.

Today I am not in the mood. I just want a cup of coffee after a boring class about the mating rituals of birds. I can’t understand why these stupid birds dance around instead of just getting down to business.

He is sitting a table absolutely divine looking. With long eyelashes, straight nose, he looks almost effeminate, despite a 2-day-old beard. There are many empty seats, but I choose to ask him if we can share the table. He smiles absentmindedly and continues to read, ignoring me. I regret having put on baggy pants and a sweatshirt today. Or perhaps he is just not interested because he is gay. If a man were going to fuck me I would want it to be him.

A few minutes later his girlfriend arrives. What can I say? I felt my cunt getting moist at her sight. Blond with long flowing hair, a slender body that just causes me enough aches in my loins that I can’t repress a warm suggestive welcoming smile towards her.

“Hi, my name is Autumn, she says extending her hand to me, and this is Jacques my boyfriend. He is French you know, she confides.

“Jill…” I say awkwardly. I learn that Jacques is a fine-art student. She is a model, posing nude for art classes. This is how they met she adds laughing. Myself, I am a student in anthropology. I am a lesbian; I don’t know why I add this up front. The conversation becomes more animated. It feels like we have known each other for ages, instead of having just met. Autumn shares with me that she has never been with a woman; likewise I tell her that I have never been with a man. “Never?” She asks wistfully. Time to go. I am invited for dinner tomorrow night. Pasta and vino.

It is a hot and sultry evening. Dinner over we settle to watch a movie on TV. Autumn nestles on Jacques laps, resting her head on my laps. During the movie, Autumn gets Jacques to put his arm around me. I rest my head on his shoulder. I feel completely relaxed and content. I close my eyes. Hands are gently fondling my breasts. Lips kiss my parched mouth. I can’t tell who it is. I don’t care. When I open my eyes again, Autumn is naked. She offers herself to me. Our naked breasts touch, I feel her hard nipples brushing against mine as we breathe. We don’t touch each other. I slide down spreading her thighs to reveal the most exquisite moist cunt that I just ache to explore with my tongue. Autumn lets out a deep sigh as I penetrate her. She is almost ready to reach her first orgasm with a woman. I masturbate her gently stroking her clit while fondling her with my tongue. She cries out loud as her slender body convulses with pleasure. Exhausted we fall back.

Autumn goes to Jacques. She gets him to stand and unbuttons his shirt and takes his pants slip off. Jacques lets her take down his slip. He is fully erect, his penis throbbing. It is the first time I see a fully naked aroused man. Autumn takes him by his manhood and leads him to me. I am still half dressed, on the couch.

“Close your eyes.” She says. I don’t know who undresses me naked. All I am aware of now is Jacques cock in my mouth. It tastes very much like Autumn’s cunt. She must have led him inside her before getting me to taste him. Some one’s tongue is exploring my cunt while another’s parts my lips in search of my own tongue. I am dripping wet below waiting for the moment I would feel Jacques’ cock. My buttocks part from behind. A hand guides Jacques cock down my furrow. I feel a warm sensation of pleasure as Jacques penetrates me deep in my cunt. A raging fire devours me inside as I reach my first orgasm with a man. I am shaking uncontrollably. Will Jacques discharged within me? What is Autumn doing? I don’t want to open my eyes. I don’t want to break the mystery of the moment.

Jacques pulls out. I open my eyes. He is still fully erect masturbating himself; Autumn kneels in front of him, sucking my juices off him. He is about to come. Autumn takes his cock out of her mouth and strokes him vigorously as he lets out hot steamy ropes of his discharge on her face and breasts. She leads him by the penis to me and milks him on my lips. I taste his delicious musty cream directly from the head of his cock.

Outside thunder and lightning is followed by a torrential downpour. We stand the three of us nude on the terrace feeling the heavy rain drenching our bodies. Exhausted, dripping wet we lay down. The early morning sun bathes us in a warm glow. We lay naked side by side fully content, closer to each other than ever.