Written by Luvtheladies

12 Aug 2010

Admiring the magnificent artifacts and fossils in the museum was becoming difficult. All I could think about was pinning you up against a wall, kissing you until you couldn’t breathe and pressing my rock hard cock against your tight body. You’d just been telling me about your fantasy and it made me want you more than I did when I first saw you on SH.

I was hoping you couldn’t read my thoughts. Every time I saw a corner in the museum where no one was around I imagined me pushing you into it and ravishing you! We walked up to an info video room. "It was all about the life of Dinosaurs”. You led me to a seat in front of the video and we sat trying to look interested. I watched your face. Your eyes were so alive and your cheeks were smooth and soft. I could stare at your lips forever. They were pink and really sexy, just perfect for wrapping around my cock. Out of the blue I surprised you by leaning in and kissing you. It was not a passionate, frenzied or hard kiss, but just a taste of what I wanted. You kissed me back the same.

I smiled and whispered; "I've wanted to do that all day,” You looked at me and gave a wide cheeky grin and said; "I have wanted you to touch me all day, do you know how horny I am?" Just then a security guard came into the room, making his rounds of the museum, he eyed us up suspiciously. "Hmmm... I can guess I replied. I bet you can and I want you to do anything you want to me" my cock pounced to attention. "Really?" I said, but I forgot to whisper. The guard stared at us as you giggled and nodded. "But first let's finish walking around the museum." You jumped up held out your hand and began dragging me from exhibition to exhibition. You weren’t stopping to look and take in what it was all about like you were before, just walking along quickly and acknowledging the ones that caught your eye. We passed an opening in a corridor and I saw it as an opportunity not to be missed. I stopped walking and pulled you bac. I looked around...no one was there. I pulled you into the little alcove, pinned you to the wall just like I’d imagined and this time kissed you hard. You sighed and leaned into me and tried to wrap your arms around me but I kept your wrists pinned to the wall. I kissed you harder making it hard for you to breath then stopped to kiss down your neck. You tried to move your hands again. I held your wrists tighter and stood back and grinned. You looked deep into my eyes and said; “anything you want, and I’m not teasing now!"

Your eyes suddenly seemed to dance and you whispered close to my mouth; "Yes, anything!." I kissed you again and released your wrists so that I could caress your tits. Your hands flew around my neck but just then, suddenly, we heard something or someone. We both looked over and found the guard grinning at us. "Okay folks. You can’t do that here." I smiled and we stepped out of the alcove. "Sorry, got carried away. The old man grinned and walked on. You grabbed my hand and we both began laughing as we started walking in the opposite direction. We then started to make our way back to the car. You couldn’t stop giggling as we walked and I could not stop smiling. If you had not been dragging me by the hand I would have walked into a wall. I could see that you were turned on. Your hard nipples were showing through the sexy white top that you had on. Noticing your nipples just made me want you even more. OMG I love your tits. I could smell your perfume every time you got close to me and it was adding to the excitement.

You were beginning to wish you could control the giggling but you couldn’t seem to stop. The guard finding us had scared you a little but it excited you more. You were so turned on now the thrill of being in a place where no one knew us but the chance of being caught by a total stranger was so erotic.

I wanted to shout out that I wanted me to fuck you in the middle of the museum.

There car was parked in a multi-story and we had to use the lift to get to the level we wanted. You had finally put a cap on your giggle box. No one else was around so when the lift arrived we entered alone.

