Written by Suzy

12 Mar 2012

After reading the story on here last week from "Youngpussy" titles "My 1st lesbian experience", i thought i'd tell you all about my 1st experience with another woman. This happened 20 years ago when i was just 24, i'm now 44, married with grown up kids and grandchildren! That doesn't stop me playing from time to time though.

Anyway lets go back 20 years, i can still remember it like it was yesterday! I managed to get myself a job in a well known department store in London. There were 3 other girls started the same day as me, 2 positions on the perfume counter and 1 position in the lingerie department. The other 2 girls knew each other so opted for the perfume counter and i was shown over to the lingerie dept. There were 2 other women that worked there, Claire who was in her 30's, very plain looking, and Yvonne, she was the manager of the dept, and was 42 yrs old, very attractive and always dressed nice.

Yvonne took me under her wing and we got on really well, she showed me what was expected of me and i really enjoyed being at work with her. We started to have lunch together after a couple of weeks of me being there and just really seemed to get on well. I started to notice that she was very touchy feely with me, but i just put this down to her being friendly.

I'd been there for a little over 2 months, i went into work as usual on the Friday morning and Yvonne asked if i fancied doing some overtime that night. I had planned to go out that night but thought why not i could do with the money plus safe what i would have spent that night, so said yes. There was to be a delivery that day of a load of new lingerie and it had to be put out that night ready for the Saturday opening.

The day went like any other, Yvonne was again very touchy feely, and i even caught her looking at me several times. I'd never had feelings towards another woman before but found myself looking at her in a different way. She was a very attractive woman, long dark hair, fabulous figure, long legs and a very large 44dd bust. Mid afternoon Claire pulled me to one side and said she had noticed the way that me and Yvonne had been looking at each other and was there something going on between us? I said no and was shocked by her question! She then told me that Yvonne was gay and that the last girl had left because Yvonne had tried it on with her. I told Claire that i wasn't gay and had no desire to go with Yvonne or any other woman.

For the rest of the afternoon i paid more attention to Yvonne and i'm sure i saw lust in her eyes when ever i bent over or squatted down to get something from a low shelf. I thought about what Claire had said, did Yvonne fancy me? The more i thought about it the more the idea turned me on, i could actually feel my pussy getting wet in my knickers. I could sense that she was looking at me so squatted down on the pretext of getting an item from the lower shelf, as i did so i opened my legs slightly. I took the item from the shelf but stayed where i was, legs open enough so my wet panties were on display. I looked up, straight into Yvonne's eyes, she was looking up my skirt straight at my wet panties. She saw me looking and just smiled. I smiled back and carried on working, but now my mind was working over time, my pussy was now very wet.

At closing time everyone started to leave after closing their tills and locking up, it turned out that me and Yvonne were the only ones doing overtime. All the new boxes had been brought up to our dept by the loading bay guys and now we were alone. We spent the next 3 hours moving all the old stock and replacing it with all the new. A few times i noticed Yvonne looking up my skirt and i made sure i gave her plenty of oppertunity. Each time i caught her looking she just smiled. We were nearly finished, Yvonne was squatted down putting the last of the new stuff on the bottom shelf, i was a few feet away also squatting finishing my shelf, i looked towards her to see if she was watching me again. As i looked at her, her eyes were fixed between my legs, she licked her lips and then i noticed her legs were slightly parted and i could see her stocking tops, her legs parted a bit more and i could then see her sheer black panties.

She raised her eyes from my panties to my face, smiled at me again and licked her lips. I smiled back at her and licked my lips too. She then moved onto her hands and knees, crawled towards me and when she was right in front of me she kissed me full on the lips. It just seemed natural to respond so kissed her back, our tongues working into one and others mouths. As we kissed her hands were all over me, rubbing my tits through my blouse then her hands were under my skirt, one hand on my bum, the other between my legs rubbing my damp panties into my wet cunt. Oh it felt so good, her fingers were soon inside my panties, she slid 2 fingers into my cunt and finger fucked me, her thumb rubbing my hard clit and i came within a couple of minutes.

We broke away from our kiss and looked into each others eyes. "I've never been with another woman before" i said. "Do you want to stop?" she asked. "No" was all i could reply. I was so turned on i wanted to go further. She reached out and un buttoned my blouse, slid it from my shoulders, then my bra was off. She gently squeezed my tits, smaller than hers at 34b, she lent forward and took 1st 1 nipple in her mouth and then the other. My nipples had never been so hard, i nearly came again as she suckd them in turn. She then stripped me completly naked and stripped herself down to her sexy lingerie.

We lay on the floor, where hundreds of people had been only a few hours earlier, she kissed me then worked her way down my body, kissing and sucking my tits, down over my flat tummy, then she was between my legs, kissing and biting my thighs, licking right up between my legs till her tongue made contact with my wet cunt. She pushed her tongue into my wet hole, opening my pussy lips, licking all round my swollen clit, her tongue working faster and harder on my clit till with a scream i came, my cunt juices smearing all over her face.

