7 Aug 2018

I recently had the pleasure of adding to my (sadly) deeply limited sexual experiences – a threesome.

It's really odd the first time, what do you do, what are you supposed to say, how to proceed? I had no idea what the protocols were or anything.

I just went to meet-up place (station), was picked up, we drove to the lucky couples house ( bit tatty). We arrived, and the lady was there wearing a simple shift white dress sitting on the settee. Strangely (?) neither fully resembled their online descriptions!

I was told to sit down, and we chatted for a couple of minutes, then the lady was asked over to suck the guys cock, and she jumped over immediately. I sat there watching unsure what to do. He leant round after a couple of minutes and told me to take my clothes off, so I did.

I thought well I'd better join in, so I walked over and knelt behind the lady who was sucking him enthusiastically. I touched her, moving my hands round to her full boobs, and started kissing her back from neck to buttocks, she loved it, and stopped sucking him to twist and kiss me, saying how nice I was. I said I didn't think I was doing anything clever yet! After a bit more kissing and fondling her gorgeous round boobs the guy told us to move to the bedroom.

She went in and lay on the bed, wearing just a big smile, and told me to lie down next to her, and we got kissing, and she was so receptive. It was so great to be in bed with someone really keen. Then I thought I'd better make more effort so I knelt up kissed her down across her boobs working my way down to lick her pussy, very nice it was too, she was super-wriggling about, and said lie next to me so I can get at your cock, I moved round in about 3 nano-secs of course!. She took me into her mouth, what a seexxy feeling, really good. Then after while of mutual oral she said lie back and I'll put your cock in. I looked over to the other guy, and he was just urging her to literally get on me, while having a good play with himself.

She climbed over me and just held me straight while she sat right down on me, wow!, really smooth entry, and I nearly disgraced myself. I got myself slightly more comfortable while she moved rapidly up and down, all the time saying how nice it was, I'm not used to such verbal feedback! I was sooooo enjoying myself, pathetic I know, but that's me really.

I grabbed her bum, and tried to gently slow her down, but she wasn't having any of it, and just kept going, so it wasn't long before 2 days sperm shot out - ooooh soo nice. I was delighted I'd taken my usual stiffeners as I stayed nice and hard while we both carried on. Eventually, I decided to stop, and we sat up and kissed again. I suggested she carried on with her guy, so she leant over and sucked him some more, then he stood up, and moved to end of the bed so she was lying on her back sucking him with her head lying slightly off the end of the bed. I knelt alongside her kissing her boobs and mouth alternately, she was loving it again. Eventually the guy was ready to come so he took his cock out of her mouth and finished himself off over her boobs. I was really brave, and held his cock a little while as he was finishing - never done that before! My cock was rock hard just seeing it all, and I bent down and kissed her, and then moved down to her boobs and licked them clean. I was all for another insertion, but was gently pushed away, and we went back to the sitting room.

He went off to the kitchen, and we sat next to each other chatting and kissing. I was a bit disappointed as I was clearly not welcome to carry on in the bedroom area. As I sat there with her, something stiff rose up and started looking up at her, with a big soppy smile saying hold me, so after a bit more kissing she seemed to sense my request, relented and took him in her gorgeous hand, even asking me which one I preferred – obviously I just preferred the one wrapped tightly round my cock. She went up and down firmly, even sucking him a bit too. It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar tingling feeling, and I urged her on while kissing her, and soon she had a fresh covering of sperm over her boobs which she loved again.

Then that really was it, as they said they had no more time, and I was taken off to the station. Shame in a way as I reckon I could have done round three I was so enjoying myself.

All very interesting really. When I arrived I felt so awkward, I wasn’t even sure if I could get myself feeling sexy and into the situation, and yet it turned into an excellent afternoon, I was in a good mood all the rest of the day.