Written by thomas

27 Jan 2008

hi decided to wright this as it only happened yesterday and i still keep getting a hard on every time i think what we did.

any way i am a male 45 and my wife is 43 very slim works out and has a 34D boobs and large brown around her nipples which she loves to have sucked which we once placed 6CD on to see how may we could get on,any way we was in water ford in Ireland to country music weekend and was to meet up with a friend whom we know called Paul from cork.

we had booked a room in the hotel and there was 1 double and a single so sue my wife said Paul could take the spare bed and save some money which seemed a good idea.

we all met up and went dancing and around 6pm the 3 of us went for something to eat and as the next band was not due to start till 9 we decided to go back to the room and catch a hour sleep and then get a shower ready to dance the night away.

once back in the room Paul got undressed and got in the single bed and i undressed and got in the double awaiting sue to come out of the bathroom and get in.

she came in and started to undress which Paul was watching and I\'m sure he all ready had a hard on and was wanking him self slow as you could see the sheet moving and a tent over that area.

as sue took her top off could see her fine boobs and then she removed her skirt which as she bent over could see her thong and Paul said ah up thats some nice work of art and sue said sorry lads but i have to remove everything and undid her bra dropping to the floor and her nipples was sticking proud and with that she removed her thong and got into bed.Paul got out and got hold of Sue bra and put it on mucking around and Sue got out and was trying to get it of him and with that he grabbed her and roller around on to the double bed which Sue grabbed his hard cock and he removed his shorts.i my self was rock hard and jumped up and made a grab my self which Paul was all ready working a few fingerer\'s in and out of a very wet pussy which was squelching. Paul was sucking at her nipples like mad and i stood on the bed and offered my cock to Sue to suck which she did and yes i shot my cum deep into her mouth with in seconds as i could not hold back and as normal she swallowed it all and kept trying to give me more which i could not so i moved off the bed and went into the bathroom to wipe my cock and on my return Sue was on all fours and Paul was banging away at the wet pussy which was doing fanny farts and he was some stud because he did that for 10-15min and then roller her over and spread her legs wide open with one hand on each holding them apart and after 5 min Sue moaned out loud and Paul speed ed up for last few strokes and then shot deep in side and he laid on top of her as both was panting like mad.

Sue said to paul up you get and he got off and she then said right both of you sleep which we all got into the double bed and as a laid there i know he was playing with her pussy baut sue never started him off and she then said right if not going to sleep may get up and go out which is what we did..Paul pulled some girl at the dance and never came back to our hotel but we met up this moring just to say good by and see each other at the next music scine..one other thing i had the snip in 1994 so ok Sue is not so she was going to leave it but i said we go and get the morning after pill tomorrow just in case...