Just as the doors shut, you said softly "Anything, Jon” I was so surprised. I let the lift start and when we were between floors I pushed the stop button. The lift jolted, you looked at me kind of shocked as I backed you up against the wall and kissed you even more passionately than I had before. My demanding tongue ravaged your mouth into submission, you moaned and licked my lips and mouth just as I liked it, you almost cried out when I released you but was satisfied again when my tongue slid down your neck and then followed the line of your collarbone down towards your chest. I was only stopped by the tight white top you were wearing, you was about to lift it up when I grabbed your hands and placed them back around my neck and then I lifted your top up and slowly pulled it over your head, so I could get close to your tits. You were wearing some amazingly sexy underwear; “shame to remove it really but, needs must hey!! I lightly touched your right nipple and then the left, I then took one in my mouth and gently sucked while swirling my tongue around the tip. You tried to move your hands but I grabbed them once again and put them around my neck. I then gave the same treatment to your right nipple but this time I also lightly bit on it slightly, I could hear your soft moans as I grabbed your hands and moved them to the rail on the wall behind you. "Don't let go of the rail” I said; you nodded, there was no way you were going to move. You were so hot and ready for it, you looked as if you were going to scream. I now had use of both my hands, I continued to suck and lick on one nipple while I held the other quite firm but gently. I was beginning to feel a little surprised that no one had done anything about the stopped lift but the thought wasn’t going to stop me now, I knelt down on the floor in front of you, you looked down at me and could see the desire in your eyes; I smiled at you and then removed your jeans. A Sexy black thong greeted me and I could smell your sex, it intoxicated me, I ran my hands up the inside of your thighs and could feel you trembling as I began kissing a trail up your legs and spread them apart with the palms of my hands. You showed no resistance; in fact, you seemed to push your hips out to me to give me easier access. I kissed around the thong teasing you, you gasped as my tongue plunged in, pushing the fabric into your hot pussy, I let go for a second but I wanted even more of you so I moved it to one side and began kissing, licking and sucking on your soft pussy lips, your hips pushed out further to meet me as I began licking and nibbling, loving your sweet taste and the smell of your excitement. I guided your lips apart with my tongue and then with a long slow motion, I licked the length of your pussy from the back to the top of your clit, "Oh god, Jon, don't stop. Oh yes, yes." My fingers found their way into your pussy, it was so wet by now I slipped a finger in and heard you gasp and moan in pleasure while I kept sucking, licking and kissing on you. I moved my finger around inside you, you felt so warm and tight and your muscles pressed and tightened on my finger inside you. I pulled out one finger then inserted two, I started fucking you slowly with my fingers, just as your hips were swaying back and forth as you tried to get more of me inside you, your knuckles were becoming white as you struggled to hold onto the rail and you wanted to grab my head and grind your pussy into me. My fingers were going in and out fast and I could hear your juices as I was finger-fucking you hard. I sucked and kissed around your clit harder, feeling it swollen on my lips, your sweet juice soaked my fingers that were now sliding in and out with ease. As I slowed down, your pussy had clamped them as if it wanted to swallow them and your whole body went tight as you started to shiver, unable to hang on any longer you grabbed my head and pushed it hard between your legs. I removed my fingers and offered them to you, leaning down you started to lick and suck on them. I could feel the heat on my lips from your hot cum. You removed your hands from my head and started to caress your tits, running the tips of your fingers over your hard nipples. I now started to gently rub your clit with my finger as I continued to penetrate your pussy with my tongue.

As you looked down I pulled away and you could see your wet juices glisten on my lips, I stood up and kissed you passionately so that you too could taste the sweet nectar I had on my lips. I grabbed your leg and pulled your knee up to my waist. You wrapped your leg around me and wrapped your arms around my neck, I grabbed your other leg and lifted you up to me and then sat you on the rail behind you so you could wrap both your legs around my waist, I now had you where I wanted you; pinned to the lift wall!!!!

I reached down between us and undid the buttons on my jeans so I could release my cock. It sprang free and you looked down to get your first glimpse of my tool. It was at so hard and was throbbing for you. I put my hands between your legs and moved your thong aside; you were now kissing me hard as you felt me push the tip of my cock to the entrance of your hot, wet pussy. I held the tip at the entrance teasing and moving it occasionally up to your clit rubbing the tip against you then moved it back to the opening of the doorway to heaven. I looked into your eyes then kissed you hard, As I kissed you I plunged my rock hard cock deep into your soft, wanting pussy, You cried out but I kissed away your cries as I pushed my cock as hard and deep into you as I could, I pulled it out then plunged it back in sinking more of me inside until I could feel my balls pressed hard against you. I wanted to feel you wrapped around the entire length of my cock, I kissed you hard again, this time though I thrusted my cock hard and fast into you, giving you everything I had as far into you as I could. I held myself there for a moment as you gasped and moaned, I then began moving my cock around loving the massage feeling your pussy was giving to my cock. "Jon!" you gasped. "Fuck me, fuck me, hard."

