17 Oct 2017

My wife Louise is simply gorgeous and we fell in love on our first night together. I remember as we made love in the first night we were talking and I asked her if she ever fantasised about other women. I don't why I asked, but was delighted when her breathing changed and I felt her pussy become even wether as she breathed, "yes."

We have been together for 6 glorious years and she is still my fantasy girl. Louise is a beautiful blonde, blue sparkling eyes and a smile that lights up a room.

This is a true story of one adventure, with more hopefully about to happen.

Our fantasy life began on that first night. I have always loved the thought of two women together, and I believed my dreams came true when she admitted that she was at least bi curious.

We incorporated fantasies into our lovemaking, and invariably they turned towards another woman being involved. Finally we started talking about finding someone, and we were both thrilled. I created a profile on a lesbian website and was very pleasantly surprised to find out she had done the same on another similar site.

That is when she contacted Lisa . She said that she was attracted to her smile in a pic, a very tame one. Lisa was also blonde, with a pixie hair cut and like Louise, her eyes were blue. They exchanged messages, and I was happy to watch. I have to say it wasn't all plain sailing. I did have some insecure moments and there was some false starts but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I was being controlling. I also found the thought of my wife being seduced completely mind blowing.

I finally told her that it was ok if she wanted to meet Lisa following a love making session, and with my encouragement she sent an email to her suggesting same.

We had planned to visit the area where Lisa lived as a couple with her husband and made a booking at a residential resort.

As it turned out Lisa lived also at the resort with her husband and children.

Work commitments then prevented me from leaving on the Friday, so Louise decided to go alone and I would meet up the next day. Before going we spoke about her meeting Lisa and Louise very confidently stated that nothing was going to happen, she and Lisa were just going to meet for a drink or two.

Friday came and Louise kissed me goodbye, telling me that she would call me that night, and again reassured that the visit was going to be innocent.

I did receive a phone call that night and at the time immediately detected a huskiness in Louise's voice. Later I was to find out why.

That night Louise and Lisa met at the resort bar and Louise said there was an instant chemistry. Lisa had began a fitness program and Louise found herself admiring her body, and was caught several times glancing at Lisa's sculpted breasts. They talked about their lives, drank a couple of bottles of wine and laughed. Lisa outlined that she had recently come out as bisexual to her husband, who approved of her meeting and seducing other women. She had met several women, but was not much more experienced than Louise. She had however began to feel that she could actually be lesbian.

Without realising it the night escaped them, they were the last ones at the bar and it was time to close. Louise suggested they buy another bottle of wine and have a night cap at her room. Lisa agreed and shortly afterwards they were perched on a balcony with wines in hand, and still enjoying the night. Both were tipsy when Louise decided that there was something she wanted to say.

With her heart beating nervously she realised that she had a beautiful bisexual woman on her balcony. Looking into the eyes and smile that had attracted her immediately, Louise said, "I would really like to kiss you."

Lisa smiled and replied, "I would love that."

My wife then wen to Lisa's chair and bending down, found Lisa's soft lips with her own. In full view of anyone walking past, my wife and Lisa began kissing passionately. Louise found Lisa's lips so much softer than anyone she had ever kissed and felt Lisa's tongue teasing and searching for hers. With a sigh she allowed Lisa's tongue to enter and tease her mouth. The innocent night was fast becoming a sexual fantasy come true, and Louise loved it.

Soft kisses became more urgent with Louise revelling in caressing Lisa's face. She would tell me later that kissing another woman is far more erotic and sensual than a man.

My beautiful wife then stood up, and taking the initiative took Lisa's hand and led her soon to become first female lover inside to the waiting bed.

Louise layed Lisa on the bed, and their mouths explored each other's faces and lips. Louise couldn't believe how soft Lisa felt under her lips and fingers and found her hands wandering over Lisa's body. She slowly caressed Lisa's neck, her fingertips tracing her body down to her breasts.

