Written by e_m

6 Jan 2010

I was on my way home from work when it started - the snow they said we wouldn't get in our guiet little area of winding country roads. Great, real blizzard, thanks bbc weather - could have warned me! Not dressed for this - I was wearing a short skirt and tight top, killer 6 inch heels. had been flirting outrageously with the boss for weeks and hoped the slutty secretary look would clinch the deal but no such luck.

Carried on driving for a bit and came across a car at the side of the road with the internal light on, as i drove past i could see it was a woman on her own. Well if i was stuck in this on my own i'd hope someone would stop to help me, so pulled over and shivered my way thro the snow which was as high as the heels by now. Knocked on the window and startled her, she was clearly passing the time by pleasing herself! She looked flustered and embarrased and opened the door. "Hi, sorry about that, but what else are you going to do stuck in this weather!" she said, laughing it off! "true," i said, "are you ok, do you want me to call someone for you?" "No don't worry, my boyfriends on his way, should be here soon" She caught me looking at her large firm breasts and bare thighs where she hadn't pulled her skirt down again. Not bad, i thought, she's clearly horny. "I've got a bottle of wine here, if you want to join me, i was on my way to a party when i got stuck" Why not i said, as i looked at my car now getting more covered by the second - "looks like i'm stuck here as well now." We both climbed into the back seat of her roomy car, more comfortable than the front i thought, thinking about the last time i was in the back seat of a car with my ex.

We passed pleasant chit chat for a while and polished off the wine when the conversation turned to how we were both dressed. "You've got fantastic legs, trying to impress anyone?" I told her how i'd been single for a while and was so horny for my married boss, this outfit was a lame attempt at sealing the deal. "Well he doesn't know what he's missing, you're stunning" she said as she started rubbing her handup my thigh. I instantly got wet, the feel of her hand getting closer to my pussy was electric. I looked into her deep blue eyes and we stared intenetly at eachother as we caressed eachothers thinghs and pulled up our skirts.

Our fingers reached eachothers pussys and we started pulsating our clits with our finger tips, in time with one another, riding the waves of orgasm, still just silently looking one another in the eyes. I couldn't take anymore, i leaned forward and kissed her hard. Our tongues rolled around our mouths as we gently moaned and pulled at one anothers clothes. Soon we were naked, shivering with the cold and excitement. I laid her on the seat and kissed my way down her breasts, her nipples hard in my mouth, my fingers still carressing her clit, licking and kissing her flat, smooth stomach. Soon i was at her thighs, my faces inches from her pussy, her body rising with antispation of my tongue. I kissed her thighs, gently bit them and licked my way towards her shaven pussy as she moaned for me. Finally my tongue reached her swollen clit, it circled her pussy, reaching deep into her wet, soft pleasure zone.I could feel myself cumming at the same time as her, she gave in to the highest peak of ogasm and begged me to stop but i wanted her more as i was reaching my peak as well. I've nerver been turned on like this giving head to men, this cannot compare. I couldn't feel more intense if she was doing the same to me! Or so i thought! She pulled me up from her, me protesting that i needed more. " You are getting more" she said grinning as she laid me across the seat and started to kiss me hard on my mouth, reaching down to my wet pussy, her fingers gentle at first, then getting deeper as i moaned more. She worked her way to my breasts. "bite me, be rough" i begged. She obliged and took my nipples in her mouth chewing gently, sucking hard. Biting my breasts as she still worked her magic with her fingers. I began to orgasm, riding that wave again. She kissed her way down, bit my thighs hard. She is going to leave bruises i thought pleasingly - a reminder of this! Finally her tongue began to lap me up, probing my clit, her fingers caressing me at the same time. We moaned and rithed in her car. I watched the snow falling outside realising i no longer felt cold, just sheer pleasure. The most turned on i've ever been. As she brought me to my climax i stroked her hair, held onto her shoulders and tried to reach her breasts, needing more and more contact with every part of her. She sensed this and worked her way up my body, my sweet release having passed and we laid there gently kissing eachother, our tongues and mouths tasting of success!

Hang on, I can hear clapping, i thought. I opened my eyes, as did she and glanced up out of the window, realising that there was a real world out there. Fuck! Who is that! I could see her smiling at a tall, fit bloke looking thro the window and grinning back at us. "Looks like my boyfriends here to rescue us" she said with a wry smile. "Who needs rescuing" I said. "I think we did just fine on our own!!"