I began to fuck you like I never fucked before, ramming into you hard and fast, the only sound in the lift was your moaning, my breathing and the sound of your pussy juices as my cock rammed into you…... I kept the rhythm but I knew I wouldn’t last long, I could feel myself near the edge of ecstasy.

You reached a hand down between us and rubbed your clit, you gasped and I suddenly lost all rhythm and was now just slamming as fast as I could into you as you started to rub on your clit harder and faster. “Oh fuck” I gasped; “was this going to be the time I’ve been waiting for all day” OMG I hope so! Just then you felt the orgasm hit you, you felt like you were exploding. At the same time my climax also hit and my hot cum began to flood inside you. You screamed as I plunged in again hard as another shot riffled into you, we just glared in to each other’s eyes for a few seconds; no words just a deep satisfied stare as I started to withdraw slowly, my cock was still fairly hard so with one last breath I held you tight around your arse, I slipped my finger inside you and pulled you on to me for a final time, your eyes opened wide, your mouth opened wide and you let out an almighty cry, “Oh! FUCK JON” The lift was moving now and the door would open in any second. I lifted you off of and you stood on your trembling legs, I was shaking from head to toe but without any concept of how much time we had left before the doors opened you dropped to your needs and enveloped my placid wet cock in your mouth, “Mmmmmm” I prayed for time to stand still but time waits for no one ? You stood up and without a word to each other we quickly got dressed; you left your knickers off and changed into a little denim mini skirt you had just bought before meeting me. without a second to spare the lift doors opened and there was a couple standing at the door as it opened, I led you out by the hand, as we passed them they looked at us strangely, we both knew they just had to know what had been going on, especially once they were inside the lift it must have smelled of our hot sex and the condensation on the walls was a dead giveaway.. lol…..

We made our way back to your car, we were both were quiet we didn’t need words right now; we were both so in tune with what each other wanted. When we got to the side of the car I smiled and kissed you, just as I moved my lips away from yours, you smiled and turned as if about to get into the car but I wrapped my arms around you and held you, your back pressed against my chest, I nibbled and kissed your neck as I whispered in your ear.

Is it still anything?

"Yes Jon. Anything"

I held you tight against me and led you to the bonnet of the car. You could feel my cock pressed up against you, it was hard already.

Again Jon? You said;

"Yes but different. You said anything." I replied.

I gently lowered your head down so that you were leaning over the bonnet of the car with your arse raised and pushed into me; I pushed your legs wide apart then pulled your skirt, I started to stroke and caressed your beautiful shaped arse. I spread your cheeks apart and knelt down, I started by licking the bottom of your back and then I ran my tongued all the way down, stopping briefly to lick where I’ve never gone before, this was a new experience, suddenly it entered and you gasped “Oh Jon, Mmmm that feels good” I stayed there for a for a few minutes, licking and probing you while teasing your soaked pussy with my fingers. Moving down I kept my tongue ridged, as it reached your swollen lips I started to lick and tease them before sucking on them, pulling them into my mouth, then without warning I forced my tongue deep into your cum filled pussy, your hands came down between your legs and you held my face as you felt it swirl around inside you.

