Written by Jacques Jill

13 Jun 2010

The Venus Butterfly

I was transferred from the main office branch in Chicago to whip into shape the fledging accounts at this mid- west small town USA.

My first day. I had pulled my hair in a tight bun. I love wearing smart business clothes. I chose for my grand entrée a dark blue business suit evoking tightly controlled elegance, a gray pearl necklace and left the two top buttons of my blouse unbuttoned. I looked in the mirror. The cleavage was devastating. I looked great, and sexy, my curves carved from hours of early morning work-outs. I get off from being a bit of an exhibitionist. But today I needed to assert my authority as the person from head office who had sweeping powers. I buttoned up, and hid behind huge designers sunglasses. One last look. YES! That should show these small- town provincial folks how a smart business woman who also means business dresses to impress.

I suffer of the twin curses of the artist – an overactive imagination and a deep appreciation of beauty. Nora ignited both as soon as I saw her. Her magic came from hormonal glow. She had a sexy, throaty voice of a TV newscast reader. Her very dark brown eyes promised unbridled passions, and an incredible mane of golden honey brown hair cascading to her shoulders ignited in me the uncontrollable urge to hold her close.

She welcomed me and showed me to my new office… As I entered the office on that first day I couldn’t brush Nora away from my mind. Nora exuded boldness and lack of concern of what others thought of her display in her light dress molding her hips and breasts. My suit jacket and pants with a tightly buttoned blouse decidedly did not fit in this environment. I made a mental note to loosen up a bit.

We became quickly acquainted.

A couple of weeks later she invited me to go jogging with her. The day had been stiflingly hot. That evening after sunset the heat relented a bit.

I was jogging slightly behind Nora. I was mesmerised by the perfect breasts quietly jiggling, and her taut cheeks as her long legs pounded hard the pavement. Her very skimpy exercise shorts had worked at the front into the cleavage of her cunt. Of course, I did not know if she waxed or shaved her pubic hair. But I imagined a triangular bush dipping deep between her thighs into the furrows of the lips of her cunt.

We lay on the grass drenched in sweat. My bottle of water was empty. Nora, opened hers, took a long draft from it. The water seeped down both sides of her lips. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before passing the bottle to me. She had not wiped her mouth form the nozzle. I did not either. I drank avidly tasting her mouth on the rim of the bottle.

My forty years of life had been filled with with order, structure, and symmetry. I had given up to an overwhelming force that condemned me to lifelong sexual anxiety without ever fulfilling it that I could not comprehend. All to say that, in contrast to mine, Nora’s life was free-spirited chaotic, disorderly and filled with the magic that eluded mine all these years of repressed angst.

She confided in me as we rested side by side that she was ending a relationship with Darrell, her boss, because as she put it, "I allowed myself to be attracted to his attentions". She also revealed that she has had relationships with women in the past.

“Oh please no!” I thought. “Not the Bi relationship that inevitably ends in a threesome that spoils everything.” Men did not interest me, I realized eventually. The ones I had did not fulfill me, as they filled me up with their very muscular cocks.

Nora and I met later that evening at a bar downtown for drinks. She sashayed her way towards the barstool next to me in a very tight black satin skirt, an off the shoulder black fitted top, smoky gray hoses on her legs, and the most incredibly high thin heeled stilettos. She lifted herself on the bar stool exuding confidence behind her sultry smile. “Flaunt it girl!” I caught myself thinking as I looked around the room. I could read in every single man in that room that they wanted to fuck her hard.

We both looked at each other as I tried very hard to concentrate on the mundane conversations and our drinks, hoping my eyes did not betray the storm raging in me.

We knew that we needed to touch very soon. God I wanted that initial kiss and touch!!

She was teasing me by the way she was running her long nails along the stem of her Martini glass and lightly slipping her finger into my drink and hers then sucking the tip of her finger.

Nora spread her legs to bend down to pick up her napkin, giving every man to take in the sight of her shaved cunt. I heard a hissing curse from the men’s lips.

I was running my tongue around mine. She knew I wanted to shove her cunt on my waiting tongue. We left together.

