Written by JJ

26 Apr 2013

I am still married but separated form my husband after seventeen years of marriage how that happened is a story by its self that was a year ago I will say now we are apart we are getting on quite well we see each because of the children who are living with him

I have moved out and now have rented flat I am also working

I do miss my ex in some ways but not sexually our sex life was not the best more routine some thing that happened maybe twice a month

The funny thing I get more horny now than I ever did then its weird I masturbate quite a lot at first using my fingers then I got a vibrator a rabbit off the Internet since then I got some other toys I have been out with a few men and I have had sex with one it was more of let down than my husband it was a one off

I never knew it but life was going to change this started when a new woman started at work I didn't have much to do with her and going by a couple of things the other girls said it seemed they didn't like her I have always thought I could make my own mind up about some one all I knew about her was her name Anne she be about mid forties I guess she one of them manly sorts into spot and gyms that sort also her dress seance wasn't that good a bit dated

It was after she been there a few months my car brook down and I was using taxis one evening I was waiting for my cab it was very late and Anne walked by me then stopped and asked did I want a lift I said no I have a cab coming she then said how long have you been waiting it was a long time so I excepted her offer on the way we chatted she seemed quite nice I did live almost on her way so she asked if I like a life in the morning I accepted so over the next few day we traveled together and got to know each quite well she suggested we meet for coffee at the weekend it was really nice to have some to talk to that lead on to having a meal together

MY car was fixed but Anne carried picking me up we got to know each other by then she suggested I go to the gym with her I has quite surprised myself I enjoyed it it became a regular thing we go shopping have the odd meal and the gum

In the gym I often court Anne looking at me watching me one day she said you really have a nice figure I took that as a complement in a joking way I replied you not bad your self she smiled saying thanks you think so I said yes really you are very attractive you have a wonderful body we had jest got changed on the way home she said I have some good wine at home do I fancy a glass I said okay I was a little surprised she patted my leg and said lets go we got to her place I never been there is was a lovely cottage we went in I said what a wonderful place you have she told me it used to be two bedrooms but she had the other bedroom made into a bathroom she then took my hand saying I show round upstairs was jest the one bedroom she told me that's now bigger as the wall been moved when the bathroom was done I commented on her bed it was huge she smiled say room for two back in her lounge she got a bottle of wine it was a nice one we chatted way we where both on the sofa we had most of the wine Anne went and got another bottle this time she sat closer to me she turned the conversation to more a personal note asking about my husband do I see him I told her yes then she asked do I have sex with him still I said Christ no

Do have a boyfriend I told her no I am not interested her reply was she not interested in men either as she slipped her arm round my shoulders it was funny but I didn't object it may of been the wine I also felt comfortable with Anne she went on men jest don't understand women really I had to agree saying they can be selfish with out knowing it

Anne pursued and softly said they are in bed not like a woman as she leaned in and kissed me I didn't kiss her back but I didn't stop her I was shocked with myself really not her

She stopped the kiss she looked at me then kissed me again this time I opened my mouth her tongue darted in it seemed natural my tongue meet hers my arm went round her this was

a full on snog and the weird thing I liked it it was so different from any man I had ever kissed she was really good at it she gentle fondled my left breast my body responded it turned me on I felt my nipples stiffen the left one was as hard as rock I had not put a bra on when we got changed after the gym she was now licking and kissing my neck I love that she kissed me again I started to feel very aroused her hand was under my top pinching my very stiff nipples I moaned in her mouth I had leggings on her hand move to my crouch I gasped and parted my legs and kissed her back harder I then felt the top of my leggings being pulled as her hand slipped inside the fingers pushed past my panties elastic over my pubic mound to get my legs wider I put one over hers OH MY GOD found my clitoris gentle massaged it in seconds I gasped she knew exactly what to do and how to do it I was squeezing one of her breasts the nipple felt huge

Anne sat up and started to pull my leggings off I pushed the sides down to help my knickers going with them we struggled together to get them off she ended up on knees in front of me her hand ran up my inner thigh I parted them as it got higher looking into my eyes first one finger then two when inside me they turned upwards straight onto my G-spot

my god I could feel a climax coming she knew how turned on I was and worked her magic even more I jerked a few times gasping and moaning I climaxed on her fingers

I was still coming down she pulled me up and led my upstairs once in her bedroom she kissed me as I stood there naked from the waist down she stopped then lifted my top up then off I was now naked she started sucking my nipples god she was good my hubs had never been that hard she was undoing her blouse at the same time and pushing it off she had a large white bra on I reached over and clipped it and pulled it off her shoulders two quite large breast swung free my hand when under her I touched them I couldn't believe how long her nipples where a good inch long really stiff when she stood up I could see how big they where I was staring at them she whispered you like them as she wriggled out of her skirt taken her panties with it I was looking at her naked body a flat stomach her legs slightly parted her crouch was a bulge like a high mound completely smooth

I don't think I had ever really looked at another naked woman the closely before but the strange thing what I was seeing was turning me on Anne then kissed me I could feel her naked body pressing into me she then slowly and gently lowered me onto the bed I moved up a little from there being lower I could see thew the gap in her legs she had quite large and fleshy pussy lips

She joined me on bed we there kissing as she caressed my body I was buzzing I had never experienced any thing like this she then licked and kissed her way down me I was on fire

She run her fingers round my pussy she was between my legs by then I was looking down on her she lick all round my pussy the slowly and gently run her tongue up and down my slit

a number of time the round my clitoris and sucked in it I exploded she didn't stop till my climax died then did again a I started to cum I felt her fingers go in me this time she fingered me at the same time I went wild she keep doing it as she moved round she was beside me finger fucking IO was arching up screaming almost going mad and with the other hand she started playing with my clit getting faster almost strumming on it I exploded

I heard say cum for me baby cum for me she slowly let me down then kissed me with her finger still in me she then took them our and put her hand to my mouth I licked and sucked her fingers

After I had calmed down I looked up her huge nipples stuck right out harder than ever she took my hand and guided it to her pussy the first pussy I had touched apart from my own it felt hot and moist the lips large and fleshy quite long the slit was long they ran from her mound almost to her ares she rolled on her back legs wide open I sat up and looked at it at the top was what looked like a huge clitoris with a big hood I didn't quite know what to do with it Anne started to guide my fingers if you like to know more then ask