Written by Gayandfemale.

8 Dec 2011

I'm sure you try to keep a balance of stories on here,so am I aone in thinking more gay men must post their experiences than do lesbians.I like to play with and enjoy other females bodies,but why am I thinking that if you don't posess a cock and a pair of balls it can't be as sexually exciting.

Don't get me wrong,I love reading stories about men having sex together,only once ever did I have full intercourse sex with a man,it was the first time I'd seen or touched an erect cock, maybe I was just unlucky that that happened to be the one that thought that intercourse was a quick fuck as I recall he did'nt even wait to get my knickers off,he pulled the leg aside spread my fanny with his fingers pushed his cock into me and spunked in a nano second.

Yes I know that was one bad experience,but it did bias my thinking about cocks and it did take some little time for me to want to know anything more about them and funny enough it was when I came across this site and started reading stories about gay men having sex did I begin to see cocks in a new light.

I was a bit younger then and had had gay sex myself with two other females,the first one was my boss in a lingerie shop where I worked,there was only the two of us and one evening after we'd closed for the day she suggested we might try on some of the new underwear that had arrived and she started telling me how beautiful I looked in some of the real sexy pieces,then something I'll never forget,she moved her fingers down over my bottom while I was wearing an expensive and extremely sexy little pair of briefs,I did'nt have the bra that went with it on so my breasts were bare,we both instantly knew that something had changed.

She was between lingerie sets and was naked,I could feel her breath on my shoulders and I know that the way my bottom moved to her touch,it was'nt deliberate,it just happened,I wanted her to touch me again.Up to that point we'd been chatting like a couple of excited schoolgirls doing something naughty but now there was just the sound of our breathing.

She touched my bottom again and I found myself moving back towards her,I can still feel it as her hands came around me from behind and cupped my breasts and I felt her breasts come onto my back,breathing had turned to soft moaning,it was the first time that my fanny would be gently probed.She moved her hands sensually down my body,her fingers going so delicately inside the sexy little briefs and gently fondling my pubic vee.

The next little while is lost in a sexual mist but my briefs are off and we are on the carpeted floor exploring each others naked bodies,the gentleness of her fingers inside my vagina was a world away from that manly cock,it was erotic and sensual.It was my first time to feel the softness of the inside of another womans vagina,to seek another womans clitoris.

It was there on that floor I experienced my first massive orgasm,my ejaculation if you like,my cumming,my jerking off,my spunking.Words that even I associate with the male organ,again having said that I'll admit that it was reading the gay stories that has helped to change my perspective on cocks,and yet its not in a lovey dovey way,I like the thought of the sex that men have in public toilets,I even envy them,the thought of going into a public toilet stripping off naked and having sex with a complete stranger,I think must be the ultimate sexual experience.

Even the stories about gloryholes,I know I've been having a go at cocks,but again the thought of watching a man you'd never seen before in the next cubicle wanking himself must be a massive turn on,putting your arm through and doing it for him,having the favour returned,unfortunately as a gay woman these things are'nt always an option.

Thinking back to the lingerie shop and wearing them beautiful things,I can so understand why a man would also want to wear something like that,even in a public toilet,very definitely in a public toilet,being wanked off by a naked man while wearing them,WOW.

You are probably not in the least interested,but today is my day off,the weather is horrible,I'm sitting naked in my bed writing this,I've already been on a couple of porn sites and alright I've watched a few cocks at work but they have'nt as far as I can see done anything more than my rabbit has been doing for me for an hour or so.