Written by 123

4 Feb 2017

It was a normal Friday night,I was lying in bed with my husband, we had just made love, he was claiming me, marking me as his own because the next night it wouldn't be him lying beside me, it wouldn't be him kissing me, stroking me, fucking me with his fingers, tasting me with his tongue oh no........that pleasure would fall to Eliza. If you haven't read my previous story then you won't know who Eliza is. I doubt I can actually explain who she is to me, most people would not be able to comprehend our relationship, we are friends, in fact more than friends because we have hot, unadulterated sex and we just have a connection that I can't really describe.

Anyway, Saturday went by in a whirlwind. I changed my bed and smiled as I tried to imagine what would happen between these sheets later on, I had never spent the night in bed with anyone other than my husband, somehow it just didn't feel odd to be doing it with Eliza. All through the day, my husband was

messaging me from work 'How excited are you?' 'What are you going to wear?' 'What time is she arriving?'

The only issues we had about our evening were our teenage sons, the eldest we gave money to so he could go out to the pub, the youngest I knew would head for his room as soon as a stranger appeared in his home! Neither of them would think it odd that their mum was sharing a bed with a friend, they would just think their dad was being chivalrous, at least that's what I hoped!

It wasn't long after 4pm when I heard a knock at the door.......the weekend was about to begin! There she was, beautiful Eliza, here for the night........the whole night.

We drank coffee and sat side by side on the sofa, comfortable in each others company and yes Eliza, when you read this, I did notice your fabulous cleavage, I love your globes!!

When hubby got home from work the three of us sat chatting, old friends, having a drink, listening to music, I was, to all intents and purposes, the plaything! I dressed as I always do on a Saturday night......scantily, see through lace top, short tube skirt, over the knee socks. I placed a black button up cardigan over my top, there were four 19 year old lads,including my son, upstairs having pre drinks, I didn't want to look too much like a hooker! I wonder what they would have thought if they had known what was going to happen later on that evening between the two MILF's sitting on the sofa!

As the night wore on I moved closer to where Eliza was sat, my legs touching hers, my hand stroking her limb through her jeans, our slim fingers entwined, resting on her thigh. We kissed, slowly and softly, I will never not be amazed by the softness of female flesh! Eliza smelt delicious, just intoxicating!

My husband sat on the opposite sofa, watching us, he had seen us in action before but not recently, he usually had to make do with a couple of fuzzy Snapchats and his own imagination whilst I am enjoying my Sapphic fun.

The kissing becomes more heated and hungry, slippery wet tongues vying for position. It didn't take long before I am pushed on my back along the sofa, skirt hitched up and Eliza begins to tease me between the thighs, I'm so turned on and ready for her delicate yet forceful touch, she instinctively knows exactly what I need and before long she inserts one finger then another into me, driving them in and out, leaving me breathless, wanting more. Even in my heightened state of arousal I know where this is leading, I know what she is going to do to me, I know that her probing is about to become more intense, that those two fingers are about to become three then four, persistently pushing into my gushing pussy, I can feel myself opening up, like a flower in bloom, accepting her thrusting. With a final push, Eliza has successfully reached inside me with her fist! I have to tell you, it is quite an exquisite feeling, knowing someone has their whole hand up inside you and that you were so wet that she managed to do it without lube. As I'm panting and gasping at the sensation of fullness, my husband appears to look at his wanton wife, lying legs akimbo with a pussy filled up by a hand up to the wrist!

Gently, Eliza removes her hand, leaving me wet and gaping, she moves over me so we can kiss and I reach under her top and release her bra, I want to feel the weight of her breasts in my hands, roll her midget gem nipples between my fingers, the feeling of boobs on boobs is magical. I have a desperate urge to slip my finger into her tight, wet puss, so I slide my hand down the front of her jeans, inside her knickers and glide a finger over her slick slit, probing with intent until I find the entrance which is hot and sticky, I can't wait until I can get my tongue into that sweet place.

I don't get to linger long in Eliza's honey pot as she makes her way back between my thighs, ready to lick and suck on my slippery folds, such intense sensations roll over me like waves, even the tickle of her long hair on my thighs feels amazing. I know from the noises behind me that my hubby is stroking his cock, who would be able to refrain from touching themselves whilst watching the hot show in front of them? For reasons I don't wish to divulge, reaching the big O is an uphill struggle for me right now but I don't need it to prove I'm enjoying myself, the puddle between my legs does that for me.

Deciding I could wait no longer to bury my face between Eliza's legs, I moved off the sofa and placed myself on the floor between her thighs, I pushed her top up to expose her tits, taking them in my hands, enjoying the feel of them but I knew what I wanted, I knew what my goal was. I opened her jeans, unzipped them and dragged them off, damn those skinny jeans! Her pants I left on for a little longer, I softly planted small kisses on her inner thighs and over her damp pussy through the fabric of her knickers, how can anybody fail to be ridiculously turned on by the smell of a sweet, wet pussy, it's like a drug, you just want to inhale it. When I had, had enough of teasing I pulled off Eliza's knickers and bent my head to lap at the juices of her perfect pink pussy, dipping my tongue into her, coating it with the sticky juices she was secreting, sucking on her clit, feeling her squirming beneath me, listening to her breathing hitching..........beautiful.

Behind me I can hear my hubby moving about, I hear him ask if he can join in for a bit, why would I ever refuse? I feel him position himself behind me, pressing his hard on into my exposed wet pussy, fucking me whilst I licked and sucked on Eliza, I couldn't have been more turned on, bucking back on his cock, him pushing me further into her wet folds. Then he began thrusting harder, telling me how I belonged to them, how they owned me, that I was theirs to do with what they wanted........Jesus, he always knows exactly what to say to get me overheated! We come to a mutual halt, hot and exhausted we decide it's time for bed, my hubby walks Eliza and I upstairs, we are taking the bed, he is on the sofa........he is, in fact, the perfect husband.

What happened next is between us, not for public consumption. Eliza and I are having a night in the city soon, staying in a hotel, that will be another first to check off my list. If you are really lucky, I may even tell you about it!