27 Dec 2016

I'm always surprised by how unobservant people are when out and about. My partner and I have had some great times in public when she wears her short skirts.

In the warmer months we enjoy going out and she can wear very short skirts and not look out of place. Why would anyone wear jeans or long skirts when it's so hot outside?

I think she enjoys people looking at her great legs, and general good looking body. What people rarely see though is the fact she's not wearing anything under her skirt. It only needs her to sit down opposite someone and they'd be able to see her naked pussy.

I've sat opposite her to check this out and, yep, there it is peeking out from under her little skirt.

A few people have had a great view, and this has made my dick hard. She's even shown it off to shop staff, by crouching down, or trying on shoes. I love it when she does this, and it makes her wet too.

But so few people seem to be aware of what's right in front of them, it makes me wonder how they manage to get around and not be hit by a car.

I decided, without her knowledge, to make sure someone gets a good look. I posted a message on Craiglist to ask who would like to have a look up her skirt whilst we are out and about. After dealing with the time wasters, I found one lad who was genuine.

I told him that next time we planned to be out having fun, I'd let him know.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had some time off work, so we decided to do a little shopping. I knew where we would be, and at what time, so got in touch with the lad from Craigslist. He was free, so came to have a secretive look.

I'd told him to keep his distance, and to be discreet so that even my wife didn't know I had arranged it. I told him what she was wearing, and also what I was wearing, so that he'd know who we were. He let me know that he would be wearing jeans and a black jacket, and was around 29 years old.

We stopped off at a bar, and I let the lad know. She sat down at a table, and our new friend appeared and sat a few feet away. I sat next to my wife, and quietly mentioned that there was a lad opposite who might be keen to see her naked pussy.

She soon opened her legs once she noticed that she had an appreciative audience. He was stealing glances downwards, and I walked past him to try to see what kind of view he had. It was perfect, and her pussy lips were clearly visible.

When I returned, and sat with my wife, I told her how clear it was that she had no panties on. She smiled, and told me how wet she was.

I asked her whether I should invite him over, and she wasn't sure. No problem. We had another couple of drinks, and our friend was still there, having a good look and no doubt trying to hide his hard dick.

I told my wife that he was still looking, and he was getting even bolder. By this time, he was actually staring right up her tiny skirt. She told me that she knew, as she was watching him.

She had to nip off to the loo, to at least try to dry her dripping pussy. I invited him over when she was gone, and when she came back she looked very surprised that he was now sitting with us.

I asked her whether she minded, and she didn't. I then asked her if he could have a proper look, somewhere else. We hadn't planned this far ahead so when she agreed, I needed to find somewhere for us to go. I fired up an app on my phone, and there was a hotel close by with rooms available. It took me about a minute to book one and pay for it.

Before we knew it, we were checking in and letting the lad know which room to meet us in.

He was there in no time, and then it all became very real. There we were, the three of us, in a hotel room with my wife wearing her very short skirt and sitting opposite him. He was about 2 feet away from her naked pussy and looking right at it as she was sat down.

He got closer and put his face right up her skirt. He licked her soaking wet cunt, and took his trousers down. In less than a minute she was dying to be fucked. I got my cock out and put it in her mouth, whilst our new friend slid his cock into her gaping hole.

She loved it as he banged away at her. I shot my spunk into her mouth, and he took his dick out of her and shot his load all over her belly as she vigorously rubbed her clit.

I couldn't quite believe we'd gone through with this, as he was cleaning himself up in the bathroom.

Before he left, he thanked us and said he hoped to do it again. My wife loved it so much, she can't wait for the next time. Maybe he can bring a friend along too.