She moved up and kissed me again, i could taste myself on her lips and knew i wanted to taste her, i told her i wanted to lick her now. She laid back on the floor, legs spread and pulled her wet panties to the side. I moved between her spread thighs and licked her smooth wet cunt. It tasted devine, i pushed my tongue deep into her hole, getting as much of her juices as i could, then licked her hard clit, making her shudder. She told me to lick her clit harder, holding my head between her legs, really pulling me into her cunt till with a load scream she came too, her juices actually squirting from her cunt covering my face and filling my mouth. I swallowed all her juices down and knew i was hooked on pussy juice.

We laid together for a while, stroking each others bodies and kissing. She asked if i had enjoyed my 1st taste of sex with another woman? Of course i told her that i had and wanted more. She asked if i wanted to go back to her place and she would teach me more of what sex with another woman could be like. We quickly dressed and were back at her place 40 minutes later.

We went straight to the bedroom, Yvonne gave me a bag and told me to put the contents on as she went to get us both a drink. As soon as she left the room i opened the bag, inside there was some sexy new lingerie, black stockings, lacy suspender belt with matching bar and panties. By the time i was changed into the sexy undies Yvonne was back in the room with our drinks. She stripped down to her undies, we sat on the bed drinking and talking. Turned out she had fancied me since the 1st time she had seen me but didn't want to make a move on me as she had made that mistake once before, The girl Claire had told me about.

We were soon laying on the bed, she moved around into a 69 and started to tongue my sensitive pussy, parting my lips and tongue fucking my wet hole. I reached up, pulled her panties to the side and licked the length of her cunt. We licked and fingered each others cunts for about half an hour, bringing each other to orgasm a few times before Yvonne climbed off me and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did as she said, woundering what she had in mind. I didn't have to wait long, she opened the bedside draw and pulled out a harness with a big thick dildo attached. She put it on, fastening the straps, then climbed on the bed behind me. "You will enjoy this" she said, "Wont go soft like a real one does".

I was on my knees, arse high in the air, my head on the pillows, she held the dildo, rubbing it up and down my wet cunt then pushed gently. My hole opened up and the head was inside me, she pushed some more and the dildo started to slide into me. She kept pushing till the whole thing was deep inside me, i was so turned on i came again. She waited for my orgasm to subside then held my hips and started to fuck my cunt, she got a good rythem going and fucked me hard and deep. I was soon coming again, but unlike the boyfriends i'd had the fucking didn't stop. She kept fucking me, my orgasms were coming in waves, then it was just one long orgasm as she rammed my cunt with her strap on.

I couldn't take anymore and collapsed on the bed, my hole felt empty as the dildo withdrew. After i'd recovered enough to sit up we had another drink. "Did you like that?" she asked. "That was amazing, i've never come so much". She then went back to the bedside draw and pulled out another dildo. This one was 18 inches long and a double ended dildo. Yvonne got me to lay on the bed with my legs wide open, she then positioned herself the other way round, her legs over mine, our pussies facing each others. She pushed one end of the dildo into my cunt, only a couple of inches inside, then pushed the other end into her cunt.

For the next 10 minutes or so we moved against each other, the dildo sliding in and out of our cunts, as we rubbed our own clits. Again we both came loads, there was cunt juice everywhere. she then told me to get back on my knees, she did the same, our arse's nearly touching. She worked the dildo back into my cunt and hers, we roacked back and forth, the dildo fucking us both to a couple more orgasms. Yvonne then moved off her end of the dildo but made me stay where i was. She grabbed the dildo and worked it in and out of my cunt. As she did this i felt something cold running down my arse crack, then her fingers were rubbing it in. As she fucked me with the dildo she pushed 1st 1 finger then 2 up my arsehole. God i'd never felt anything like it and was loving how good it felt to have both holes fucked.

After a short while she pulled her fingers from my arse, then bent the dildo so the other end was rubbing against my arsehole as she continued to fuck my cunt. I could feel the preasure getting harder against my arse then suddenly she was pushing it up my arse. She worked a few inches into my arsehole, still fucking my cunt with the other end, till she had managed to work it so i had the same amount of the dildo up my arse as i had in my cunt. She fucked both my holes, sending me into multiple orgasms. Eventually i had to tell her to stop, both my holes were well and truely fucked and i couldn't take anymore.

She asked me if i could manage to fuck her with her strap on, so i put it on and got on the bed behind her. I slid that big cock into her cunt and fucked her, she wanted it hard and fast and thats how i gave it to her. She came loads, her juices squirting out soaking both of us. She then told me to fuck her arsehole. I pulled it from her cunt and pushed against her arse, it just slid straight in, all the way till it was deep inside her arse. I then fucked her arse hard with the strap on making her come a few more times before we both collapsed on the bed exhausted.

I worked with Yvonne for another 5 years and we had many sessions together. She taught me all there is to know about lesbian sex and since my time with her i've had many wounderful sessions with other women. I still love a real cock inside me but with a woman and a strap on you get more satisfaction as a strap on wont go soft! Hope you all enjoyed my story and if you want to hear about any of my other encounters let me know. xxx