Written by Arli

23 Jun 2015

It doesn’t help when my wife already has a fashionably promiscuous reputation in her RE interests and at partner level within my law firm! However I’m likely projecting naïve as well…I’m sure more than a few within our firm clearly in the know about Judi’s sexual behavior among friends and likely business contacts. It was through one of those “contacts” who eagerly shared his experience with Judi several weeks ago while I had a 3-day Lisbon stop.

Demarest is a ‘fixer’ with our firm…he addresses potentially embarrassing scenarios involving clients and/or their relations as a means to minimize liability and assure positive PR reputation. For example, he’ll address a issue with someone’s mistress or friend should a situation get out of hand. In a manner of speaking, his share with me about Judi’s “date” was no doubt meant to arm me with a post view of her evening. The trouble I had with his retell, Demarest was one of the party-goers with Judi…!

One of our firm’s estate clients, Wilbur, knew of my wife’s penchant for an ‘occasional’ affair with younger, well-endowed men! Wilbur is about 40 or 42 years old, and executor to his family’s estate. When he requested an introduction to Judi through Demarest, the matter went too far. However at the time my colleague thought he was properly serving the interests of our firm. In fact, all he had done was served up my wife to an eager motivated cocks-man who wanted to enjoy Judi’s pleasures! Not sure of the details how the ‘date’ was arranged, BUT Judi was willing, no question or challenge!

Wilbur arranged a private tryst more calculated up front to be a casual drink and dine affair. The drink part was valid, but the dining was more…how to eat out my wife and have her in whatever manner Wilbur commanded. One of Wilbur’s counselors joined him and Demarest, and from outset clear Judi would be their fuck companion. Can’t believe my wife fell for it…married over 20 years…in a business environment rife with sexual predators. Grant, my wife is probably one of those willing accomplices, BUT to engage one of our clients should have been taboo at least during my absence…!

I asked Demarest to reveal all that followed that night. He was eager, and as I learned, all three gentlemen had their play time with Judi! However, my wife’s treats were first taken by the ‘client’…Wilbur. Seems he promised my wife an hour of satisfaction… Get that…”an hour of satisfaction…!” Dem offered that Judi was pretty well smashed by then…so much she laughed off Wilbur’s boast. His “boast” was not empty…;)

In one fashion or another, the 3 lads managed to bring Judi into their guest room arrangement. Judi did little if anything at the time to object…all three gentlemen fondled and undressed her…down to my wife’s favorite ‘exceptions’…platform heels (as I understand Judi was wearing one of her Jimmy Shoo Gladiator pumps)…halter bra and tummy garland wrap…! Wilbur and his accompaniment were all naked, ready to play and fuck! Wilbur missionary stood between Judi’s legs, shifting moving her legs apart while signaling his two colleagues to anchor hold my wife’s legs spread wide. Wilbur then proceeded to perform cunnilingus…to Judi’s total acceptance and satisfaction. Demarest claimed Judi had two orgasms to match Wilbur’s oral performance. Shortly following, Wilbur continued to manually manipulate, massage and probe Judi’s vagina…separating clitoral lips and folds, using his fingers to penetrate and imbue my wife a sense of sexual euphoria. Judi fell for it…totally! Again, another orgasm to the men’s like. Then, Wilbur moved into position for his swollen cock to play. Demarest described Wilbur as well-endowed in length. Nothing to speak of in bulk or girth, BUT nearly 9 inches of slender hard drive and fuck power!

Wilbur grinded Judi’s love hole, and as he did so played with her breasts, His cock fuck machine was in drive mode leaving his hands to fondle and play Judi’s ‘pear-shaped’ titties. Apparently, my wife didn’t favor the fondling and even in her stupor she tried to push Wilbur’s hands away. He allowed none of that, signaling both men as they held Judi’s legs widely apart, to also gently restrain her arms from flailing. It worked well, and for next 20 or minutes…according to Demarest…Wilbur slow-fucked my wife bringing her to another orgasm.

One full hour had past! Time eating her out… Time manually ‘playing’ with her cunny… Time fucking my wife…ALL in the one hour he promised! Spent and satisfied my wife became his play object, Wilbur moved aside to allow Demarest and Jason their turns with Judi. NO big staging. NO “one hour” promise…;) Simply, Demarest related that Jason went first and missionary fucked her. Then Demarest took his turn, although he became a bit sheepish in relaying the detail. Seems Demarest has far more girth to his tool, and made Judi recoil and moan far more than she had with the other two lovers. I didn’t react. After all, Demarest was sharing my wife’s exploits. He didn’t have to share! Though, I suspect there was some braggadocio involved…making me aware after all of Judi’s reputation, and relationships within our firms, Demarest finally had opportunity to fuck my wife. He liked it! AND, you know, he wants to do it again before we return to NY later this year! I say…”good luck…you’ll be one of more than a few…to stuff their peckers into Judi’s cunny…and other love holes…!” I don’t have too much to say about it these days, even after 20 years of marriage! I have my own ‘stable’ to attend…;);)