Louise felt Lisas breathing increase as she began to caress her nipples, feeling them harden under her touch. Lisa then slowly began unbuttoning her shirt, smiling at Louise as her breasts became exposed. Running her fingers through Louise's hair, Lisa guided my wife's mouth towards her erect nipples.

Louise faltered momentarily, knowing that the innocent night was becoming anything but. But her desire to feel Lisa's tits in her mouth became to strong and almost of its own volition, my wife's tongue snaked out and began teasing, tickling, tasting. At that moment my wife realised that she loved the feel of a woman's nipple in her mouth. It felt natural, it felt right.

But it wasn't enough. My wife needed more. She began pulling Lisa's skirt and panties off and realised that despite both their earlier claims that the night was to be only a chaste night, Lisa's mound was freshly shaved and smooth.

My wife then took in the sight of Lisa's perfectly shaved cunt, and breathed in the scent of another woman. Knowing that she was approaching the point of no return, Louise wondered if her life was going to change forever.

A soft kiss on soft thighs was all Louise could manage while she battled the inner turmoil. Lisa moaned softly and Louise watched as Lisa's clit became engorged, beckoning. Lisa shifted her legs, opening her pussy lips for Louise's mouth.

It was all that was needed and my wife leaned forward and for the first time in her life, tasted another woman. Her tongue slid up Lisa's lips, circling her clit. Louise was unsure of how to eat pussy however Lisa's began to moan in response. Lisa then opened her legs fully and wrapped her thighs around my wife's head while running her fingers through my wife's hair. With Lisa's cunt now wide open, Louise allowed her tongue to enter into the waiting pussy. And loved it.

Even with it being her first time Louise found that she was a wonderful lesbian lover. Lisa's moans became louder and her clit became swollen under Louise's touch. As Lisa's back arched Louise slid one, then two fingers into Lisa's juicy snatch.

Lisa responded by pulling my wife's beautiful face into her throbbing pussy and Louise could feel her body begin to spasm and shudder. Louise realised that she was about to make a woman come on her first attempt and within seconds Lisa's moans became moans of ,"God yes, don't stop."

Louise then tasted a rush of pussy juice entering her mouth as Lisa released a scream and cry. Louise rode Lisa's orgasm with her tongue deep inside as Lisa's body shook in passion and ecstasy. Lisa's bliss continued while Louise let her tongue and fingers explore Lisa's velvet pussy. As Lisa's quivering slowly subsided she encouraged Louise back up her body. My gorgeous wife then reluctantly slowly withdrew her tongue and fingers, and feeling her face moist with Lisa's love moved up back to face her lover who was looking at her with lustful eyes.

"Am I really your first?" Lisa asked in amazement. When Louise smiled and nodded, Lisa whispered, "You're a natural."

My wife responded by offering her cum soaked tongue to Lisa who hungrily tasted her own pussy on Louise's mouth.

Again Louise marvelled at the softness of a woman's kiss. Their mouths melded in unison and my wife revelled in giving herself fully to her first lesbian experience.

Lisa began unbuttoning my wife's blouse and Louise felt her core becoming a furnace in anticipation of another woman touching her breasts. She gasped when her nipples, already hard with excitement were exposed to the air, and moaned when the coldness was replaced with the heat of Lisa's mouth. Lisa's tongue swirled expertly over the aurolea before her teeth gently bit the nipple, teasing as the tip of her tongue brought a pleasure Louise had not experienced previously.

Louise could feel her body quivering as her cunt became a molten bed of desire. Louise could not take her eyes from the erotic sight of a beautiful woman tasting her tits, her tongue swirling around her nipples while Lisa looked into Louise's eyes.

And that readers is when I, having not heard from Louise, thought I should call and made sure she was ok.

Louise's phone rang and both she and Lisa looked at each other.

"Weren't you supposed to call your husband?", asked Lisa.

Louise remembered guiltily that she had made that promise, and was silent momentarily.

"Answer it.", offered Lisa. "I don't mind."

Louise agreed, and there was a part of her that delighted in the naughtiness.

