Written by Jacques/Jill

24 Oct 2007

Saturday morning. Jacques got dressed in his dark lawyer suit he wears to meet his clients at the office downtown during the week. Poor Jacques. Trapped in the mind-numbing job of corporate law.

I was still naked in bed after last night’s incredible experience in Jacques’ study of blindfolded cunt shaving. This morning we talked about it in bed. I told Jacques how much of a mind-blowing experience it had been for me. We spoke of our experience last summer with Eunice ad Burt. Since then we have been strictly monogamous. Not by choice. Only the opportunity did not present itself. So today, I decided to create my own opportunity. It was to be special, wild and daring. Four total strangers entangled in a sexual fantasy of my own creation.

I called Jacques at the office. He must have been with his client because he had his professional polished voice on the phone. We agreed I would drop by the office to pick him up and we would go shopping the rest of the afternoon.

I jumped in the shower, and then I carefully planned my dressing for the hunt I was about to go on. I tried on a few outfits. But I decided on a short tight mini skirt and tanker tops, oh did I mention also brief underpanties? For modesty you know, you never know who might be peeking. Did I mention my knee-high black boots? Cheap looking teenager look for a forty-year-old MILF huh!

Jacques was finishing with his client, a bold fat grease ball of a man, who when he saw me gave me some lusty looks. Just the kind of signal but certainly not the type of guy I was cruising for today. There was a young law-articling clerk, but he was uninspiring.

Jacques met me at the reception area of the office. He was taken aback with my outfit. “What are we going to shop for dressed up like that?” he asked. “ Oh a pair of shoes and a dress for that cocktail party, and whatever else we might fancy, who know what we might find interesting to bring home.” I add suggestively. I knew certainly how to raise Jacques’s curiosity.

In the garage just before I got in the car I reached under my miniskirt and pulled off my panties, which I threw over to Jacques. His face turned crimson red. With both hands Jacques inhaled the scent of my panties deeply. As he tried to reach for me under my skirt I said: “There will be time for that. Drive now before the stores close.” No disappointment, just anticipation of the unknown, the mystery of the unexpected.

I got comfortable enjoying my bare flesh against the cold leather of the car seat. Instinctively I was gently tightening my pelvic muscles to add to the pleasurable sensation. As we drove I felt my vaginal lips engorging, and my breasts getting taught. Soon followed the unmistaken feeling of my cunt getting wet.

“But you are not going in trying shoes like this.” He asked. “I certainly will Jacques. You’ll see the service I will get at the stores.” “I bet!” He added with anticipation in his voice.

Tommy brought me a first pair to try on. Tommy is shy, somewhat reserved and a bit effeminate. He has a boyish innocence about him even though he appears to be about 25. I am not sure if he is African American, or at least partly. Definitely a bit effeminate though. I wonder if he is gay. There was one way to find out. I sat crossed leg waiting for Tommy to bring a pair of shoes for me to try on. As Tommy bent down to help me, I uncrossed my legs offering the young man a full view of my freshly shaved cunt. Jacques was watching us. A bulge in his pants betrayed his enjoyment of the experience.

Finally I turned to Jacques. One nod from Jacque told me Jacques approved of Tommy. My choice of Tommy had met with his approval. It was up to me now to reel him in. Fabulous! As I was trying on the last pair bringing my cunt inches away from Tommy’s face I said: “Look Tommy, I know there is a store policy that for its exclusive clients to let them try shoes at home with their wardrobe. Come by tomorrow after 8 in the evening and bring those ones along.” Tommy stammered a few words that assured me he would be there. I figured if he agreed to come on a Sunday he was ready for more than just obliging a valued client. I glanced over to Jacques. He smiled gratefully, wiping sweat beads.

In the car I put back my underpants, much to Jacques surprise and obvious disappointment. “Panties are made to be taken off by someone else sometimes,” I explained whimsically as I adjusted my skirt again.

Jacques in the car is upbeat, as he is getting more and more excited at the prospects of the Sunday evening. “ Let’s try for a woman now also, “ he suggested. I knew just the boutique where to go hunting.

The owner, her cold impersonal attitude always intrigued me. Is this woman always in perfect control? What is behind her professional mask if it melted down? What would it reveal? A straight woman, bisexual, pure lesbians? Or simply not interested? I was on a mission this afternoon to find out.

Her stuff is very unaffordable. Haute couture fashion, and I sense every time I come in that she implies I should try shopping where I could afford dresses in my budget range.

“Hi,” I piped up dragging along Jacques, who still in his professional conservative lawyer grey suit looks very distinguished and definitely older than me.

Miss Prissy (I hoped I won’t have to call her that throughout my story) comes to meet us: “can I help you?” Turning to Jacques I say: “Mon chere, can I present to you Ms. …” “Angela, call me Angela please” she said warmly as she and Jacques shook hands. Evidently she could spot the deep pockets in that grey suit. And that changed her mind about me.

“Yes, well Jacques is a very good friend, almost like a father to me, n’est ce pas darling? So, today was so boring I said to him, I said …why don’t we go shopping? And bring plastic with you!” I added giggling.

“Yes of course…and what can I show you today…” Coming to her rescue I added: “Jill, my name is Jill. Just call me Jill. I am looking, just looking mind you…’

“What about a cocktail dress for that Corporate Lawyers Association function?” Jacques cut in, picking up my cue.”

“I have some lovely new arrivals…what price range were you thinking? Angela wanted some reassurances that she was not wasting her time.

‘Tell her daddyo.” I added sounding a bit irritated.

“Money is no object, I assure you.” Jacques added confident of the effect theses words would have on Angela.

