Written by sqwsmith

27 Apr 2013

When I lift you I was on Anne's bed she had seduced me thinking about it now it was hard I soon became a willing partner even thou I never had any bi or gay desires before

Anne had jest given me the best most intense climaxes of my life she had guided my hand to her pussy I had never touched another woman before I was only hesitant because I didn't quite know what to do my finger moved over her warm most pussy she has large long lips which are quite fleshy that hang down at the top there is a very large prominent clitoris far bigger than mine she held my wrist as my fingers explore her most interment part she was knelling she parts her knees a little more she is now lower and it makes her thighs wider apart given more access as my finger move upwards I feel both lips parting round them hanging both sides the inner lips are much more moist and they feel almost hot I bend two finger up she has placed then right under her opening they part the flesh she seems to be wide open gaping there seems no resistance at all my two finger are now inside her she is really wet in there I start finger her she lets go of wrist and let me do it I heard her mummer oh yes darling that's it yes that's it her juice started to run down my hand her hand then started to massage her virginal mound as she did that the clitoris hood was drown back and what I can only describe as what looked like a small penis head bulged out I jest stared watching Anne massage it she had a finger either side of it now as she rubbed it, it grew maybe a inch long breathing really heavily she told me not to stop the cried harder harder she flooded forward over me gasping she shook and gasped yes yes my hand became very wet

Anne was laying over getting her breath back she then sat up and said god darling I needed that after getting you off I was fucking horny she then kissed me before laying down beside me we where silent for a few moments she held my hand I was wondering how I let this happen but I had no regrets at all it had been months since I had any sex

Anne propped herself up on one arm looking down at me she said so what was it like for you I jest said wonderful she smiled saying your first time babe I nodded she added not the last she was playing with mu nipple as she said you not got to rush off I said no

good good you stay lets have a shower so in the shower I new sore how muscly her body is she has large boobs that do sage with huge nipples you don't notes how big they are when she is dressed it the bras she wares her waist is slim with quite large hips makes her have a manly shape she has a very pretty face

We washed each others bodies and Christ how erotic that felt she was doing thing making me do things I never dreamed of we where holding each other letting the water run over us

Anne had both hands on my bum I felt her ease my cheeks apart then a finger went down to my bum hole she teased it it really feel sexy she asked do I like that I went mmmm she kissed my cheek

We got the shower and dried each other she gave me a dressing gown and put one herself we went down she got us some thing to eat back in her lounge we like two school girls holding hand and laughing I had become very relaxed with her we had more wine and talked about me manly I told how I never climaxed like that in my life how let down by men I had become she admitted to being a lesbian her only interest was in women and she had been in a long term relationship with another woman and they split up a couple of years ago they lived as husband and wife I took it Anne played the male roil as she explained how she like feminine women I didn't really notice how much wine she had given me but it was more than she had she then said you are staying the night I smiled so its a yes then we had a long snogging session as we did she opened my dressing gown and played with my breast which turned me on when she got to my pussy which had become quite wet by then she said its more comfortable in bed

We went up I was about to learn more new tricks the pleasures of oral sex with a woman I was about to see her pussy really close up she did take a mans roil this time she made all the running she made me climax twice using her finger then went down on me

As she was going down on me and I was going wild she was bent over me almost head to toe

She moved round so she was on top of me straddling my face there was my fist ever pussy right in my face hers was big I was amazed how long it was the lips did hang down a lot she eased off on what she was doing to me as if waiting my tongue came out I licked it the second time I pushed my tongue past the lips I could taste her it was nice I heard her say that it babe I got my arms round her thighs I opened it with my fingers the next lick was right over her opening then inside as I did that she went back onto me

The more she got me near to cumming the more I licked her and sucked her she started to move herself over my face I then got that huge clitoris in my mouth it seemed so big it was like sucking a small dick I knew then I got it right she had got me to the edge some meany times and not let me cum I was going mad I hard her call out finger me you bitch finger me I did more she cried more then three then four fingers when in her with out a problem she soughed harder for fuck sake harder I didn't want to heart her but I did as she said as I sucked her clit she went back down on me with in seconds I bucked in her face as I cum she then had a huge climax over my face I was covered in juice lick it she cried lick it knowing what had happened I did clean her pussy for her and loved it we came apart breathless hugged each other I told her I loved her she kissed me