Which explains why her voice was so husky when she answered. Louise said that she was having a great night and that she and Lisa were having a few drinks. At that time Lisa motioned that she would like to talk to me, and when offered the phone also said that it had been a nice night. While I had some suspicions, what I didn't know was that when Lisa handed the phone back to my wife, she began sliding down towards Louise's mound.

Louise by this time was having trouble concentrating on our conversation as she felt Lisa's fingers trace patterns over her fluttering stomach, each time getting closer to Louise's throbbing pussy. Lisa's fingers slipped under the elastic of Louise's panties and she smiled as she started to remove the last vestige of clothing from her lover's body.

Louise watched as her freshly manicured bald pussy was exposed and it became apparent that she, like Lisa , had been hoping for erotic adventures. Louise heard Lisa whisper, "Beautiful" and any lingering embarrassment that Louise felt disappeared.

Lisa looked into Louise's eyes as she struggled to maintain any semblance of coherent conversation with me. As Lisa moved her face within inches of Louise's mound, my wife opened her thighs in invitation. Lisa then extended her tongue, seeking a sign from my wife, still stammering on the phone.

Lisa whispered, "I want to fuck you so badly."

With that simple sentence all of Louise's insecurities, uncertainties and doubts regarding her sexuality were expunged. As she spoke to me, her husband, Louise opened her legs further and pulled Lisa's face into her waiting cunt.

I remember clearly Louise's voice saying that she loved me. What I didn't know was that Louise wanted to let me listen to her feeling the bliss if having her pussy eaten by an experienced girl. Dropping the still connected phone to her side, my darling wife gave me one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

Lisa, quickly realising that I could hear everything was only too willing, if not delighted to allow me to hear her turning my wife from merely bi curious, to completely bisexual.

Louise felt Lisa's tongue at her opening, probing, testing, and her body reacted with a rush of emotions at the realisation that her deepest fantasy was about to come true. Her questions gone, her inhibitions departed, Louise knew a sudden certainty that her sexuality had been incomplete until that moment. She was about to be fucked by a woman, and she loved how right it felt.

Lisa then teased and lifting her tongue from Louise's pussy demanded , "Is this what you want baby?"

"Yes, god yes!", came the throaty reply.

I then heard Lisa say, "I'm going to fuck you while your husband listens."

Louise then watched as Lisa plunged her tongue deep inside her pussy, feeling the warmth of her breath against her clit, and the glorious sensation of another woman eating her. Her body, quivering with pent up tension quickly rose towards orgasm. Throwing her head back, moans escaped as her fingers clenched in Lisa's blonde hair, pulling and grinding her mound into her lovers face.

Louise knew she was only seconds from climax when she felt Lisa's fingers entering into her soaking sex. Her body exploded in delight and an incredible well of intense tingling consumed her. Throwing her head back she screamed as the most powerful orgasm of her life hit her, wave after wave of animal bliss causing her body to buck and convulse.

Lisa's fingers slid easily in and out, expertly bringing Louise to the brink of another mind shattering orgasm. She teased Louise verbally, "Do my fingers feel good darling, do you love being fucked by another girl?"

Louise could only respond by gasping, "Yes, oh god yes.", as her body completely betrayed any chance of restraint. At that moment Lisa slid back watching my wife's body quivering.

Louise reached for her but Lisa remained just out of reach. "What's the matter?", Louise asked.

"Make yourself cum for me Louise.", was the response. "Tell me how badly you want me, let your husband hear how much you love being my lesbian lover."

As Lisa sat back to watch, my wife slid her fingers to her clit, and gazing into her girlfriend's eyes began to tease herself. Incredibly her inhibitions in the past, Louise felt her body again approaching climax.

I could her my wife moaning, "God, yes babe, yes" and becoming louder again as Lisa urged her on, telling her how beautiful she was. "Let your husband hear you cum for me" Lisa urged.

I then heard the unmistakeable sound of Louise's orgasm erupting. Without a doubt the most erotic experience of my life.

While there has only been that one time, my wife is now admitting her bisexuality and we are now looking to explore more. We will keep you posted.