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Wife’s secret toys

"I heard a buzzing and some muffled gasps"

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"A very naughty time for her then, but as she explained it was also very much needed"

It was in the spring of 2022 and I had been struggling with my health a bit since a bad 2 bouts of the dreaded Covid , it had left me with prostrate trouble and an infection which for over a year meant I could not maintain an erection even with the magic blue pill, I had a catheter fitted for over 4 months (not a nice experience ) the wife took to sleeping in the spare room as she gets up for work at 4.30 and my sleep pattern was awful, anyways one night I got up for the bathroom and as I passed the spare bedroom I heard a light buzzing sound and some muffled gasps, the door was slightly ajar so I edged nearer, her bedside lamp was on, knees up, really up, and turned outwards, her head thrown back and her left hand was squeezing her right nipple very hard, in her right hand and making the buzzing sound was a small chrome vibrator which was strumming it’s magic on her very enlarged clitty, every 10-15 seconds she would move it off as she let out another naughty gasp and slide it right inside her shaven haven, plunging it sometimes ferociously in and out as she lifted her legs higher and wider, then press the vibrating tip hard onto clitty again, I stood transfixed just watching and wishing I could get a hard-on, I didn’t want to disturb her so stayed quiet, after around another minute she was arching herself more so and the facial expression became aggressive looking then she went into a shuddering and intense spasm as she came somewhat violently, then pushed the vibrator deep inside and closed her knees together as another climax ripped through her little body, after her shuddering stopped she lay there smiling contently with the vibe still buzzing inside her, then slowly she withdrew it, switched it off and kissed it before putting it away in her dresser, she lay there for a few minutes just gently stroking her swollen clit then switched off her lamp, I frequently heard her after that on most nights but never let on for a long time, then one evening heard her really going at it again, looked in to see her squatting onto a very large life like dildo, suction pad type, the flat of her hands against the wall for balance, she probably had a good 7-8 inches of thick rubber cock in her and a few times it popped out due to her enthusiasm to fuck it savagely, I got a good look at her ass and open pussy from behind as she worked it back inside, again she had proper intense climaxes from this toy but on the occasions I watched she would always have that little chrome one close by to finish herself off with😚

Written by D4ve75

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