Written by sarah

14 Nov 2008

I was going after promotion at work so had to attend a two day course which meant staying away from my husband and kids, it was in a country hotel complete with spa I was quite looking forward to it althouth knew it would be hard work, the first day came and went it was a real struggle so we all went to bed early thinking we would be able to cope better the second day, the course finished at 3pm on day 2 we was all so excited we got through it we arranged to meet n the bar at 5pn, I went to the spa and relaxed for an hour I made my way up to my room and put on my little black dress with my black high heels, we meet in the bar and he drinks flowed, by 9pm I was quite tipsy, I walked up to the bar as it was my round I started ordering the drinks when I heard a man saying hello, I turned round and it was my husbands brother Kevin who I had always thought was attractive, I knew he was a good fuck by all the rumours I had heard, he kissed me on the cheek I told him to join us,although by now there was only 4 of us left as the others had gone in for dinner, I sat on the bench seat where I had been sitting, Kevin squeezed in next to me with his leg touching mine, I asked him what he was doing at the hotel and he just smiled at me, he said how good I looked after a couple of more drinks he got quite touchy feely, putting his arm round the back of the bench seat and brushing his hand against my shoulder when we was all laughing, at 10.30pm I said I was going to bed he said he would walk me to my room, we got in the lift and Kevin said that he would make me a coffee in my room to try and sober me up a bit I agreed and gave him my key, we got to the room and I took my heels off and sat on the sofa Kevin made me coffee and joined me on the sofa we started talking and I asked him again why he was at the hotel, he looked me in the eye and said he came as he knew I was there, I asked him why he wanted to see me, he pulled me towards him and said that I must have known that he always had a thing for me and how he knew I was a good fuck as his brother told him, he kissed me forcing my lips apart I pulled away to start with but he just pulled me further into him, I began to feel my pussy get damp and i said to him that I had always fancied him and knew that he was a good fuck but that no-one could ever know, he agreed he pulled me off the sofa and undid my dress until it hit the floor I was left in my stockings, he grabbed me and started kissing me, he lifted one leg onto the sofa and pulled my knickers apart and fingered my wet pussy until I cum, I undid his trousers and pulled out his cock it was about 8inches long and really thick, he bent me over and shoved his cock into my mouth all the time fingering my pussy, he pulled his fingers out and started to wet the rim of my arse, he grabbed my hair pulling me to a standing position and pushed me to the bed on my back he put my legs over his shoulders and fucked me until I cum again and again, he carried on fucking me for what seemed like ages until he cum his load, after a while we had a bath and ordered champagne we agreed this was a one off but as I had the room we should make the most of it, he fucked me all nite in every position, although he said he knew I liked it rough as much as he did, so I spent the nite being called all the names under the sun and being slapped and being made to beg but my god what a nite