In her living room, I waited while Nora disappeared. She walked back in completely naked. She overwhelmed me at the sight of her nudity. She walked towards and pushed me on the couch.

I felt her rough patch scratch the flesh around my mouth. My tongue flicked out to moisten her cunt lips then I pulled back just as I reached her clitoris. When she moved her hips forward to meet my lips once more I felt her cunt and her clitoris meet my lips and slowly. I tentatively slid my tongue over the fork that enclosed her clitoris. Her one hand moved up under my thighs, the fingers of her other hand swirling around my aroused nipples. Her hands came to rest upon my shoulders as my tongue slid deeper inside her. I became aware of an eerie whine growing from deep within me as I lathered her moist cunt.

The entire couch shook as she reached her first orgasm. She pulled me down tight against her pubis, as she dripped her juices all over my face. She held me hard against her, as suddenly the still air of the summer night became an instant hurricane as she moaned loudly breathing heavily.

Her thighs clamped tightly together as I felt the oxygen rush away from the fiery centre of her pelvis. I had to breathe. I struggled to fill with air the vacuum left behind by in the wake of the maelstrom of mounting series of her uninterrupted successive orgasms.

My head was pounding still as she slowed her rhythm. The chill of air once more filled my starving lungs. The intense red light of my lovemaking to Nora faded to a dull glow and then almost vanished as she collapsed further up the couch. “Thank you” she whispered.

I raised myself off her body as I felt her hand clasp my arm urgently. “Your turn now”, she added in her deep throaty voice that held me in trance.

For a moment I hesitated before leaning down to kiss her again. Her mouth opened willingly, drawing my tongue inside as her arms embraced me. I moved my right hand into her long matted hair as tenderly as I could, supporting my weight on my left forearm. I surrendered myself to the sensations of long ago, now almost forgotten.

As our kiss grew more passionate her hands began to press through the layers of my clothing, growing more insistent as they searched for a way through. She pressed her naked body to mine as I felt myself stiffen feeling her urgency, pressing rhythmically against her as one of her legs slid behind mine, pulling me to her.

She tore the rest of my clothing, ripping her way through the layers. She tore through my silk blouse eventually finding my flesh beneath. She moved her hand down to my small breasts and squeezed my angry, aroused nipples. I felt her rough nails scratch at my lower back. Still our tongues writhed over each other as the world around us shrank away. We were alone and nothing else existed.

She pushed her hand down inside my slip, squeezing my thin ass as her left hand wormed its way in and up and down the furrow of my cheeks. She pulled roughly my pants and slip. Her mouth separated from mine as she sucked my sweaty flesh from my neck down, inch by inch. I groaned in ecstasy as I pressed my waiting cunt against hers feeling the roughness of her pubic hair patch scratching the most delicate and sensitive regions between my thighs.

Her right hand slipped around my body to grab my ass as she pushed her left hand beneath to the swollen lips of my cunt and slid a finger rapidly between my wet cunt lips. She licked my juices and swore obscenities in appreciation with that same hoarse voice. Then as her right finger behind me penetrated deep inside my ass her left fingers pressed firmly against my engorged clitoris. Her teeth ripped my sensitive nipple. I felt my slit quiver around her left hand fingers, as her thumb rubbed my clit smearing my juices around my mound. Inside me her fingers met pushing me over the edge. I cried in pain as a deep animalistic trance radiated through my body.

Pulling me hard she slammed me hard on the floor driving her mouth against my clitoris her tongue filled me completely. Three times I screamed, almost begging “yes fuck me!” as I lost myself in a unity with her. I felt my cunt constrict against her fingers inside me. The room filled with my screams, the same primeval screams she made the room echo a few moments ago.

Her hands moved quickly as her nails left eight lines of red blood streaming down my back. Oblivious to the pain I suffered to my nipples and the scrapes on my back I surrendered to the euphoria of my orgasms.

Gradually our breathing slowed as she collapsed down onto my chest, her arms wrapped around me. Our hearts beat in unison. She smiled as I told her “You, Madame de Sade, at last YOU made me find peace. Thank you.”

A single tear of gratitude ran down my cheek as she tenderly attended to the wounds she inflicted to my flesh during our love-making.