Written by fizzerone

1 Jan 2008

It was a hot summers saturday afternoon when my fantasy became a reality. The hubby was away working and not due to be home until after the weekend. i was bored of being home alone so called up a couple of my girlfriends (Emma and Linda) for a girly day, you know the sort shopping for shoes handbags and clothes!!! i picked Emma up and we met Linda in the nearby city and off we headed for some good old retail therapy. After lunch at one of our favourite restaurants Linda told us that she would have to split as she was due at her husbands parents for a meal as it was her father in laws birthday. As it was so hot (and we had spent a fortune!!) me and Emma decided to head off back towards home, drop my car off at my house and walk to the local pub.

When we got back to my house we did the usual girly thing a large glass of wine and showing each other exactly what we had bought, in my bags there were 2 pairs of shoes with high stilletto heels (a sure thing to go with the also recently purchased very sexy secretaries outfit!!!) and some new knee high boots which would be hidden in the back of the wardrobe as i have had them for ages (you know what i am talking about girls!!)and some very sexy lingerie. along with the usual skirts, tops and trousers. Emma had also bought some shoes, clothes and some lingerie and like me was saying that she had spent far too much money but as we all know that is what women do best!

Now before i go much further i suppose i better give you a brief description of both me and Emma. I am a 34DD firm tits not quite a washboard stomach and great hips size 12-14 and have been told on more than 1 occasion a nice arse! Emma on the other hand has small pert tits, flat stomach and about a size 10.

We were sat drinking our wine and chatting about how crap it was that neither of our husbands ever seemed to be around as they were always away at this conference or thats conference etc etc and soon found that we had polished off the bottle. I went into the kitchen to open another and then joined Emma back on the decking, before long that bottle had gone to along with any ideas of going for a drink at the local!!! The local shop is only about 5 mins walk away so Emma said that she would pop off and get another couple of bottles.

My clothes were sticking to me and i was feeling as horny as hell (alcohol always gets me like that!!) i decided to go for a shower while she was gone, so went up to the bathroom, set the shower running and stripped off. I stepped in the shower letting the cool water run over my body. I was in a world of my own and completely forgot that Emma would soon be back until i heard her voice behind me God that looks good mind if i join you? I spun round and found that she was already stripped off down to her skimpy little black see through thong. I could see that she was shaved with a nice well maintained little tuft of hair. She soon had the thong off and and was stepping in the shower to join me.

We stood together under the cool water and i noticed that she couldn\'t take her eyes off my tits although by my own admission i couldn\'t take my eyes off her fantastic body. I don\'t know whether it was the alcohol talking or the fact that i had always fantasised about being with another woman but i knew that i wanted to kiss her but before i could act she had cupped my chin in her hands and pulled my face towards her, it was just a gentle kiss at first our lips barely touching then kiss by kiss they got more and more until we were in a full blown snog tongues and all.

my hand reached up and found those lovely pert tits of hers and i was rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb they were as hard as bullets, she let out a low throaty groan and pulled away from the kiss, kissing down my neck whilst cupping my tits in her hands, her mouth found my left nipple and now it was my turn to groan as she slowly kissed her way round my tit and on to my hard nipple she soflty chewed and sucked on it then moved on to the other side, i was so turned on that i thought my legs were going to give way underneath me!!

I pulled her back up to kiss her and worked my hands down her body until i found her lovely slit, i worked my fingers gently up and down her slit until her lips parted and i could find her love bud. i rubbed around it gently before sliding my finger back and inside her - god she felt so good!! with my thumb rubbing on her clit it wasnt long before her hips were moving backward and forward and she was telling me not to stop as she was going to cum. i slid another finger into her and it sent her over the edge oh god oh god that was good and now it is your turn.....

She got down on her knees and kissed her way down my belly my legs parted and she licked down the insides of the top of my thighs and the along my slit, pushing her tongue past my lips and onto my own love bud, i thought i was going to cum there and then i had dreamt about such a moment for a LONG time, she soon had me writhing around as she slowly licked around my clit and up and down my love hole. then she really pushed me over the edge by sticking her tongue up me over and over. I panted at her not to stop and that i was cumming. she did as i asked and did not stop until i came and she had sucked up all of my juices.

After we had both soaped each others bodies off we stepped out of the shower and went through to the bedroom where we dried each other off. i put on my robe that shows off my body as it is almost see though and said that i was off downstairs to get more wine. She borrowed one of my other sexy robes and followed me down. she made her way out onto the decking whilst i went to pour the wine.

It was a lovely warm evening and the sun was just beginning to set as I carried the wine out to the decking and found that she was laid on one of the loungers but the robe had gone (boy did she look good) I sat beside her on the lounger and put the wine down, i couldnt help myself and started kissing her neck making my way down to her tits rolling her nipple around with my tongue flicking my tongue on it then switching to the other side, i carried this on for about 5 mins then i changed my position so i was stood leaning over her and ran my tongue down her belly and found the small patch of hair, she opened her legs wider and put them over my shoulders while i knelt at the end of the lounger I ran my tongue further down and found her clit. I licked, sucked and nibbled on that love bud like it was going out of fashion until she started writhing around. Her juices were running out of her and i pushed 2 fingers up inside her she soon started bucking about with her hips and beggin me not to stop. i didnt until she suddenly tensed up and came, her juices flowed over my hand and i lapped them up, she pulled my hand to her mouth and slowly sucked her own juices off my fingers.

I suddenly had an idea and ran off upstairs to get my 2 fave toys, i skipped back down with them and back out onto the decking i handed 1 to her and told her that as our hubbys were away we would have to use the next best thing!! she took one off me and told me to lay down on the lounger then straddled across me in the 69 position, I had never experienced anything like it before in my life we were sucking nibbling and kissing at each others slits then i pushed the 8 inch vibrator that i had in my hand into her lovely love tunnel and felt the same happening to me, we were like 2 women possessed and i lost count of the amount of times that i came in sucession until we both needed a break.

We stopped to take a breather and as we got up we realised that we had an audience. my hubby had arrived home early and realising what was happening had snuck up onto the decking and had now been caught with his cock in his hand as he was wanking over what he says was the best sight in his life!!!! what happened next is another story but lets just say that his hard cock did not go to waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!