We lay together for some time she questioned me about my husband what he was like in bed and how big his dick was I said about five inches I guess which it was she asked about other lovers there only been my one night stand she want to know how big he was I told her longer but thinner and did I enjoy him I said no not really she then said a woman want more size that you had no wonder you didn't enjoy it adding size do mater not the way its used that some thing small men tell us

I must of been an hour later Anne started to get me worked up again I never had any thing like that no man would want it again like this she whispered do you want me to show you what you have missed the truth I was now so horny I do any thing as she fingered me I gasped yes please she said you are very wet my darling you need some like a man in you yes yes I gasped

She got off the bed and went to her dressing table open a drawer I sore her get some thing out she had her back to me she put on what looked like a belt quite wide made of leather bending she fixed two straps one round each thigh the pick some out the drawer and turned round I gasped at what I sore a huge cock strapped to her a black one that made it look more scary it was a monster she was looking at me running her finger up and down its shaft

She joined me back on the bed she could see I was nervous she told me to touch it feel she said it felt life like but smooth made of soft latex my finger jest about went round it I ran my hand down it the end was past my wrist I asked how big is it she said this one will do for now I asked again she said nine inches it looked longer to me we started snogging she fingered me I almost cum I was very aroused

Anne moved herself between my legs reached round me garbed a pillow and she stuffed it under my bum so I was lifted I watched her smear lubricant all over the cock she the moved closer I held my breath as it touch my pussy lips she was holding it she moved it up and down my lips I could feel them part then pressure on my entrance she pressed more it heart a little I said it to big she told me to relax jest as she said that I felt my pussy give there was a stretching sensation as I was being opened she was watching it go in me I had felt so full it touch ever part of me inside I guess I take about half of it

She then leaned into me and in whisper said good girl I was moving my legs further apart it had stopped moving in me she kissed she her mouth over mine when she pushed I screamed into her mouth she jerked her hips a couple of time making me gasp her body was right over me now I was impaled on her cock I gasped and panted she let me not moving

We started snogging it wasn't like a man would do it he be banging away by now she let me adjust to its size she kissed me then on the neck I felt a movement in me at the same she started to give me a love bit on the neck it felt good she then did the same on the other side at the same time her hips where lifting and dropping I sated to get a sensation like I never had before it was wonderful the strokes where short and gentle

Anne lifted up on her arms and moved more forcefully the sensation build up inside me was to much I climaxed she drew back a long way I didn't want her take it out but she came back quite hard this time taken my breath away she gave a few more of them god did it go deep

MY legs went in the air and waved with each thrust once she started to pick up speed I locked rthem round her back a climax hit the another and another I was arched off the bed now feet on the bed thighs wide open I wanted it deeper she fucked me for it must of been half an hour going fast the slow the number of times I cum I lost count I never been fucked like before I know I more like that went she took it out I don't think I could taken much more

After she got off me I could see how turned on she was she almost ripped the cock off shouting finger me bitch her legs whee wide open she cum as she fucked me I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy she shouted more more I had got myself between her legs looking up her body and stuffed four finger in her harder harder bitch she got my hand and moved it faster then let go I was moving almost as fast I could she told to fouled mt thumb I tucked into my hand she shouted push push she lifted off the bed saying yes yes my hole hand disappeared she gasped as fist a fist I did I made a fist inside her she moaned yes yes faster deeper bitch harder her body was shaking trembling then it happened

I was like she was pissing the squirts all over my wrist and me and the bed that huge clit looked bigger than ever she pulled my by my hair over it saying suck it suck it I did it was like it was alive in my mouth I beat it with my tongue my mouth was part open then I got a squirt right in my mouth it was over my face as well her climax was so intense and strong I slowed my movements she lay there gasping when I stopped she said take it out she felt my undoing my fist she said no take it out as it is I pulled she cried out it was very tight in her I said some thing like it will heart you no no pull I was told I did with a scream from her it came out leaving her cunt wide open later she told me pain is erotic there was a flood behind it we where both exhausted