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Sunday morning

"A quickie before breakfast."

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Sunday morning.  My wife, tousled from sleep, but as desirable as the day we met, more so if anything, lay on her right side, raised on one elbow, watching me wank.  I like to wank, she likes to watch.  She loves what she calls; "The joyous explosion." of spunk.

I also like to watch her masturbate.  I like the look of excsasy on her face when she comes, the tension in her body as she reaches her peak, then dissipating as the convulsions subside.  I envy the fact that she can go again immediately.  She can orgasm and then be fucked within seconds.  Or wank herself off again.  I wish I could.

Self pleasure plays an important part in our sex life, self pleasure for each other's pleasure.  Contradictory?  Not really, it's part of our foreplay,   usually ending in a spectacular fuck.  But not today.  Today she had her period, the road to paradise was closed.  But that didn't mean that my needy little friend would be neglected.  My wife says that spunk is best served fresh, that it should not be allowed to ferment in the bottle, it must be drained.  I agree, I usually come every day, twice a day at weekends and holidays.  My personal best is seven times.


So alternatives are used, my hand, her hand, or her mouth.  She had sucked me off last night, this morning would be my hand, tonight probably hers.  She likes it up the arse, but not during her period.  I also like to fuck her lovely tits, delivering a pearl necklace, but she says that they are too tender at that time of the month.  Certainly they enlarge, lovely!

Her voluptuous tits were the focus of my attention as I felt my climax approach.  She can sense it, read me like a book.  She lifted her swollen, tender right tit and offered it.  I leaned forwards and took the stiff nipple into my mouth, gently scouring it with lips and tongue.  That was enough, a few quick strokes and I was firing spurt after spurt.  The most powerful landed smack onto her left tit, causing her to squeal with delight.  The rest splashed onto my belly and chest.

She lifted her cum coated tit to her mouth and licked it off, then leaned over me and licked the rest from my body, finishing by cleaning my cock.  Which by then was hard again.  Optimistic as always.  But the tank was empty, balls already working hard on the refill.

Two more days until the road was open.  Until then I would be a wanker.  And proud of it.

Written by Harrycot

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