11 May 2016

The story is, I'm the head personal trainer at a huge Gym in Raynes park Surrey, I've been there for about 5 years now. I love it there mixing with all the members especially when I go into the ladies. I have to say I've a good body, small pert tits, shaven pussy nice firm butt and a flat stomach due to not having kids. I do a lot of classes full of women most days getting them all hot and sweaty then going for a shower with them and seeing them all naked. Some are gross to look at but one lady just has something about her which just makes me want to eat her pussy!! Now I've always wanted fun with another lady but never had the chance due to the fact that I've been married for the last 15 yrs. when I'm taking it from behind from my husband I'm always fantasising it's a woman wearing a dildo and pounding me. So this lady is a very moody sulky lady, always complaining about the club and anything she can moan about. She's got a nice smallish pair of tits great thighs but has one hell of a hairy pussy!! For some reason I just love looking at her pussy and wishing my tongue was licking it. The amount of times I've stood talking to her stark naked rubbing cream all over my body wishing she was doing it or me to her, turning around and bending over so she can see my pussy open and moist hoping she comes over and plays with me but nothing ever happens.

That was until I was there about 1030pm one night, just out of the shower drying my hair. I looked over and saw her, Fiona, looking quite upset so I did and usual and took my towel off and went over to her. I asked what was wrong , she said something about one of the tennis coaches had been rude to her downstairs. So being a true professional I apologised and put my arm around her shoulders and said don't worry about him. To my surprise she put both arms around me and gave me a big hug to which I responded to by giving her a squeeze right back. Now being naked It proberly looked very wrong in a lot of people's eyes but I have to say I was very turned on and couldn't help myself putting my hands on her bum. At first she seemed very shocked and moved back, I thought I was in the shit now. She just turned around very slowly without saying a word and undressed., turned around and said she was going to shower, meet you in there in 2 minutes. My jaw nearly hit the floor, I was going to get my chance of licking her hairy pussy !!!

So I waited as asked then went to the showers, she'd left her door open so I went straight in and embraced her. We passionately kissed for quite some time, both feeling each other's breasts and groping each other's arse at will. I slowly bent down and started sucking on her nipples , they were nice to suck and nibble. As I started to go down her body she pulled my head up and said we should go somewhere quieter so we could do whatever we wanted. We agreed to got to her house.

On the way to Fiona's I rang hubby and told him I was going out for a drink with some work mates so don't wait up. On arriving at hers we went straight upstairs to her bedroom. She popped into the toilet and came out naked and sat on the bed next to me. We started kissing again and slowly I was undressed so we were both naked on her bed. I went for her tits again then onto her belly then on to the gorgeous moist hairy honeypot!! It smelt sweet so I pulled her lips slightly open and started licking away. Now as it was my first time I just did the things my husband does to me when he's licking me out, I was loving it. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her pussy so I could hardly breath, I just kept licking and sucking on her clit until she came. It was a lot of cum I had to swallow but I licked up every drop. I went up and started kissing her again to which she stopped and asked me if I wanted a good fucking, I thought she'd wear a dildo but just took out a big fat rubber cock, it must of been about 9 inches long!! I've only slept with my husband who has about a 6incher so this was going to be interesting!! So slowly she lubbed the cock up and started pushing it in me inch by inch, half way in and it felt great. The last few inches were a bit painful but I got every inch in and Fiona slowly started fucking me. I was so horny I asked her to go quicker, to which she did. I came soon after shuddering all the way. She pulled the cock out of me and put it in her mouth and started sucking it, she was one dirty cow! We started kissing again but had to stop the fun as hubby would not be happy if I was to late. Since then I've been sleeping with Fiona most weeks. The sex just gets better and better. Last time we spoke she admitted that she was sleeping with at least 3 more married ladies at the club and maybe we could have some of them join us. I'm thinking about it now but am worried it will all come out and I lose my job.