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Public hands free cummming in town

"I was bored and so decided to go into town with my toys and clamps."

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"Have a look at my profile and guess the pub lol."

It was a wet Wednesday in early winter and I was sat in my house bored to death. Nothing on and no one to meet, I had been watching exhibition porn for the morning and was getting pretty horny. I decided to get my toys together and go for a drive to my local town. I got in the car unzipped my jeans and got my cock out for the drive. When I got there I parked in the multistory car park and got into the back of the car and stripped. I put my nipple clamps on and attached the weights, then put my large buttplug deep in my arse. Finally I strapped the conductive bands of my e-stim onto my cock and turned it on. People were walking by as I did this, but its hard to see me in the back of my car due to the tinted windows. I love this about my car. I sat there for a while watching the women shoppers and office workers walk past whilst i ground my arse into the car seat making the plug move about, the e-stim producing little shocks on my cock. After a while I needed a piss, i opened the door a little and pissed out of it between the cars. This turned me on even more and I had to have a better experience to cum. I got dressed and got out of the car, walked from the car park into the town. I went into a few shops enjoying the feeling of the clamps pulling on my nipples and the plug moving in my hole with each step. I had turned the e-stim off until I wanted to cum. I was in crowds having fun that no-one realised and that was good enough for now.

Eventually I decided to go into a pub and have a few drinks, I got a drink and stood at the bar, I put my e-stim on. The next table over was two women sat having a drink. One of them was in her mid twenties and kept looking at me and so I pulled my shirt up a little and tucked the front into my jeans so she had an eye level view of my now semi hard cock. She looked away but whenever she thought I wasnt looking she stared right at my crotch, by now I had turned up the e-stim so that the pulses were more than just a tingle. Now they were a hard pulse and everytime it happened my cock twitched in my tight jeans. She couldn't stop looking and I was loving it, I hope she was getting wet looking at my hard moving cock. In time with the pulses I started to clench my hole, working the plug in and out slightly with each twitch of my cock. With her staring at me and this combined with the pull of the clamps on my nipples was taking me to the edge. Too late I orgasmed right there at the pub bar with her watching me. I tried not to show it in my face, but I couldnt hide the violent movement of my shocked cock in my jeans or the spurt of edged cum right there in public about 3m from her face. I looked down and the front of my jeans was soaked with cum, fuck I thought to myself what is she going to do. It surprised me that she just stared and then as our eyes met we both went red and looked away. I limped off out of the pub and back to the car. Got in the back, stripped and removed my toys and cleaned myself up. I then just put my shirt back on, got into the front and drove home. What an adventure, and I hope that she reads this and remembers me.

Written by filthy

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