You didn’t see the couple that came out of the lift and headed to their car, you was too busy concentrating with what was going on, I stood up and saw them straight away, they didn’t look shocked though, they looked fascinated. They were quiet and I nodded at them, letting them know it was okay to watch, you looked into my eyes, smiled and winked but still no words, there was no turning back now! I stood to one side as I reached down to your wet pussy and started to stroke your clit before slipping my fingers inside to wet them with our juices. I then began massaging you with the whole of my right hand before slipping two fingers inside you. At first I slowly and gently moved them in and out and you started to suck on the fingers on my left hand, you started to moan softly, it felt so good. Your hand was now on my throbbing cock and you started to wank me slow but squeezing it tight, “Fuck me, Fuck me again now!” you said it as if your life depended on it. I glanced at the couple and the woman had her hand on the man's cock inside his trousers, she was also stroking him. The amazed looks on their faces spurred me on. I positioned myself behind you and entered your hot pussy one more time, I pulled out just a little then pushed back it back in hard, once again sending all I had deep inside you, you moaned and pushed yourself backward to meet me, I grabbed your hips and held you, pulling you onto me as I started to fuck you harder and faster than I did in the lift.

I reached my hands round the front and rubbed your clit hard as I pulled my cock out until just the head was inside, with two fingers I rubbed softly on your clit and shoved my cock into you hard and fast, my balls were now slapping on you and you screamed as I rubbed your clit harder, I held my cock deep inside. You were now feeling the effects of my attention to your clit and suddenly, without warning said; “Jon, Fuck my arse” I was a little startled by this request because I’d actually tried before but it wasn’t something I was very comfy with. I removed my cock from your pussy and lowered my hand down, I once again, slid two fingers inside and slowly finger fucked you, pushing them deep inside to make sure they got as wet as possible so I could lubricate you. I took them out and quickly moved my hand up and started massage, I gently pushed one finger into your arse and two into your pussy, you relaxed, and it felt so good.

The couple stood there like statues from the museum except the movements of the woman's hand inside her mans pants. Their eyes affixed on our display of uncontrolled passion.

I removed my fingers and you immediately grabbed my hand and began to suck them. I positioned my cock to the entrance and slowly moved forward, as the tip of my throbbing member slid inside and you, your hands reached round and grabbed me, at first I thought you wanted to push me away but no; you started to push against me, by now my cock was in, I was slowly fucking you, “put your fingers in my pussy” you demanded, I obliged and began fucking you faster. You were so tight inside and I did not know how long I could last as the walls of your arse squeezed me. I found my rhythm not forgetting to play with your clit and finger fuck you at the same time; I wanted you to enjoy this as much as me.

I was fucking you hard and then I realized you were fucking back, you loved it; you realized you had control by squeezing my cock with your arse.

"Oh. That's so good, squeeze my cock. Mmmmm yeah that's good."

"Fuck me harder, Jon. Fuck me good and hard."

I quickened my pace, my balls were slapping against your pussy. I rubbed harder on your clit then finger fucked you faster with the same rhythm I was fucking your arse.

You moaned and tried to keep fucking back but you were losing control, you could no longer control yourself, you felt an orgasm building up inside, you was coming. I lost my rhythm and was just fucking hard, fast and wild.

"Ohhh...I'm cummmming. Ohhhh god. I'm cummmiinnng!!!!"

I felt you tense up, your arse clamped tight on my cock bringing me off as well. My hand was flooded with your cum as my fingers drove deep inside your pussy. I shot inside you flooding your arse with cum, I pulled out and plunged back in hard sending us both over the edge again, your arse squeezed me tight bringing out one last feeling of sheer pleasure. I leant heavy over you, pushing you against the bonnet of the car, my cock still inside but quickly softening. I stood up, put my hands around your waist and held you tight, still facing away you turned your head and kissed me, moving my hands up to your tits I held them firm as I kissed you back and then kissed your neck softly.

We both looked over at the watching couple and they were no longer watching but kissing next to their car. I wrapped my arms around you and just held you against me.

You got in to the car; I adjusted myself and got into the driver’s side. I started the car and as we drove out we passed the couple, I slowed down and wound the window down, and they looked up, stared, smiled and said “Thank You!”………………… I’ll never see them again!!!!!! “Thank Fuck”!!!!!!!!!!