“ Will you want one of our models to try dresses for you?”

“No I will try them on.”

“Good. Why don’t we go to our salon where we will be more comfortable and more private?” As we reached the salon, she adds, “ Can I offer you some champagne perhaps? Do try these fresh chocolate strawberries.”

Her assistant, a non-descript sexless woman, impeccably dressed, and careful not to outshine her employer, discreetly leaves three dresses for me to try before vanishing. The first a Colette Dinnigan putty silk cocktail dress with beaded stardust pattern – “Sparkling and delicious,” as Angela coos in a throaty velvety voice, rendered even more seductive for her at the prospect of parting with it for a trivial five thousand dollars. And continuing on: “ have you noticed the low-cut neckline with tulle trim? The dress closes on the side with a concealed zipper. Fully lined in silk.”

“Try it on,” Jacques says. “The low cute will enhance the look of your hum…throat.”

I put the chocolate-coated strawberry I had just bit into on the table, and ignoring Angela’s offer of her dressing room, I slipped out of my miniskirt and my tank top and discarded my sneakers. Barefoot, with nothing on but my panties I approached Angela to help me into the dress. Studying her carefully she did not betray any emotions, but her hands were trembling ever so slightly as they brushed my hardened nipples.

I twirled around in front of the mirror. “ I am afraid the lining of my panties, are showing through.” “May I? “ “Of course Angela.” Angela got down on one knee. Her hands moist with perspiration delicately removed my panties, which she neatly folded and added to the pile of my clothes. As I looked at myself in the mirror, Jacques and Angela’ eyes were riveted on me. Jacques asked me to turn around before the two of them. I became aroused; this was quite an erotic experience to be asked to do something like this. “You are so beautiful” remarked Angela, “ to look at a lovely young woman, with so many things to offer.” Angela and I looked at each other for an eternity, and I made my way towards Jacques. Did Angela even notice the slight bulge in Jacques’ trousers? Or was she so preoccupied by me only?

“No, definitely not my taste of a cocktails dress.” As I stood provocatively nude in front of the full-length mirror, I explained that I always wore black, as it was timeless. Angela offered to help me try a Prada black and ivory silk tie-dye cocktail dress with discreet side slits. “Would you like some shoes to try the dress with?” offered Angela.

“No I prefer bare feet. It is more sensual.” I added sensing that my comment had sent Angela careening uncontrollably. I picked up my half eaten chocolate strawberry. “These are sinfully good. Can I offer you a taste Angela?” I added seductively. I looked closely into Angela\'s eyes. They were magical and mysterious. Suddenly I realized I was not in control of myself either. I had fallen prey to my own game.

I\'d never fed strawberry chocolate to anyone before. Not even Jacques I thought as my fingers drew near her parched lips. Just before I got to her lips with the chocolate, I hesitated so she could take in the sensual smell in my fingers and the chocolate strawberry. Angela let out a little moan of delight. I then traced her lip with my little finger very seductively, before letting her have her treat.

Angela held my fingers, which were now clutching warm melted chocolate and furiously kissed them. This was seriously turning us both on. Angela’s tongue wrapped itself around one of my chocolate enrobed fingers and then she took it into her mouth, thrusting it as deep as she could as her hips began to gyrate. She moaned in ecstasy.

Angela picked up a fresh chocolate strawberry to feed it to me. I stood nude, my hard breasts heaving with my rapid breathing waiting, as she drew closer to me. She took the chocolate strawberry before feeding it to me and sucked it in her mouth. My nipples were almost rubbing the front of her dress. Her lips touched mine. They were hot, delicious. We kissed a long passionate kiss for what seemed an eternity. It made us both cry breathlessly. I was desperate to have that tongue explore my cunt.

She stood in front of me in a pair of black lace panties and high heels. I pulled off her panties to reveal a lovely trimmed black bush with a perfect vagina gushing with arousal juices in the middle. I playfully put one of my sticky chocolate fingers and put it into her. The seductive tension of her near-virgin hole was beyond words Angela screamed in ecstasy as she reached her first orgasm.

I then put my finger into my mouth and tasted her juices. They were divine. Angela grabbed my hand and stuffed my finger back in her and then put the finger into her own mouth ravenously enjoying her own juices.

Angela led me gently to the sofa next to Jacques. She spread my thighs and buried her head between them. That wonderful tongue that had moments ago explored my mouth penetrated between my vaginal lips. I felt her tongue running all the way back to the folds of my buttocks. Her dark mane of hair was everywhere and I buried my hands in it pulled it for her, causing her to have yet another orgasm. I let out a scream of intense pleasure as I reached my own orgasm. I was dripping uncontrollably now all over Angela and on the sofa like lava flowing from a fiery volcano.

We were both spent, exhausted from our lovemaking. “Sorry Jacques, This time it was just for girls. I hope you enjoyed the spectacle though” I said.

Angela confided that she was a lesbian and not into men at all. I had thought so when I thrust my finger in her almost virginal cunt. I told her she was not my first woman but I had never ever experienced such an intense sensual experience. I took it as a compliment that she chose me to share this experience. It felt as if we had known each other forever. Angela reached for my hand and held it against her naked pubis. I didn’t withdraw it. It felt good. I knew she trusted me, especially knowing that we\'d part company and never see one another again. We both knew we\'d never be able to rekindle such a feeling or event like this, outside of this one time.

I left with Jacques. Angela had given me the Prada dress. I never wore it to that cocktail party and never will wear it.

I did find out what I set out to earlier that afternoon about the stylish cold bitch. But the predator I was earlier left with a delightful chocolate taste that has remained in my heart ever since.

I will leave Tommy’s visit for another day.