Written by splendid_

14 Dec 2008

I heard her come into the house using the key that I had recently given her. It was still odd knowing that she could be in my home whenever she liked although I knew she would only arrive invited, as she had done today. She knew she was in ‘trouble’ and that her punishment was taking place as soon as she came up the stairs. I smiled to myself and walked with measured steps to the bedroom door to welcome her. As she rounded the stairs and saw me in the doorway her step faltered. She looked me carefully up and down and her pensive expression was replaced with a coy smile. As she walked towards me up the final two stairs, she glanced at my hand and saw the whip, this was enough for the return of the pensive look. I smiled then and told her that she better hurry or the punishment would be so much worse.

She walked quickly into the room and attempted to embrace me. I stepped back and told her not to touch me. She dropped her hands and looked uncertainly around the room. She could see the ties were ready around the posts of the bed and cushions were arranged in a position she couldn’t fathom. I ordered her to undress and as she began to speak I told her that she had to remain silent or I would whip her. I emphasised my point with a crack from the ‘cat o nine tails’ against the bedstead. She flinched and began to take her clothes off.

When she had discarded the final item I told her to bend over the end of the bed and, as she rested herself over the cushions, she realised that I did have her punishment planned as I promised.

I tied her wrists so that she was spread and held tight. I noticed that her breathing was becoming deeper and was pleased with the effect that the situation was having. I knew she was trying to get a glimpse of me in the boots and Basque and I was pleased that I had taken the time to dress appropriately in the way that I knew she would appreciate. Judging from the wetness I could see as I nudged her legs apart everything was going as well as I had anticipated. I pulled the blindfold over her eyes and kissed her gently on her lips as a signal to her than she was now ‘mine’ until I said she could stop.

I reached for the riding crop that I had put to one side and ran it gently up the inside of her right thigh and then down the inside of the left one. Her knees trembled as she tried to push her clit against the crop. I whispered no and slapped her bum cheek to chastise her. I told her that I was in charge and her pleasure and pain were in my hands. She moaned and buried her face into the pillow. I gently tapped the crop against her clit and her legs quickly began to shake. I stopped and told her to hold herself still or I would end the punishment before she could come. She straightened up and I swapped the crop for the ‘cat’ across her back, alternating between gentle strokes and a slap with all 9 tails. She groaned and her cum began to dribble down her sagging legs. I reminded her of why she was being punished and she groaned and agreed it would never happen again as she frantically nodded her head in agreement to my questions.

I stopped whipping and walked away and she lifted her head as if it would allow her to see beyond the blindfold. This made me smile as she really didn’t enjoy handing over control and this was a real lesson in trust for us both. It gave me an opportunity to admire her body again and reaffirmed to me why this woman was really special to me and why loving her was so easy.

I picked up my ‘cock’ from the cabinet and slid the straps over my bum and waist. I picked up the lube and walked back over to my captive. I could see her frozen as if hearing me would give her an idea of what was to come. I knelt down behind her and spread her ass cheeks. I flicked my tongue over her ass and heard her groan again and her legs buckled. I slapped her ass cheek and told her firmly that she needed to stand straight or I would stop and leave the room. She obliged and I pulled her ass cheeks apart again. She pushed her cunt onto my face and I licked her clit and ran my tongue over her from clit to ass and back again. She began to cum and I knew that she was close to having the big orgasm that would render her incapable of standing. I still had more to do so I stood and slid my fingers inside her cunt and gripped her so that she couldn’t move without my permission. She braced herself against me and I leant over and bit her shoulder. I whispered in her ear that I was going to fuck her and I was going to fuck her soon and she was not allowed to cum until I told her she could. I told her to nod if she understood and she frantically nodded.

I then removed my fingers and slid my ‘cock’ into her cunt and with one thrust had her hard against me. I wrapped my hands into her hair and pulled her head back and her body tightly onto me. She strained against her restraints and moaned. I saw the muscles in her back tighten and she was trying to arch her back which meant her she was close to cumming. I slowly built up speed and then slowed down as I felt her orgasm approaching. She began to moan when I slowed down and begged me not to stop. I quietened her by withdrawing and reminding her of the need for silence. I entered her again and pulled her hair tightly. I moved with her as I built up speed and I knew that I had to let her cum or else the moment would she became frustrated and incapable. I told her that she could cum when she wanted and I took her blindfold off and released one hand so that she could play with herself. She began to cum straight away and I matched my rhythm to her orgasm as the waves travelled down her body. I felt the cum running down us both and knew that my cock was probably the only thing holding her up. I slowly withdrew from her and released her remaining hand. I lifted her to an upright position and turned her around. I pulled her towards me and kissed her face gently as I walked her backwards around the bed. I laid her down and covered her so that she could enjoy the final parts of her orgasm as I felt between her legs and idly flicked her clit and enjoyed the final stages of her orgasm with her wrapped in my arms.