Written by Paulrcouple

1 Jun 2012

Put an add on looking for adult fun in north Yorkshire we were touring round for a few days staying in nice hotels like we do.

We got a good response and gave our number to four people but they never gave us there's

Two never got in touch one wanted to meet us in his dinner hour so he was a no

The forth one got in touch by text and asked if they could talk to Jane we thought it was just a waster but said yes.

The phone went Jane said hello and a lady spoke she said she would like to meet us she had seen our profile and pics and would like to meet for a drink and a chat and if every thing was ok meet later.

So we went to the pub were she told us to go there was only a young lad in stood at the bar we got our drinks and went and sat away.

The door opened and in came a young lady late twenties early thirties

She got a drink looked round smiled at us and came over is it Jane she asked yes hello its Paula sat down and started talking she told us she was no on this site she had used someone Else's profile who she new but had never done anything like this before/

Paula told us she had been married for 6 years there was no excitement in there sex life

And she would like to try a bit of fun with a girl but there would be nothing for me.

Bugger she was not bad nice boob nice mouth with full lips neat little bum and mouth with full lips she worked for a well known chain store she still had the dress on.

Paula said she had to go told us to think about it and she would get in touch.

Jane said if there's nothing for me she was not really that bothered i said i can watch and cam it,

We did not have her number so we could not get in touch so we waited for her to ring nothing from her had a meal a few drinks nothing about so we went back to the hotel Jane can sometimes pull the odd guy in the bar but it was empty so to bed.

We start talking about Paula i said shes knocked us back we got a text saying do we fancy a meet said she was in bed her hubby fast asleep and she was feed up with it.

Jane text back yes Paula text be in touch first thing.

Paula gave us a ring just after nine could meet you at 4 but got to be away for 6 she told Jane she would like to watch us have sex then for her and Jane to have fun she says she had never been with a girl before Jane said we like to cam would she be alright with that i will after think about it.

So we met at 4 in the hotel bar and went straight to our room Paula told us she had told them at work she was going to the doctor.

In our room Jane and Paula kissed and got undressed Paula had a nice body what was up with her husband.

Jane kissed me and started to take my clothes of my cock was rock hard she got down and started sucking me Paula started to wank it in Jane's mouth now fuck her for me Paula said i got Jane on her back and started to fuck her Paula got on the bed next to her they started kissing tongues in each others mouth that's always a big turn on for me.

I Was not far from coming i asked Jane did she want it up her Paula said up her i shot my lot two good spurts it was so horny.

I got of Jane and stood up Paula got off the bed sucked my cock clean then went down on Jane. Paula asked if i would leave them on there own Jane looked at me i new she wanted to i said ok if i can just feel your boobs and a quick taste of your pussy a very quick one she said.

I Got dressed and left them i told Jane to give me a ring when i could come back.

About an hour later Jane Rang ok shes just gone.

I Walked back to the hotel Paula passed me in the road and looked straight through me

Got to the room Jane let me in i want fucking asked what had happened she said not a lot they kissed and cuddled feel each others boobs sucked them went down on each other got in a 69 and brought each other off.

Jane said she went very quiet got dressed and went she said she as had more fun with a girl in a night club toilet.

Jane said she said good bye but Paula never spoke back as the door closed we have not got her number she as not been in touch so was she feeling guilty